DJ Mix Pro Review

DJ Mix Pro is an advanced VJ software program, perfect for novice and veteran disc jockeys alike. Its many standard features include BPM detection and key detection as well as expandable advanced controls that make this an indispensable program.

DJ mixers differ from controllers by not requiring additional equipment and are generally much cheaper, in addition to being more versatile with regards to function and layout.

Easy to use

DJ Mix Pro is an intuitive yet user-friendly mixing program for DJs, featuring simple yet advanced features like EQ controls and beat matching, loops control, sample triggering, key detection and harmonic mixing tools – ideal for beginner DJs who wish to learn how to mix.

Lite, Pro and Suite versions are all available; with the latter two costing $10 and $15 respectively per month. Each version features amazing beatmatching and EQ controls along with effects and scratching options; as well as an active waveform that displays frequency and amplitude for seamless track transitions and cueing songs for playback – perfect for DJs looking for mix points to mark transitions between tracks! In addition, DJs can further customize this waveform’s color, shape and size according to personal taste.

DJs can utilize mixers to use time stretching to modify song beats by slowing the tempo down and raising pitch; this process creates smooth transitions between songs. DJ Mix Pro comes equipped with an analysis tool which automatically syncs up two songs’ tempos and beats for high-quality audio mixes.

DJs using this software can create their own playlists or import music from popular streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, making for an effortless DJing experience. It features a search function to easily locate tracks they’re looking for as well as colour markering and automix capabilities – plus its database organises files by BPM so DJs can find exactly the tracks for their set!

This software features 8 individual samplers capable of playing loops and jingles, and it is also compatible with various hardware controllers. Furthermore, its effects and filters offer plenty of possibilities when recording your mix to file. Finally, its sleek modern interface makes this tool suitable for use in any environment.


DJ Mix Pro is an impressive audio/video mixing program with everything you need to craft amazing audio/video mixes. Boasting an expansive library with over one million tracks and an intuitive mixer with hardware integration capabilities, as well as high performance database searching and realtime song search, color marker, audio/video/Karaoke filters and eight samplers for looping capabilities; DJ Mix Pro makes for the ideal solution for both beginner and experienced DJs alike.

There are many free and paid DJ programs available for both PCs and Macs, some more complex than others, all offering similar features. Before purchasing one of these programs, however, it is essential that you are informed about its various functions and features; some programs may be intended specifically for live DJing while others can work without the need of an external mixer.

Practice is essential if you want to become a DJ. Setting aside some time each day for practicing will help develop and hone your skills as you create your own distinctive style, not forgetting any essential techniques which make mixes sound professional. Seek advice from fellow aspiring DJs who could give feedback about your music!

DJ software is an integral component of professional DJ equipment. Most come packaged with an ease-of-use controller to make managing and using its features easier, but compatibility between programs should always be considered before purchasing one.

No matter the software of choice, purchasing a mixer that can be controlled via the program will give you maximum control over both sound and performance.

Though it would be amazing if you could instantly become as talented as your DJ heroes, that won’t happen overnight. They spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft, so take your time learning the fundamentals first before looking for more advanced tools.

Simple to learn

No matter the intimidation factor, DJ mixing can actually be quite simple to learn. There are various online tutorials and courses designed to get you started; additionally if you’re serious about learning it may be worth investing in high-quality headphones specifically designed for DJing to ensure privacy when working alone on cueing and beat matching with no outside interference from outside sources.

An important thing to keep in mind when mixing two tracks together is their tempo (bpm). An easy way of doing this is using the sync button; this will increase or decrease one track’s speed in order to create perfect sync between them.

Another impressive feature is the Nudge Function which allows you to move both tracks slightly forwards or backwards in order to align their beats, saving professional DJs from having to fiddle with controls while their audience waits patiently for the next hit. This function should become part of any professional DJ’s arsenal!

Once your tracks are in sync with each other and in time with one another, you can begin applying effects. This is where your mixing skills can truly shine and give the audience something unforgettable. By using a three-band equaliser you can make your mixes sound more dynamic and dynamically interesting; an example would be killing bass on track one as soon as track two is played and letting it come back later with its beat.

Another incredible feature is the ability to crossfade drums, bass lines and melodies of two separate songs seamlessly – a technique professional DJs have long relied on to craft captivating mixes. By breaking apart individual components of songs you can produce seamless transitions that would otherwise be unrepeatable with software alone – also an invaluable asset for producers looking to take their productions one step further through seamless remixes and mash-ups.


DJ Mix Pro provides novice DJs with an excellent starting point to digital mixing. Packed with tools and features designed specifically to assist newcomers, this free download works on most PCs. Its user interface has been specifically tailored for novices with its straightforward user experience and easy-to-use controls; plus it is compatible with most MIDI controllers!

Beatlock Technology is one of the many features offered by DJ Mix Pro that analyzes audio files to detect their BPM and display it in the window, enabling you to make beat-matched mixes between songs despite not belonging to the same artist. You can also set tempo adjustments and key lock options that ensure harmonic mixing.

Another useful feature is the ability to change track speeds without altering their pitch, which enables DJs to mix faster or slower without compromising sound quality. DJs especially can use this feature to transition seamlessly from track to track. Furthermore, this software also includes features enabling you to snap loops or effects directly to song tempo, record mixes and play them back at up to five times their original speed – an essential feature.

DJ Mix Pro’s key features include a powerful and user-friendly search engine that makes finding music quickly easy, and sort videos and audio by color for quick access to certain parts of your library. Realtime song information as well as an event playlist creator help create the ideal playlists for events; its synchronization system enables simultaneous MIDI control of up to nine controllers at the same time.

DJ Mix Pro packs in many features to meet the needs of any style of mixing. Support for all major file formats is offered, along with an intuitive user interface with pop-up equalizer and song information windows, expandable advanced controls for fast adjustments on the fly and mapping capabilities with MIDI controllers which eliminate the need to look at a screen while performing.

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