Download Accelerator Manager Review

Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager is a comprehensive Internet file downloading tool with many useful features such as video previewing, file format conversion and proxy support as well as a built-in connection manager.

Utilizing multi-section download logic, this product can significantly speed up download speeds. Furthermore, it enables the user to resume, schedule and manage downloads with ease.

Speedy Downloads

Download Accelerator Manager can significantly accelerate your Internet download speeds. It does this by breaking large files down into smaller segments and downloading them simultaneously from various servers – saving both time and bandwidth usage by bypassing slow or intermittent connections. Like other download managers, Download Accelerator Manager pauses and resumes downloads, recovers from dropped connections, schedules future downloads and doesn’t overwhelm desktops with pop-up advertising like some competitors do.

Installing the program quickly and seamlessly. After it has finished, you can immediately begin adding downloads by using either its context-menu item (right click menu) or opening its toolbar popup UI and dragging and dropping links onto it. With browser integration enabled, you can even add downloads directly through browser’s user interface (UI).

Prioritize each downloaded item so it will download first when opening its file from your computer, while disconnecting and shutting down automatically when downloading is complete – an added convenience. Furthermore, set maximum bandwidth limits so other programs may also access your Internet connection.

Additional features of GetRight 4.5d include the ability to automatically restart a failed download, an easy list of completed downloads, and file organization that automatically divides files based on their extensions into subdirectories. Unfortunately, GetRight does not provide as much customization options compared to some of its competitors like GetRight 4.5d.

Overall, Download Accelerator Manager is an effective program for anyone who regularly downloads large files over high-speed connections. While it may not make an immediate difference in speeds under typical conditions, its worth testing out. Furthermore, you can set it up to work alongside your Web browser and other download accelerators for maximum efficiency. Technical support is offered both through email and through an on-line help system which may or may not be easy to find – though its documentation generally comprehensive and helpful.

Scheduled Downloads

The software’s primary selling point is a download-acceleration technology, which increases file transfer rates by downloading multiple files simultaneously. This feature can be especially helpful to people using slow Internet connections like dial-up.

The tool integrates seamlessly with most popular browsers to automatically take over downloads when you click a link, including starting, pausing and resuming when necessary. Furthermore, it searches mirror sites, additional download servers offering similar files, and retrieves them from responsive locations; additionally it searches video, audio and document sites as well as automatically capturing download links when they appear in your browser.

DAM offers an innovative multi-threaded download engine with dynamic file segmentation and no file part appending logic to achieve maximum speeds of downloads. The software’s resume download capability means it can relaunch interrupted or dropped downloads due to internet outage, errors, or your computer shutting down unexpectedly. Multi-connection support ensures optimal download performance in 10 languages; additionally it’s 100 percent spyware free and has earned recognition from Norton Ad-Aware McAfee PestPatrol among many other industry giants.

DAM provides another useful feature in its ability to break large files down into manageable chunks that can be downloaded individually and played back once complete – especially handy for media downloads that include audio/video components that can be watched while waiting for their actual download to complete.

DAM stands apart from other download accelerators by enabling you to choose when and how it starts and stops downloading, saving bandwidth during slower or busier internet connections. Its user interface is user-friendly and features an interactive remote control for monitoring downloads from anywhere.

DAM stands apart from most free download managers by not offering a paid subscription option that offers continuous file-resume functionality (though its AlwaysResume service offers similar functionality). But it still serves as an excellent alternative to Internet Explorer’s built-in file downloader; and its investment could well prove worthwhile if you have broadband Internet connectivity.

Multiple Downloads

DAM offers a helpful feature for users with multiple download links they need to complete simultaneously: its program can actually take in up to eight files at the same time and download them simultaneously – an invaluable timesaver for larger file sizes or slower Internet connections.

DAM also boasts the capability of automatically sorting downloaded files once they’re complete, making this program an invaluable organizational aid for those with multiple file types. More advanced users may opt to utilize its extensive configuration options that allow them to control everything from post-download behavior and scheduled downloads to proxy server specifications and even proxy server settings.

DAM stands out as an invaluable asset because it goes beyond downloading files; it can also grab media like Web videos and music – an especially handy feature for people who prefer watching videos on social networking sites or listening to their favorite tunes without needing to first download them first.

DAM stands out from similar programs by using an intelligent multi-threaded logic to download files at lightning-fast speeds. Furthermore, its patent multi-channel technology and mirror searching enables multiple simultaneous connections to the same file on download server, increasing overall download speeds substantially.

DAM’s unique feature of automatically resuming broken downloads is an impressive feat, yet we have yet to experience an instance where this did not resume for whatever reason. However, it should be noted that DAM also offers AlwaysResume, which provides more of a guaranteed recovery than standard resume capability.

Download Accelerator Manager is an excellent addition to any user’s toolbox, being lightweight and easy to set up/configure, providing fast downloads with well-managed download speeds. Unfortunately, its only major drawbacks include looking more outdated than its peers and lacking as comprehensive a support structure; otherwise it makes an excellent choice for those seeking powerful download management software to maximize the potential of their Internet connection.

Multi-Browser Support

Download Accelerator Manager goes beyond simply speeding up Internet file downloading by breaking files down into smaller chunks and downloading them simultaneously, offering features such as system cleaner, antivirus utility and additional add-ons to keep your PC performing optimally.

Users looking for additional features can purchase the full-fledged version at a reasonable cost. Similar to other download managers, it integrates with most major browsers for easy download scheduling via drag-and-drop links or by right-clicking links with menu options that appear when right-clicked on.

DAM can help dial-up users who have limited bandwidth and access time by pausing and resuming downloads; additionally, downloads can be scheduled to occur overnight when traffic levels are lighter and rates are reduced.

DAM stands out from other download managers by including an AlwaysResume fee-based service that promises to restart interrupted downloads at their point of interruption no matter the server protocol. Unfortunately, we were disappointed to discover that DAM uses an inconvenient method for splitting files before downloading, which can consume more bandwidth than file part assembly processes used by other download management tools.

DAM offers an intuitive user interface, featuring a tree view to show both completed and incomplete downloads; a notification area displaying quick counters; and a menu of options and commands when right-clicking on its system tray icon. Downloads can be added by dragging links from any browser into DAM; right-clicking any link and choosing Download With DAM as an option from its context menu, or by using its icon which appears when browser integration is enabled.

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