DiskDigger Review

DiskDigger is a data recovery tool that is capable of recovering deleted files from an assortment of devices. This program supports various file formats, deep scan capabilities and active previews to provide maximum efficiency when recovering lost or deleted data.

Recovery software offers multiple file recovery capabilities, such as photos, music, videos, documents and archives. Furthermore, a deep scan can detect hidden files.


DiskDigger is a data recovery tool that is capable of undeleting files deleted or lost from hard drives, memory cards and formatted partitions on computers. It offers recovery of documents, photos and music; making it ideal for various recovery situations.

DiskDigger features two scanning modes for faster file recovery: Basic Scan for quickly recovering deleted files, and Full Scan which searches deeper into storage media to increase recovery efforts. Users can save and retrieve scan sessions without performing another scan; and uses file carving technology which scans each sector on your storage medium to identify files by their unique structures or signatures; these features allow DiskDigger to locate files not easily recoverable by other applications.

This app supports various file formats, from popular ones such as JPEG and PNG to more specialized RAW files from digital cameras. Furthermore, its dual scanning mode can even retrieve files that were accidentally deleted from the Recycle Bin – ideal for recovering photos that may have been unwittingly or accidentally lost from your computer.

DiskDigger stands out as an invaluable asset when it comes to recovering files from damaged or corrupted storage devices, thanks to its bypass of Windows file system drivers that allows it to scan disks with bad sectors for damaged hard drives and recover even severely damaged hard drive files. As a result, this software offers reliable solutions when other software has failed.

DiskDigger is an easy and user-friendly program with a friendly user interface that anyone can navigate easily. With its small footprint making it suitable to run on any computer and being just a single executable file requiring no installation at all – portable usage options such as using it on USB flash drives or external hard drives make DiskDigger perfect!

DiskDigger is an efficient and powerful way to recover deleted files; however, it should be noted that it cannot recover all lost or erased ones due to ongoing device or storage medium usage after deletions occur. Reusing devices after files have been lost could overwrite their sectors, significantly diminishing chances of successful retrieval.

Recovering deleted files

DiskDigger is a data recovery application that scans any hard drive in search of deleted files, making it an indispensable resource if you accidentally empty the recycling bin or just want to see what was deleted on your drive in case they come in handy again later on. Although DiskDigger won’t repair corrupted or overwritten files, but if there’s still evidence of them somewhere on disk then hopefully you will be able to locate them easily.

This application can be used on any memory device, from internal storage to SD cards. With its simple interface and quick search features, selecting which file types to search is straightforward. Once scanned is complete, results appear in a list and preview any recoverable files before taking further steps to recover them if found. Once that process has concluded, click “Recover Selected Files” button and choose your destination folder – click here if your file was found!

Another fantastic feature of this program is its ability to restore scan sessions, meaning you can start scanning and come back later to it. Furthermore, you can select specific files to recover or customize scanning parameters by specifying portions of file names or filtering results by date modified/created.

This app includes a feature to access deeper into disk contents, making it perfect for recovering old or deleted files. Data carving, an effective technique that scans each sector on a disk for signs of known file formats, may also help recover these older documents; however, this process takes considerable time and should only be used to recover older ones rather than recently deleted files.

DiskDigger is a lightweight software utility designed to quickly recover deleted files from hard drives or other storage devices, offering advanced scanning features and support for multiple file formats. Ideal for portable use, DiskDigger does not require installation – making it the ideal solution!

Restoring scan sessions

DiskDigger is a user-friendly free file recovery tool equipped with sophisticated heuristic algorithms and support for an array of file formats and deep scanning capability. Furthermore, this program can restore files from damaged or overwritten disks as well as recover deleted photos stored either internally on devices or SD cards – the program being available both for PCs and Macs.

Start using this app by selecting a file type you’re trying to recover and scanning it. When finished, a list of files found will be shown; select any you’d like recovered by clicking “Recover Selected Files”, and when ready click “OK”; your recovered files will then be stored there.

DiskDigger can show a preview of each file as it’s being recovered, giving you an early glance of what files will be recovered without waiting too long to finish their recovery process – especially helpful for recovering AVI and MP3 files! You can enable or disable this preview through the app’s settings.

This app’s interface is straightforward and user-friendly, featuring a clean layout with intuitive navigation buttons. Furthermore, its lightweight structure enables faster running times as well as its variety of useful functions like file manager and image editor.

DiskDigger is one of the premier tools on the market when it comes to recovering deleted files, thanks to its intuitive design and advanced heuristic algorithms. Not only that, but this app offers multiple ways of saving recovered files: saving to local folder, FTP server or emailing.

When selecting a file format, the app will present you with a list of potential file types that match it. If the one you’re searching for doesn’t show up here, use “Custom heuristics guide” to search further afield for specific types. As it is a read-only utility, no changes will be made to storage media while scanning it.

Supporting multiple file types

DiskDigger can recover numerous file types, such as images (JPG, PNG, GIF and BMP), video (AVI, WMA MP4 MOV RMVB), audio files (WAV MP3 OGG), document formats such as DOCX DOCXXLS PDF ZIP RAR as well as text files. Furthermore, its deep scanning technology improves chances of recovery while previewing recoverable files allows you to see what exactly will be recovered before beginning recovery process.

DiskDigger not only restores multiple file types, but is also adept at recovering deleted files that have been marked for deletion from hard disk’s file system. When files are deleted on most operating systems, their actual data remains on drive yet the file system marks it as deleted and no longer displays it when browsing its contents. DiskDigger can uncover these deleted files and restore them as ordinary ones again.

DiskDigger stands out from other recovery tools by not requiring special drivers or third-party software for proper functioning. Instead, its universal file system interface ensures compatibility across a range of popular operating systems and hard drives, including Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux and Android – though recent MacOS releases no longer support 32-bit applications which disable DiskDigger from being run successfully.

The program features an intuitive and straightforward user interface, making it simple for beginners to navigate. After launching, users are presented with three tabs containing various file formats organized by category; clicking any detected type displays its preview in real-time – for instance selecting JPG images will display their metadata while document files show their text content directly.

DiskDigger also features the unique capability to securely wipe free space on hard drives, making it possible to permanently erase deleted files without fear of recovering by other programs. You can access this feature in the main window underneath Basic Scan and Full Scan options.

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