Diskeeper – The Gold Standard in Defragmentation

Diskeeper is the gold standard in defragmentation software, but it offers much more than that – optimizing Windows systems to maximize performance is only part of its utility.

The product’s ‘IntelliWrite’ technology eliminates fragmentation from the start, making files more readily accessible and increasing read/write speeds. Furthermore, this vendor-agnostic solution works on various drives.


This software is an easy, fast, and effective tool that will defrag your hard-disk, speeding up PC performance while using minimal resources from your system. Furthermore, its “IntelliWrite” function protects it from future fragmentation of its hard-disks.

Diskeeper provides more than just defragmentation functions; it also features other useful tools such as boot-time defrag, file exclusions, volume snapshots, free space consolidation and power management settings. Furthermore, when your battery begins running low it can automatically stop defragmentation so as to save energy; additionally it’s very user friendly as opposed to using Windows’ built-in defrag utility which requires shutting down during its process.

Your choices for defragmentation include both automatic and manual options to best fit your needs. Furthermore, this app includes a visual representation of the state of your disk with colour-coded maps to show areas most and least fragmented; plus you can specify an ideal time when to run defragmentation operations.

An additional key feature of Diskeeper software is its ability to perform a complete boot-time defrag, which can be particularly helpful on servers. You can also configure it automatically detect and defragment swap files and the Master File Table of your hard-disk, while simultaneously keeping you hands off keyboard and mouse for operation of Diskeeper.

Diskeeper, currently at version 18, features many exciting new features to differentiate it from its competition. For instance, virtual and physical desktop systems can now use it with its real-time monitoring dashboard providing real-time insights into disk health, performance and volume utilization data. It also boasts an external space reclamation tool which returns unused blocks back into a general pool of free storage space.


Diskeeper is one of the leading defragmentation tools available, capable of being installed both physically and virtually on Windows servers and desktops. Once in place, Diskeeper helps prevent fragmentation by caching hot reads that are no longer being utilized – giving your systems peak performance and helping prevent fragmentation altogether. Furthermore, it performs analysis on partitions to detect how much file fragmentation exists on them.

The program is relatively easy to install and can defragment your hard drive while you work – even files too big for Windows defrag utility! While its price might seem higher than other alternatives, its set-and-forget usage and responsive technical support make it a strong contender when it comes to defragging systems.

Condusiv Technologies was established in 1981 as Diskeeper Corporation and changed to Condusiv Technologies in 2016. Their software provides optimization of application performance and efficiency on virtual and physical desktop and server systems alike, offering system efficiencies comparable to or surpassing many hardware upgrades.

Condusiv Technologies’ products include DymaxIO fast data performance software, V-locity I/O reduction software, Diskeeper defragmentation utility and Undelete instant file recovery solutions – used by 90% of Fortune 1000 and 77% of Forbes Global 100 to increase productivity, lower costs and extend asset lifespan.


Diskeeper download is easily installed on PCs and servers alike, and takes just minutes to install. Compatible with most modern Windows systems without taking up too many system resources for use, there are various versions designed to meet different user needs – Diskeeper has become one of the world’s most-loved disk defragmentation tools used by millions worldwide!

Diskeeper is a powerful program that can defragment your hard drive to enhance performance and prevent further fragmentation from happening, keeping your computer running faster than ever. The software works by aligning files end-to-end rather than scattering them throughout the hard drive in fragmented pieces; this enables programs to access their data more quickly, speeding up performance.

Diskeeper Lite, the free short version of Diskeeper software, allows for manual defragmentation on single disk volumes as well as fragmentation analysis. However, this program cannot provide automated defragmentation features or provide any time and money-saving benefits found in its full counterpart.

Diskeeper Server Standard edition is an ideal solution for large volumes. Capable of handling volumes up to 10TB and featuring Terabyte Volume Engine technology for optimal performance, it also performs boot-time file consolidation to reduce the number of file locations where NT writes directories while having VSS compatibility mode that won’t interfere with backup and restore operations by invalidating cached versions of files.

Diskeeper Pro Premier performance software was specifically created for workstations and offers high-performance, cost-efficient operation. It can be set to run invisibly as a background job or manually initiated, defragment drives with compressed, encrypted, sparse files as well as optimize SSD (solid state drive) performance by reducing read/write operations. Furthermore, this low to moderately resource intensive system also features a comprehensive dashboard, log file and history file to keep an eye on.


Diskeeper stands out among software products claiming to speed up computers by automatically defragmenting workstations and servers in the background, so they operate at peak performance every day. While their free version only enables defragmentation for one disk volume at a time, their full version offers many additional features making it a great option for home and small business users alike.

Diskeeper installs easily with Windows’ setup program and offers various options to defragment hard drives, with an easy graphical analysis displaying how fragmented they are and user-friendly results. Furthermore, Diskeeper offers automatic defragmentation on a schedule set by you – perfect for keeping hard drives free from fragmentation!

IntelliWrite is another feature included with Diskeeper that helps prevent files from fragmenting as they are written to hard drives, helping keep important data together while helping prevent future fragmentation issues. Furthermore, Diskeeper includes a defragmentation routine during boot up which will enable more applications to load quickly on startup.

It may cost more than the free defrag tool included with Windows, but this product provides many more features and functionality, and offers responsive technical support. Plus, its latest version boasts an user-friendly interface with contextual help available at each option.

Diskeeper has long been one of the go-to defraggers for Windows computers. While its technological prowess temporarily wavered, recent versions have restored some of it – making Diskeeper an essential tool for those wanting their computers to perform optimally and reducing risk from disk crashes while saving on hardware costs by optimizing existing equipment. Furthermore, for companies managing multiple server environments Diskeeper software can automate and simplify defragmentation across their server estate.

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