Disney Plus App Review

Disney Plus is an all-encompassing streaming service from Disney that unites content from some of their most acclaimed brands, such as Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic programming as well as original programming from within its own walls.

Netflix boasts many modern streaming features, such as simultaneous multi-device streaming and HD and 4K downloads, at an attractive monthly subscription cost of $8 per user – even when bundling it with Hulu and ESPN Plus subscriptions.


Disney Plus App provides fans with access to an impressive library of films from Disney, Pixar and other studios such as Marvel and Star Wars. There is even an impressive collection of National Geographic documentaries about nature, science and fitness – you may even catch Alex Honnold’s thrilling free climbing documentary or watch an expose on how celebrities stay healthy!

Disney Plus stands out from other streaming services with its vast library of classic films and television shows, from The Muppets to Star Wars and more! Also included is Lin-Manuel Miranda and cast from Broadway hit Hamilton as well as other Disney and Pixar titles.

Since May, Disney Plus has welcomed some outstanding films into its catalog – such as Fantastic Mr. Fox from award-winning director Wes Anderson or Isle of Dogs which explores human-dog relationships. Other highlights include Jim Henson: Idea Man which documents the late puppeteer as well as horror flick The First Omen.

Disney Plus is now an ideal streaming solution for both families and cord-cutters, thanks to the addition of films and shows from both popular franchises and independent producers. With an abundance of choices at an unbeatably reasonable price point, its massive selection is competing directly against Netflix and Amazon Prime; however, Disney Plus stands out with its superior design features making it more appealing as an option when searching for new streaming services.

Disney+ is the ideal streaming destination for Marvel and Star Wars fans, but also an excellent option for family movies and original series. Boasting an extensive library and an easy app experience, Disney+ makes an excellent alternative way to cut the cord.

Signing up for Disney Plus is straightforward, and you’ll start streaming immediately after making an account. The app is free to download and compatible with all Apple devices. Once signed up, select a subscription plan that best meets your needs: the Basic plan provides 10 original movies and TV series at $6.99 monthly cost while Premium provides unrestricted streaming and GroupWatch functionality so multiple people can watch a single movie simultaneously!

TV Shows

Disney Plus is a subscription video on demand service offering content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. Users can access this content across multiple devices – smart TVs and gaming consoles alike – offering 4K HDR support as well as multiple user profiles and 4K HDR compatibility compared to some rivals such as Hulu Plus. Disney Plus can be found worldwide!

Disney+ offers a wealth of Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, like Falcon and Loki, The Inhumans and Captain Marvel – perfect if you want to catch up on previous episodes! These shows come with their original formats allowing viewers to binge watch.

Disney+ provides much more than Marvel shows. From classic films such as Flight of the Navigator and The Incredibles 2 to new shows exclusive to the service, you will find an extensive library of entertainment on Disney+.

One of the standout kids shows on Disney Plus is Bluey. This show follows an adorable family of anthropomorphic dogs that will surely appeal to young viewers, with short episodes that make binge watching easier for kids. Plus, Bluey addresses important issues without talking down to its viewers!

With so many Disney Plus TV shows available to choose from, it can be daunting deciding what will appeal most to your family. TechRadar has put together a list of 43 shows recommended on Disney Plus; to qualify as one of these top selections it must possess an outstanding Rotten Tomatoes score as well as be popular among users.

This service boasts an expansive library of movies and television shows, but is also an invaluable source of documentaries. Shows ranging from sports to politics to documentaries that celebrate our world can all be found here; while some shows explore topics not typically considered family-friendly like Free Solo with Alex Honnold and Limitless with Chris Hemsworth.


The Disney Plus App gives users access to an extensive library of movies and TV shows from its most popular franchises, such as Star Wars and Marvel. It includes both new content as well as past seasons of popular series. This service can be accessed across devices, such as smartphones, tablets and smart TVs. Users can download episodes to enjoy offline viewing later. Disney Plus stands out from other streaming services by providing access to content with 4K resolution and HDR support on select titles, Dolby Atmos immersive surround sound on certain titles, ad-free streaming for Premium members with simultaneous streaming on up to four devices and providing an IMAX enhanced viewing experience on select titles.

The new service provides fans of all ages a convenient destination to access their favorite films and television series, with an extensive library featuring movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic brands as well as classic cartoons and movies from that period.

Disney+ stands to become a major streaming platform despite competition from several similar offerings. Over the last year, the Disney-owned media giant acquired Hulu and 21st Century Fox companies, adding valuable assets to their portfolio and amassing an extensive library of movies and TV shows as well as new original content that it plans on offering subscribers.

Disney Plus may be worth the cost for those with large families, offering animated movies and family-oriented shows like Ahsoka Tano with Rosario Dawson. There is even original content like Ahsoka Tano that may provide some entertainment.

The Disney Plus app provides access to an expansive collection of movie and television content from Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and original content such as Loki from Marvel and Star Wars: The Mandalorian from Disney Studios. Plus it supports various playback formats and settings so it is free for download!

Family-friendly content

Disney Plus is an immensely popular streaming service that offers something for every member of the family. Its catalogue of classic animated Disney films like Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Pinocchio as well as modern TV series like Descendants and Star Wars Resistance as well as National Geographic documentaries make Disney Plus an attractive offering. Furthermore, Basic subscription is relatively cost-effective while Premium access adds premium features such as ad-free programming and Dolby Atmos audio support on select content (for compatible devices).

Disney Plus provides parental controls that give you control of what your children are viewing as well as giving an insight into the amount of time they are spending on the app. These settings include profiles, viewing restrictions and content ratings which make setting up and changing them simple for families of any size.

Parental controls on Disney Plus can help children establish healthy digital habits and stay safe online. You can use these controls to block inappropriate apps and sites, providing your kids with a safer streaming experience. But keep in mind that these tools may fail sometimes; to safeguard against this happening it is recommended that each profile set up their own PIN so children cannot bypass parental controls to access content outside.

While Disney Plus provides an expansive library, it is important to be mindful of your child’s age and maturity level when making viewing choices. Some series may contain explicit language or mature subject matter; unfortunately, its rating system cannot always accurately represent whether your child will enjoy something or not.

If you have young kids, Disney Plus parental controls should be used to ensure they do not view adult content. Furthermore, this platform also allows parents to set a screen time limit which can help balance screen time with other activities; otherwise it could become easy for your kids to become addicted to watching shows at the expense of hobbies and social interaction.

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