DIALux Evo – Lighting Design in 3D

DIALux Evo is a software program used for planning, calculating and visualising building lighting design as well as rooms, exterior areas, street lighting and emergency lighting applications. Over 750,000 professional users worldwide utilize it free of charge.

Projects can now be loaded up to 80% more quickly, while important spatial information about calculation results is more clearly displayed.

Luminaire calculation

Evo 9 makes luminaire calculation an integral component of lighting design and has significantly enhanced it. Now calculating within rooms rather than buildings means it takes less time and provides more accurate pictures of total light output in each space – helping users quickly evaluate different manufacturers’ products to find what suits best their project needs.

Lumiere intensity has also been enhanced, making it easier to visualize the impact of luminaires in space and explain them to clients without further explanation. Before, this information was only available via documentation; now, however, it can be seen and edited directly on screen allowing easier editing.

New to Scene Designer Pro is the ability to assign luminaires in scenes with individual labels for “Luminaire Intensity”. This feature can be especially helpful when working on large projects with numerous luminaires that need to be maintained at uniform intensities; additionally it may aid with creating 3D visualizations.

Evo 9 features an improved Line Arrangement tool to make arranging linear arrangements simpler. It now automatically places luminaries along a linear arrangement, ensuring each luminaire illuminates task planes at a specified lighting level for greater functionality and facilitating creation of functional environments. This is an impressive advancement which should help make creating well-lit, functional spaces simpler than ever.

The Luminaire Selection Tool is an effective way of selecting luminaires from manufacturer catalogs and placing them within rooms, creating an accurate 3D model of your lighting design. Plus, its simple operation will save time!

Software has been optimized to quickly calculate buildings, making presenting lighting designs to clients in seconds possible. Furthermore, an innovative Target Tick system makes this even simpler, showing whether lighting schemes meet performance specifications – an invaluable feature if the final documentation will be handled by someone without extensive lighting knowledge.

Lighting design

Lighting design is an integral element in creating high-quality lighting solutions that satisfy both aesthetic and practical criteria. It involves calculating light distribution patterns and selecting optimal arrangements of lighting systems in buildings, offices, streets, outdoor areas etc. Lighting designers and engineers use DIALux software program to create top-quality installations to meet client requirements; DIALux allows users to visualize lighting scenarios before simulating them; it offers photometric calculations as well as energy analyses features for better decision-making.

DIALux evo is an advanced lighting design program that helps you plan, calculate and visualize lighting for any building or room. Easy to learn and cost-free, DIALlux offers complete indoor and outdoor lighting design features for users’ use.

With DIALux evo, you can design and calculate lighting for single rooms, buildings, outdoor areas, street lighting, emergency lighting and daylighting projects. Furthermore, its wide selection of luminaires from various manufacturers makes finding the ideal lighting solution easy for every project.

DIALux Evo offers a powerful visualization tool, which allows you to view your lighting designs in 3D. This is particularly helpful when presenting them to customers; furniture and objects in the room can easily be selected to create an accurate visualization of space.

DIALux Evo software can also be used to quickly create building plans from CAD drawings. With its user-friendly features, such as dimensions and building structure creation tools, creating lighting designs has never been simpler! Plus, 3D views make your designs easier for clients to understand!

DIALux evo software program has been specifically designed to quickly calculate buildings, providing results within seconds of entering data. This means you can complete your work faster and more accurately than ever before. Furthermore, this multilingual GUI and documentation support makes DIALux evo an invaluable asset when working on international projects.


DIALux Evo is an efficient lighting design tool. You can select luminaires from manufacturer catalogs and place them within rooms to produce realistic 3D visualizations of your design. Plus, this program’s optimized for quick calculations – providing results in seconds!

This program is compatible with all major operating systems and supports multiple languages, as well as using the most up-to-date calculation methods and offering improved features that help plan more effective light installations.

Included among its features is a new user interface that makes the software simpler and more intuitive for its users, saving both time and money with its reduced calculations and effective presentation tools. Furthermore, its simple navigation and powerful editing tools make finding what you need easier while the variety of tutorials and webinars makes learning how to use the program simpler than ever.

DIALux evo stands out by managing complex calculations efficiently, offering efficient lighting and building energy calculations that meet your energy requirements. Furthermore, the software automatically calculates escape routes and anti-panic areas, saving time. Finally, DIALux evo creates a list of luminaires recommended based on your project requirements.

DIALux Evo 3D also makes emergency lighting calculations simple with just a few clicks, using EN 1838 2019-11 standard calculations. Combine DIALux evo with DIALux Evo 3D for an integrated presentation of your lighting design using various scenes to show it to clients and present them to your design effectively.

DIALux evo 9 offers improved documentation for lighting projects, with larger font and more visually appealing images and covers making presenting to clients simpler. Plus, there’s a room overview listing all rooms with their associated luminaires; saving both time and effort when preparing documentation for client presentations.

Emergency lighting

DIALux Evo offers more than lighting design for mains lighting: in addition to emergency lighting planning and calculations according to EN 1838, it also allows emergency planning with emergency lighting scenarios using emergency escape routes, anti-panic areas and emergency scene calculations in just a few clicks – creating meaningful documentation which customers can understand easily.

DIALux Evo allows planners to select a luminaire from the product catalog and place it onto their floorplan with ease using drag-and-drop. Once placed, DIALux Evo automatically calculates light levels for both the entire room as a whole as well as each individual luminaire in it; additionally this calculation mode displays intermediate results so users may adjust them according to their specifications – this documentation can then be printed or saved as an image file for future reference.

DIALux Evo offers another exciting feature – assigning luminaires to groups. The software automatically organizes luminaires based on type and photometric properties, making it simple for planners to organize them according to plan. Furthermore, individual luminaires can easily be marked as emergency luminaires with DIALux Evo showing an emergency symbol next to it in CAD for easy identification and error avoidance.

DIALux Evo now contains an update for EN 12464-1:2021-11 calculations, providing users who require this standard with access to this update from DIALux 4. Projects created in DIALux 4 can be loaded onto DIALux Evo while their normative settings remain intact; however it should be remembered that DIALux Evo uses an updated calculation surface which may differ from that used in its predecessor and the results may not match up exactly with those produced using previous calculations.

DIALux evo is one of the premier PC tools for designing professional installations. This software can be used to plan rooms or entire buildings and offers many realistic results with its wide variety of options and lighting library, not to mention creating detailed drawings. Its intuitive user-friendly interface makes DIALlux an excellent choice for architects and interior designers alike.

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