DoPDF – Turn Any Printable Document Into a PDF File


DoPDF, a free system utility program, offers users an efficient solution for quickly turning virtually any printable document into PDFs. The app accomplishes this by installing a virtual printer driver which can be accessed from any application that supports printing.

Lightweight and resource efficient, it doesn’t occupy much memory during conversion. Also unlike many similar apps, Ghostscript is not required as an intermediary program for its operation.

What is doPDF?

doPDF is a free PDF printer that enables users to convert any printable document into a PDF file. The program works as an automatic virtual PDF printer driver; when users print from an application in Windows, their print job goes instead to doPDF rather than to its physical printer driver. doPDF does not require additional drivers or software and is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows OS.

DoPDF stands out from other free software applications by not requiring additional programs to run – making it quick and easy to get up and running quickly while not slowing down the computer with unnecessary functions that might slow it down further. Furthermore, doPDF comes without any malware or viruses and has been thoroughly tested by various antivirus programs.

DoPDF offers another unique advantage by enabling users to adjust the quality of their final PDF files, whether by reducing resolution to create smaller files or increasing quality for larger, more detailed images. All these options can be easily adjusted through its File Save window allowing for quick decision making on what best fits every individual situation.

DoPDF supports all major Microsoft Office applications, enabling users to convert Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations, Publisher projects, Visio drawings, Outlook emails and AutoCad files easily to PDF. Furthermore, doPDF includes bookmarks and links from the original document in its resultant PDF file for easy navigation; additionally it embeds font subsets to ensure it looks exactly how intended.

doPDF’s only real drawback is its lack of encryption, so users should take caution in using it with any sensitive information. Otherwise, it provides a useful service to anyone needing PDF files – both personal and commercial users alike can utilize its services!

How to download doPDF 5.2.228 for free?

DoPDF installs as a virtual printer on your computer and enables you to easily create PDFs by printing documents onto it. When creating PDF files with doPDF, you can customize page sizes, orientation, resolution scaling options and scaling when printing documents onto it – as well as add security features like password protection or encryption to protect files against unauthorised access.

doPDF supports numerous document formats, such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, ODS, ODT, HTML and images. Furthermore, doPDF offers support for all major Microsoft Office applications via its doPDF add-in allowing one-click PDF conversion from any application supporting print – keeping original layout, fonts, images and hyperlinks intact!

doPDF utilizes a premium PDF engine to produce quality output while compressing file sizes to save disk space and bandwidth consumption. Furthermore, doPDF doesn’t rely on third party software like GhostScript for conversion, nor uses up system resources during processing – making conversion fast and efficient! Experience doPDF today from LegalTorrents website free of charge!

What are the features of doPDF 5.2.228?

doPDF’s virtual printer driver makes creating PDFs simple with any printable document – just as if printing to an ordinary printer. The resultant PDF contains all the document data from its source file including font subsets for perfect reproduction of original documents. doPDF comes equipped with add-ins for Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel Publisher PowerPoint Visio and Outlook to provide one-click conversion; in addition to an automatic update engine to ensure you always have access to the most up-to-date version.

How to install doPDF 5.2.228?

Once the doPDF download has finished, it will install itself as a virtual printer driver on your Windows computer, appearing in the Printers and Faxes list as a new icon. When printed to, any document or webpage can then be converted into PDF form which can then be read using free PDF readers such as Adobe Reader.

DoPDF stands out as an invaluable PDF printer by not relying on third-party programs like GhostScript for creating PDF documents, helping keep its setup file size incredibly small compared to other free PDF printers. Furthermore, its high-quality PDF engine ensures the resulting PDFs look their best when creating documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint or HTML sources. This feature makes doPDF an indispensable solution when working with documents created from other types of files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slideshows containing data for translation into PDF documents from these types of source material containing content conversion or creation from other types of documents like Word documents created using other types of file conversion tools like Ghostscript or printing PDF printer programs based on third party software such as Ghostscript or when printing direct PDF printer programs like Ghostscript or printer programs such as Ghostscript which require third party programs like GhostScript when making PDF documents from files such as Word documents Excel spreadsheets PowerPoint or HTML documents from Word documents created from other types files like Word documents from other types such as Word documents from Excel spreadsheets or PowerPoint slideshows etc resulting in quality output PDF output files created from other files like Word documents such as Word Excel PowerPoint or HTML etc resulting in output PDF documents such as Word documents Excel PowerPoint or HTML etc resulting in quality output from other types files such as Word documents or HTML etc.

DoPDF Startup Window is an intuitive application designed for easy PDF conversion that can be launched from your start program group. Users can utilize a conversion wizard that lets them select which documents should be converted and where their new PDFs should be saved; then this one-stop application takes care of everything quickly!

Customize PDF files by changing aspects such as page size, orientation and resolution. Furthermore, font embedding can be enabled or disabled and metadata such as title, author, subject keywords can be included to make finding information simpler for both PDF readers and search engines.

DoPDF software does not contain any malware or viruses and is completely safe to install. However, it may feature subtle advertisements for its developer’s premium novaPDF software; these can be disabled if desired. It is recommended that users keep the doPDF program up-to-date; an automated update feature allows for this task by automatically checking for updates daily, weekly or monthly if available.

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