DoPDF – Convert Any Document Into a Searchable PDF File

Introduce PDFs into your content at the risk of alienating readers, adding extra steps for accessing and reading it, particularly for people using mobile devices.

doPDF installs itself as a virtual printer driver in your Printers and Faxes list so you can convert any application that supports printing into PDF. No third party software like GhostScript is needed to generate PDFs; saving resources when compared with other free PDF converters.

Easy to use

DoPDF is a free PDF program that enables users to convert virtually any printable document into searchable PDFs that can be opened using any free PDF reader. Unlike other free programs like GhostScript that require installation of additional components for conversion, doPDF works like a virtual printer driver without using up much system resources during conversion. Compatible with Microsoft Office versions such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint this versatile program is easily used on any Windows computer and compatible with all versions.

Installing and running the software from its startup window is simple and intuitive, making the experience intuitive for all. Support for various formats allows the tool to generate high-quality PDF documents quickly, while it offers options to adjust graphics resolution allows users to select what best meets their needs.

DoPDF’s Metadata Editor adds metadata information to PDF files, making them easier for indexing purposes. This data includes details like description, author and keyword to make PDFs easily locateable by other people – an essential feature for anyone aiming to ensure their PDFs will be found by others.

doPDF also gives users control over how their PDF files are created, including choosing quality of images and file size. Users may also opt to embed fonts to ensure a more standardized document appearance. It supports over 400 file types and works seamlessly within Microsoft Office applications making this tool extremely user-friendly.

DoPDF features an automated update engine that keeps it current, allowing users to schedule updates daily, weekly or monthly as per their preference. Furthermore, doPDF will notify them via system tray notifications whenever an update becomes available.

This freeware tool is one of the most sought-after on the market and features an easy, user-friendly interface that’s quick to learn. Furthermore, there are no hidden tools that could infiltrate a computer and convert without using much resource during conversion; plus it has been extensively scanned by multiple antivirus/antimalware resources to ensure there are no harmful tools lurking within.

Converts any document

DoPDF is a free PDF software program that makes it easy to convert any document file to standard PDF. It works by installing itself as a virtual printer driver that any application supporting printing can use; simply select DoPDF as your printer and print to it as you would any other printer; the only difference being that DoPDF will create and save PDFs directly onto your computer instead of printing to paper directly.

This program supports over 400 document types, enabling you to convert any printable document into PDFs with ease. It supports embedding fonts so the resultant PDF looks consistent across computers; furthermore, compression options may reduce file sizes while potentially decreasing image quality.

Clicking the “Options” button allows you to customize the settings of a PDF file. Here, you can adjust options such as page size (portrait/landscape), whether or not to include email addresses and other information in the PDF file, embed all external fonts, etc. This enables you to tailor it specifically to meet your specific needs.

doPDF’s PDF files are industry-standard and can be opened in any free PDF reader, making this program ideal for creating PDFs from virtually any application that supports printing such as text files, images, presentations and spreadsheets – it even works on web pages!

doPDF’s greatest strength lies in its independent operation; no third-party programs are needed to create PDF files, saving both disk space and additional package downloads. Furthermore, its intuitive user interface makes using doPDF easy – you won’t have any trouble using it!

As part of your installation, you have an option to add an add-in for Microsoft Office that enables easy conversion to PDF, while maintaining bookmarks and links, and even hidden hyperlinks. This enables one-click conversion with full bookmark support as well as hidden link conversion.


When creating a PDF document, there are numerous settings you can change for it. For instance, you can make it smaller or larger in size, choose its orientation and resolution settings, embed fonts to ensure they look identical across systems, set password protection for it (if desired) as well as change its default PDF reader to view it.

DoPDF’s automatic update engine ensures your software stays up-to-date, providing timely updates at regular intervals. You can choose to update it daily, weekly or monthly – you even have control over whether updates should be installed automatically or manually!

doPDF’s installer creates a virtual printer on your computer, enabling you to print from any program that supports printing. This enables you to convert documents, spreadsheets and presentations into high-quality PDF files while maintaining their format and layout – making the conversion easy!

DoPDF offers several other features that can enhance productivity and efficiency, including shrinking or expanding PDF contents to print at various page sizes. In addition, DoPDF includes an option to compress file sizes, saving valuable space on hard drives. Finally, this program can create bookmarks and links back to original documents within its resulting PDFs.

Automatic updater

DoPDF’s built-in automatic update engine ensures it remains up-to-date with the newest versions. You can choose how often the software checks for updates and automatically install new releases daily, weekly, or monthly; alternatively you can manually check for them any time you like.

doPDF uses the novaPDF print engine to quickly create PDF files from any program that can be printed using one-click conversion, keeping all fonts and links from your original document intact in its final PDF file. Furthermore, you have the option of compressing its content or expanding it by up to 400%!

doPDF stands out from its competition by being completely free and tested against major anti-virus and anti-malware resources, without any hidden tools that may compromise your computer.

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