Display Driver Uninstaller DDU

Display Driver Uninstaller DDU

If you are having issues with your graphics drivers, using a driver uninstallation tool like Display Driver Uninstaller DDU may help. This free program enables users to safely uninstall old graphics drivers.

Wagnardsoft’s DDU program is portable and doesn’t need to be installed onto your computer for use. It features three operational modes – clean, restart, and shutdown.


DDU is a free third-party tool that makes it simple and cleanly to uninstall AMD and Nvidia graphics drivers, leaving no remnants such as registry entries, folders or files in their wake – providing for smooth reinstallation without hassle or leftover files in your driver store. DDU also helps address many common issues caused by outdated or corrupt drivers such as crashes, system hangs or reduced performance – often associated with older or corrupted versions.

To use DDU, download its installer from its website. Extract it into a folder on your computer, and double-click its exe file to run. When asked for your preference of operation mode by DDU, choose from one of three options from its left-hand side application window; each will perform different functions; for instance “Clean and reboot” will remove existing drivers before rebooting while other two options clean but don’t restart your PC.

Once you’ve selected an operation mode, click “OK” to initiate DDU and begin its removal of outdated drivers from your system. Upon completion, this application will reboot your PC so you can then install any updated graphics drivers.

DDU is available free for download and use, though we recommend creating a system restore point prior to using it in case something goes amiss. Furthermore, we advise adding DDU as an exception in your antivirus software’s list of exclusions.

DDU is available for Windows 10, 32-bit and 64-bit editions, Windows 7, 8 and Vista users. To download, visit the developer’s official site here, where your download should begin automatically and take only seconds. Once complete, a zip folder will appear in your Downloads folder where you can extract its contents to any location of your choice before running DDU in either Safe Mode or Normal Mode; we advise using Safe Mode since this will detect and fix potential issues before they cause permanent damage.


Display Driver Uninstaller DDU is a free tool designed to assist with uninstalling AMD/NVIDIA video drivers on Windows without leaving behind any residual remnants (including registry keys and folders, files or driver stores) when doing so. Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.

Downloading DDU software is simple, as you’ll find it at its official website. Just visit and click one of the download links highlighted within its highlighted area; your local download location will be selected automatically. When your file has downloaded successfully, extract and install it for optimal use.

Once the installation process is complete, launch DDU and choose your options. As DDU will make system modifications, we suggest creating a backup and performing a full system restore prior to running DDU. Furthermore, disconnect from the internet and terminate all applications before performing DDU.

DDU does an effective job at cleaning out old drivers. However, some users have reported issues when installing new ones due to a potential conflict between DDU and NVIDIA drivers; therefore it would be prudent to run DDU in Safe Mode before installing new GPU drivers.

DDU is a free program released under a GNU General Public License that can be donated to Wagnardsoft for ongoing development. The current version can be found on their website as

Installing and updating the most up-to-date drivers for your GPU is recommended to enhance its performance and stability, troubleshoot any issues related to it, keep your computer secure, and prevent security breaches. We welcome your questions or feedback below – thank you for reading, we hope to hear from you soon.


DDU can be found for free from the Windows store by searching in your search bar or selecting “Apps” on your taskbar, then looking at “Free Apps or Paid Apps”. When available, clicking either will initiate download process of DDU; when finished you can open and begin using it immediately! It can help those experiencing graphics driver issues such as stuttering, crashing or blue screens as well as traditional uninstallers can’t solve.


Display Driver Uninstaller software (DDU) is an invaluable resource that allows you to uninstall outdated drivers quickly, making troubleshooting video issues much simpler. Please keep in mind, however, that DDU should only be used if there is an issue when uninstalling or installing drivers; don’t use it every time you need an update! To learn more about it or for assistance please visit guru3d for further details and help.

DDU can assist with uninstalling AMD, Nvidia and Intel graphics drivers from your PC completely while cleaning up any remnants that remain from these drivers. As it requires minimal RAM or CPU resources for operation, this app makes for an invaluable asset when trying to fix video drivers and enhance PC performance.

DDU can be easily downloaded for free from Guru3D’s official website and used with minimal effort. Simply download its executable file, extract it into an accessible location (it may help to use your desktop), launch DDU and choose the ‘Clear driver and Reboot System’ option to remove all traces of drivers while rebooting your system. Furthermore, this app provides other useful options that may help solve video-related issues – including stopping Windows from downloading new drivers until all existing ones have been uninstalled first.

Guru3D is a straightforward tool designed to work across all kinds of computers. It’s compatible with 32- and 64-bit systems and also works well on older versions of Windows; additionally it’s multilingual compatibility makes it suitable for people from around the globe. Some antivirus software may mistakenly identify DDU as malware; to experience its full capabilities first-hand click here to visit its official page of Guru3D!

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