Disney Plus App Review

Disney Plus App

Disney Plus is the company’s new streaming service and features content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic brands.

The app also offers original programming like Loki, Ahsoka Tano and The Mandalorian and allows users to stream titles to up to four devices simultaneously.


Disney Plus is a streaming service provided by Disney that gives users access to TV shows and movies from its extensive library as well as original content from Disney studios, such as Star Wars, Marvel and National Geographic franchises. Available worldwide and designed to compete with services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Disney offers family-oriented content in its library of original content; however, some movies and shows for adults exist on its service as well. Furthermore, with their recent purchase of 21st Century Fox content making an appearance here too; providing more variety.

One of the hallmarks of Disney Plus is its diverse library of themed content. The service boasts collections centered on specific subjects like sports or holiday-themed episodes of The Simpsons; or franchise-focused collections, like Toy Story or Cars. Content updates frequently – meaning new material keeps appearing!

Disney Plus provides access to original shows and movies produced by Disney as well as classic titles from their library such as Star Wars movies and animated classics like Lady and the Tramp and Pixar’s Toy Story. Furthermore, some TV shows such as Fargo and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia were acquired prior to launch of this service.

Disney Plus is an ad-free streaming service with an intuitive user interface, complete with various parental control features including Parental Lock and Profile PIN for added protection of children under age 13. Users may change individual profiles’ content ratings at any time, as well as taking advantage of Disney Plus’ partnership with IMAX to view certain titles enhanced with enhanced IMAX format.

The app can be found on a number of devices, including iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Users can utilize it to stream content directly onto their devices or download it for later viewing, with certain titles supporting 4K streaming such as The Mandalorian and High School Musical: The Series being compatible.


Disney Plus App is an over-the-top streaming media service owned by Walt Disney Company that provides exclusive films and TV shows from their flagship brands – Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star Wars among them – as well as content from recently acquired 21st Century Fox studio. Available across many devices such as Roku devices, Smart TVs and iPads.

Since launching in November 2019, YouTube Red has amassed over 150 million subscribers globally. Offering classic programs designed for children as well as original series aimed at adults, and at only $8 per month it makes an exceptional value when combined with Hulu and ESPN+ subscriptions.

The Disney Plus App features an intuitive, familiar user experience for anyone familiar with using streaming services such as Netflix. A carousel of popular movies and TV shows occupies the top row, while below that there’s a list of Disney-owned movies and shows as well as a Spotlight section that highlights new content available through Disney Plus. A familiar recommended row and search bar complete its functional makeup at the bottom.

Group Watch allows up to seven users at once to watch a show or movie together across web, mobile and connected TV devices – perfect for families with young children who frequently take turns taking control of the remote! You can even set profiles based on age range so you can restrict what their viewing.

Not everyone needs Disney Plus and it is important to determine whether it fits within your budget. Many opt for using a 50/30/20 budgeting framework which divides income into three buckets: 50% needs, 30% wants and 20% savings/debt repayment – this will allow you to figure out exactly how much should be allocated towards streaming services such as Disney Plus.


Disney Plus is an easy and accessible streaming service designed for families. Offering many hit movies and TV shows – many only available through this platform – Disney Plus supports major devices and platforms, letting users download content for offline viewing, as well as providing access to animation, action comedy drama shows like Star Wars The Mandalorian or Marvel’s Loki episodes.

Currently available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Central America is Hulu Plus service which features several subscription plans ranging from Standard to Premium with ads. You can stream content to up to four devices simultaneously using one subscription plan with Hulu Plus that support HDR and 4K quality video playback – making this an excellent option for family entertainment as well as those interested in Disney history and iconic brands.

Disney Plus stands apart from competing services, like Netflix, by being focused entirely on studio content such as new releases and classic films from Disney Studio’s libraries; as such it includes original series created by them such as Marvel x 21st Century Fox which added many new movies into their library; some titles may take time before appearing; for example the older Spider-Man movies still belong to Sony and therefore cannot yet be streamed directly on Disney Plus.

Disney Plus does not provide free trials, but you may qualify for discounts if you sign up through a participating provider. Some phone and TV plans provide Disney Plus as part of a bundle option; check with your service provider to determine this as an option for you.

Disney Plus can be found across most major streaming platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and TCL TVs. Unfortunately it does not currently support PlayStation or Xbox consoles; these may be added later. Disney has also inked agreements with other streaming companies such as Hulu to make its films and shows available through them and thus expand their viewership beyond traditional television viewers.


Disney+ can be streamed on any device with an Internet-enabled app or web browser, and content can even be downloaded for offline viewing when there’s no Internet access. Disney’s service features original movies and TV shows as well as all the major franchises such as Marvel, Star Wars and Mickey Mouse; plus exclusives like Loki and The Mandalorian! It even offers older episodes of Daredevil as well as Broadway shows such as Hamilton!

Disney streaming devices and devices include Apple TV (4th Generation or later), all Roku boxes and sticks, the two Amazon Fire TV Sticks currently in production (Gen 3), as well as all Fire TV edition smart TVs. Furthermore, Roku Smart Speakers support HD and 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos audio support; Disney recommends broadband speeds of 5 Mbps for HD and 25 Mbps for 4K streams.

Samsung TVs from 2016 onwards that use Samsung’s Smart Hub system; LG TVs from 2016 or later with WebOS 3.0 or later; TCL, Hisense, RCA and Philips Android TVs as well as some Roku models such as the 4K-capable Roku LT (2700X) or any Streaming Stick 4K models are capable of showing this content.

Disney+ can also be found on PCs and laptops running Chrome, Safari or Firefox for macOS 10.12 Sierra or later as well as iMacs and MacBooks with OS X El Capitan or later operating systems; unfortunately it is currently unavailable on Windows laptops or tablets.

Disney Plus can be subscribed to with both existing accounts and new ones on either its website or mobile apps. While there isn’t a free trial offered directly, piggybacking on someone else’s account might work; you just must live in the same household. Disney has not ruled out providing a trial period in the future, unlike Netflix which now offers up to 30-day trials; currently Disney only provides seven day trials.

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