DJ Mix Pro – Create Amazing Sets of Music With Algoriddim’s DJ Software

DJ Mix Pro is an exciting new program designed to enable amateur and professional DJs alike to craft amazing sets of music with ease. Equipped with advanced features and premapped for popular controllers, this powerful DJ software provides both newcomers and experienced DJs alike the tools needed to produce stunning DJ sets.

Use effects sparingly to avoid distracting from the music. Practice smooth transitions between tracks using phrasing, beat matching or other DJ techniques.


Delay and echo effects are essential elements to add character to any track. A delay takes an audio track, stores it for later playback, then gradually fades it out over time; an echo replicates this sound but with different characteristics than before.

DJs use delays and echoes to enhance their mixes. Paired with looping, delays are particularly useful for creating repetitive sequences or lengthening tracks to create transitions. Delays may also be used to produce an eye-catching jingle (usually consisting of cool voices saying their name) that will help establish their brand among competitors and distinguish themselves.

– The sound characteristic of an echo can be altered using repeats and decay settings, while initial echo volume controls determine how much of an initial (dry) signal will be combined with an echo signal for optimal results. Increasing these values produces more prominent echo effects while decreasing them reduces how much is echo-produced sound there will be.

– The Mix knob allows users to determine how much of the delayed signal will be heard in their final output. A setting of 0% won’t amplify any echo at all; while 100% blends both dry and delayed signals. It works best when applied directly on a bus or send-return channel instead of directly onto tracks so as to not clash with other sounds in your mix.


Flangers are effects plugins designed to alter a signal’s frequency spectrum by adding a sweeping motion to its original audio. This creates peaks and notches in the frequency spectrum that correspond linearly, creating a comb filter effect. Varying delay time causes these peaks and notches to move up and down across its frequency range, producing a phasing effect and adding depth to your mix.

DJ Mix Pro features an array of effects to customize the sound and feel of your track, such as flanger, pitch bend, echo, robot delay, bit crusher tremolo filters (LP and HP filters). All these tools can help alter the overall tone or accentuate particular parts of it to bring out their best potential.

DJ Mix Pro’s looping capabilities also provide you with the means for continuous songplay without interruption – perfect for building ambient soundscapes and creating breakbeats. Furthermore, its looping functionality works in tandem with its tempo changer to match beat grids across tracks for smooth transitions between tracks.

DJ Mix Pro provides more than just beat and tempo matching; it also includes key-matching technology to help match Karaoke songs quickly. Simply one click away from changing key of music!

Flangers can be an effective tool in sound design chains both before and after EQs and saturation effects, and particularly useful with reverbs and delays to add movement and depth to otherwise static sounds. Use sparingly however as too much can quickly become distracting.


Algoriddim’s innovative DJ software Algoriddim redefines creative mixing by offering tools for isolating instrumentals and acappellas, applying audio effects to individual tracks components, crossfading beats, bass lines, melodies independently as well as creating looped beats or sampling individual drum hits from individual songs – giving DJ sets unlimited remix potential!

The djay Pro AI plug-in for Apple Mac OS X and Windows is available as an RTAS/HTDM plug-in that can be used with either the existing djay app, third party hardware controllers compatible with it, or both. Installation can be easily accomplished using its download from iLok site; simply copying into your Plug-ins folder is all that is needed – authorization with iLok is done through USB dongle.

Numark’s Scratch 2-channel mixer is specifically designed for Serato DJ Pro, featuring an Innofader crossfader, performance pads, instant loop encoder and toggle paddles to trigger software-based effects. In addition, Serato DVS compatibility gives DJs instantaneous access to connect turntables or CDJs using Noisemap control vinyl or CDs and control Serato DJ Pro using Noisemap’s Noisemap control vinyl or CDs.

Scratch offers premium features like a sturdy metal chassis and top-grade components designed to withstand battle mixing and scratching routines, including its smooth-and-reliable MAGVEL FADER PRO with Feeling Adjust for finely tailored fader weight adjustment, as well as six cutting patterns on its rotary loop encoder, instant and precise loop creation, balanced XLR main outputs, unbalanced booth/dance floor outputs and an integrated microphone/auxiliary input that accepts either an XLR cable or 1/4-inch TS with dedicated mic level control.

Slip Mode

DJ Mix Pro provides Slip Mode as an easy and effective way of scratching. Once enabled, the track continues playing normally while you alter its audio (such as scratching, looping or activating Cue Points) before returning back to its original position – perfect for performing popular censoring effects such as saying the word you wish to have erased just prior to pressing its cue point!

Slip Mode offers another great feature to enhance your performance: recording. This can be done either from the DJ player’s internal mixer’s master audio output, an external stereo USB input channel, or both, and stored as lossless WAV files for high quality results. When recording you can select various input and output options and even record either just your MIDI keyboard or all jog wheels separately!

DJ Mix Pro’s DJ mixer interface has been enhanced for maximum usability and features, such as an easy-to-read display with two circles showing levels above and below the reference, hard-knee clipper (above 3db), loudness control and rotating jogs which now support four beat rotation – an innovative new feature designed specifically for scratch DJs.

Your DJ Mix Pro session stores all of the bpm, beatgrid, key and cue/loop points data that you set in your music library; these settings can then be recovered when relaunching the software. In addition, DJ Player supports Bluetooth LE MIDI devices so it can receive messages sent by apps on other devices and control other controllers or apps that send MIDI messages directly to it – making this an excellent way of controlling DJ Player with external controllers or apps that send MIDI messages directly into Macbook DJ Mix Pro session settings!

Cue Points

Cue points are a fantastic tool to assist with transitions and beat matching, saving both time and energy by enabling you to skip directly to a part of the track that interests you. For instance, setting cue points near breakdowns allows you to ensure the first drop of new tracks plays at just the moment you want it too!

Cue points can be added manually or automatically with the auto cue function of software, analyzing each song to select an ideal cue point that it then sets as your cue point and pauses at that location, ready for you to use CUE button to resume track from that point. Furthermore, temp cue enables temporary setting that does not save to file; perfect if testing out sounds on multiple occasions without restarting again each time!

Color code your cue points to help keep them organized, which can be particularly helpful when reviewing a large collection of tracks before your gigs. For instance, you could assign different cue points colors – for instance red for 16 count intros, yellow for 8 count intros and blue when vocals come in; or simply set numerical patterns so they will be easy to remember. The key here is finding something you will be able to keep track of!

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