DeskPins Review


DeskPins is an intuitive yet small utility designed to give Windows an essential feature it currently lacks. Furthermore, its resource use is minimal while its configuration options can be managed easily and intuitively.

The program allows you to pin any window or application directly onto your UI, keeping it easily accessible no matter which programs are currently open.

Keep your most important windows on top

If you are multi-tasker who needs their work window on top at all times or you participate in Twitter chats and other online events that require multiple windows at once, Deskpins is a free Windows app designed specifically to do that – installing quickly (96KB in size) and suitable for any system running Windows up until Win XP.

Once installed, this program runs in the background to keep your most essential windows at the forefront at all times. It supports hotkeys and autopins for added ease. Simply click its icon on your desktop to turn into a pin, then left-click any window to keep it at the front. Pinned windows may even be manually minimized without losing their always-on-top status and resume it once they’re maximized back again!

By using the Options dialog box, you can customize how DeskPins manages the windows you have pinned. By turning on or off Autopin, setting track-rate value (which regulates how fast pinned windows move around), and creating rules to automatically pin certain types of windows for you.

DeskPins offers an alternative to Microsoft’s PowerToys Always On Top feature that is more flexible. Instead of being limited to certain apps with keyboard shortcuts required for their use, DeskPins allows any window to always stay at the forefront. It is an ideal way of keeping important windows visible on a limited display computer or notebook; its freeware app even adds a red pin to each title bar of pinned windows so you know which ones have been marked as always on top! DeskPins makes life simpler; PowerToys does have several additional features but may require keyboard shortcuts instead!

Keep your windows organized

DeskPins is an intuitive free application designed to make life simpler on your computer by keeping only your most essential windows at the forefront of the screen. You’re then able to quickly access them without wading through all the other tabs or applications on your screen; making for a smooth user experience and no difficult setup processes required!

Once installed, this application will appear as an icon in the system tray and can be accessed with one click of a button. With its straightforward user interface designed for beginners as well as more experienced Windows users alike, it makes an ideal solution. Unlike similar programs that consume too many system resources for their functionality; making this program an excellent option for both newcomers and veterans.

DeskPins allows you to pin any window or program that needs your attention at the top of your desktop and keep it visible without being hidden by other windows. This can be especially helpful when working on tasks that require immediate attention, while small programs like calendars or timers can easily get covered up by larger programs; there is no limit on how many program windows can be pinned, and they can all be removed at any time with one click.

DeskPins not only allows you to keep the most important windows at the forefront of other applications, but it can also help organize and declutter your desktop by grouping related files into folders for easy retrieval – making this an indispensable tool for those working for extended periods on computers.

DeskPins’ key advantage lies in its versatility: it works with any window or application on your computer – not only those on the desktop. In fact, you could even use it for background windows that need to be visible and accessible at all times.

Easy to use

DeskPins is easy to use and runs as a system tray icon in the background for convenient access at any time. The software consumes minimal system resources and is compatible with most windows platforms – however it may not support certain specialized applications or require high levels of graphics rendering. Furthermore, no user manual or tech support are included, so users will require some basic computer knowledge in order to maximize its benefits.

Deskpins allows a user to pin any window or program onto their desktop, making it easily accessible and always staying at the forefront. This functionality resembles that of “Always on Top” settings in other programs and is easily accessed by taking a pin from DeskPins’ icon in the system notification area (aka taskbar tray). There is an unlimited number of pins, as well as a settings menu where tracking rates may be altered as desired.

Though the software may appear obsolete, it remains an effective productivity booster for those needing to prioritize software and tools on their desktop computers. Its interface is simple and options clearly marked; adding hotkeys or menu options allows further management and increased productivity. Those wanting advanced functions should search for apps offering these functions or make use of Windows’ built-in Window Manager instead.

Once a window has been pinned with Deskpins, it will appear as a push pin next to its minimize button. Hovering over this area with your mouse pointer reveals a small cross; clicking it unpins it from your desktop. If it no longer needs to remain there, simply hovering your cursor back over its icon and click on its X to unpin it completely from desktop use and increase productivity. DeskPins is a free lightweight program that helps manage programs more effectively on desktop and increase productivity.


DeskPins is a free application designed to make any program’s windows the topmost window on a desktop, enabling users to keep certain apps handy without continually switching back and forth between different windows or programs. It is intuitively simple, using few system resources – making it ideal for older computers.

Once installed, this program resides in Windows System Tray and can be accessed by clicking its icon. When activated, the cursor becomes a pin that users can use to click any window they wish to keep pinned. Additionally, there are various tracking rates and automated pinning features which can be altered from its Options screen; hotkeys provide access to enter or exit pin mode mode as well as tracking rate adjustments and automatic program pinning buttons.

DeskPins stands out from other similar software solutions by being simple and straightforward for its users to operate. Users only need to click the DeskPins icon in their System Tray and then the icon of any program they wish to pin, making the program compatible with many programs as well as some skinned windows; plus it won’t interfere with existing window managers nor interfere with any operating systems!

DeskPins offers another great feature in that it is easily uninstallable if necessary, leaving no residue or files behind when being removed from a computer. This can be especially helpful to people concerned with leaving unnecessary software running in the background of their computers.

DeskPins can help those who need their calendar or important windows close at hand find it an invaluable tool. Used for keeping small programs like timers and calendars from being covered up by larger applications, DeskPins provide an elegant solution that keeps important windows visible at all times while making staying organized easier than ever. Also great for watching movies/TV while working as it brings their favorite shows front of mind!

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