DeskPins Review


DeskPins is a free application that enables users to pin programs so that they remain visible above other windows. Furthermore, it features several settings to customize its performance for specific user requirements.

This software is straightforward to use and can significantly boost productivity by enabling users to prioritize applications. Furthermore, there are features available such as hotkeys and autopins.

Easy to use

Deskpins is an easy, user-friendly application that enables users to keep windows of their choice visible at all times on their system. Installation and use are quick and effortless; users can create hotkeys for quicker access if needed. Compatible with popular browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer it provides users with maximum window customization potential! It comes free with many additional benefits as well.

DeskPins allows users to easily pin any window they choose by simply clicking its icon in the system tray and highlighting which window(s) to pin. Once chosen, this window will remain on top until unpinned by the user or until its closing period ends – from large applications like Excel and list makers or calendars down to list makers or calendars and even multiple applications simultaneously! Users can even use Deskpins simultaneously pin multiple windows without losing sight of one another!

Deskpins’s greatest strength is its non-interference with other programs’ operations. Installation can even be performed on older operating systems like Windows 95. Users can even use it to pin their preferred applications to appear first on the desktop for easier finding when needed; startup programs that automatically launch with every bootup of Windows can even be pinned at the top so they’re always visible; annoying ads or programs with distracting ads or features can be moved down so users can focus on tasks at hand more easily.

Though DeskPins is easy to use, it does have some drawbacks. On older systems, its software may become somewhat unstable or it could even freeze briefly before functioning again – nonetheless it remains an outstanding way to manage multiple windows on Windows systems.

Easy to install

DeskPins makes it simple and quick to keep an application at the forefront by letting you add or remove applications quickly from a pin list, keeping them out of other programs that could bury them. Plus, its intuitive user interface allows quick addition and removal.

DeskPins installs as an icon in your system tray and changes your cursor into a pin when clicking any window. Simply click any window you wish to pin, and this program will set it as priority over other open windows – an especially helpful feature when dealing with smaller programs such as timers or calendars that can often get hidden beneath larger applications. It’s easy to uninstall should it no longer serve its purpose, and doesn’t add any unnecessary clutter or features to your desktop desktop environment.

Even though DeskPins offers some advanced user settings, its easy interface makes it a pleasure to use right from the box. Its pinned window’s bold blue borders easily distinguish it from other windows – making DeskPins an effective way to increase productivity and streamline work more efficiently – you could even use it prioritize coding tools over integrated development environments for streamlined workflow.

Although not intended as a full-fledged windows manager replacement, Window Switch does an admirable job at fulfilling its promise without taking up too much memory or system resources. Furthermore, unlike some programs which require complicated configuration, this one does what it promises without any added complications or hassle.

WindowTop can be downloaded directly from its official website and installed using a standard installer file. Installation usually takes only minutes. After it has been installed, simply click its icon in the system tray to launch it; alternatively you may choose Windows Start button or create a shortcut – and even assign hotkeys for activating it!

Easy to customize

DeskPins is an invaluable tool for computer users who work with multiple windows simultaneously, as it enables you to pin any window directly above all others for instantaneous accessibility. Furthermore, its light usage of system resources and simple setup make this software perfect.

After installing DeskPins, a small icon in the system tray and a button to create new pins will be present. When clicked, a red pushpin will appear on that window – helping keep your most essential windows at the forefront. By doing this, they won’t get hidden behind other programs!

Change the color and set a hotkey to activate it, as well as set a default program to be automatically pinned – an excellent feature for users who rely on quick accessing programs they frequently utilize. Plus, this software comes equipped with an intuitive user interface to easily add and remove programs.

DeskPins can be used on any window imaginable – including browsers and chat apps – making it a perfect solution for people unwilling to upgrade their computers. Furthermore, this user-friendly application is suitable for users regardless of computer experience.

This app is an effective way to increase productivity by keeping important windows visible at all times. Lightweight and resource efficient, it makes this an excellent choice for multitaskers who must manage multiple programs simultaneously. Plus its straightforward user interface and simple design means less time is spent installing or using programs!

DeskPins offers an easier and simpler solution for keeping programs at the front of all other windows: It works on any window and supports all operating systems without needing complicated setup procedures. Simply download it for free now.

Easy to uninstall

If DeskPins no longer fits with your needs, uninstall it from the Programs and Features menu. However, if it cannot be located here or cannot be located easily enough to do so manually, advanced uninstaller tools may be needed; such programs are specifically designed to detect and delete computer malware which is difficult to delete without expert knowledge.

DeskPins installs an icon in the system notification area (also referred to as the taskbar tray). Once running, users can click on this icon and “grab” any window and make it “stick” at the top of their list – similar to some programs’ “Always On Top” functionality but much simpler and faster! Keeping programs open has never been so effortless!

DeskPins’ biggest strength lies in its flexibility: no limits are imposed on how many windows it can pin at one time. As such, it makes an ideal solution for anyone with multiple tabs open or multiple programs running concurrently on their system. Furthermore, this app doesn’t add significant overhead or consume too many system resources.

DeskPins is an extremely simple program, yet it manages to get its job done flawlessly. It’s minimalist design makes it ideal for people who require focused access to certain programs over others and its ease of use makes it suitable for multitasking users as well as those watching movies or television shows while working.

One key thing to keep in mind when installing DeskPins is its correct installation location; otherwise, it could cause various issues on the computer. To protect yourself from risking improper setup of the program, use an uninstaller tool after you complete your install to completely delete all traces from your system – making your computer faster and cleaner in the process!

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