Download Accelerator Plus Review

Download Accelerator Plus is an effective modern downloading tool with many extra features, such as an FTP browser, ZIP previewer and link checker. In addition, this program also comes equipped with a trace cleaner, anti-virus analyzer and more!

Work automatically with your browser and increase Internet speeds by 300%! Intelligent multi-section download increases performance across all types of connections. Plus, organize your files and convert them to popular formats – saving both time and hassle in doing so!

Video downloader

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) is a lightweight and free download manager designed to accelerate web file downloads. Compatible with numerous file extensions and protocols, making it simple for use across a range of popular web browsers, it features intelligent file segmentation and dynamic compression technologies as well as a video converter capable of transforming downloaded videos into other formats such as MP3 audio files.

DAP’s video downloader feature is user-friendly and makes saving videos from popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion effortless. Simply choose your quality preference before it automatically converts it to compatible format for downloading. Plus, all your downloaded files will be organized into categories so it is easier for you to find what you need quickly!

DAP comes equipped with several other helpful tools, including a file format converter and download manager. Furthermore, there’s an advanced search engine designed specifically for finding software, games and antiviruses quickly – you can even select your download format specifically according to which devices you own!

This download accelerator is both quick and straightforward to use, increasing download speeds by up to 500 percent. Utilizing intelligent multi-section download technology to optimize performance for different connection types, this download accelerator features video previewing and link checking tools as well as video previews that preview broken downloads – including handling multiple torrents! Furthermore, its multi-antivirus security add-on monitors all incoming files for viruses or malware and detects and removes hidden threats from your PC.

File format converter

Download Accelerator Plus is an internationally-recognized program that speeds up file downloading and enables users to manage downloaded data more efficiently. It offers various features, such as file format conversion, link checking, video previewing and safe downloading with multi-antivirus protection; resume interrupted downloads as well as optimize download performance on any internet connection type.

This free software is an ideal choice for frequent downloaders. With seamless browser/program integration, initiating downloads with one click becomes simple – the program takes care of everything else; including accelerating and scheduling downloads, resuming interrupted ones, limiting bandwidth usage and downloading multiple items simultaneously using its smart mirroring speed boost feature to find the fastest source possible.

The program supports various file formats, such as MP3, WMA, FLV, and AVI files. Furthermore, the video to mp3 conversion feature makes your favorite videos into music without downloading all of it at once – an extremely handy feature when listening to music on-the-go! RapidShare integration enables faster file downloads.

This program offers various add-ons that facilitate various tasks, including an FTP browser and ZIP preview, file shredders for securely deleting files and privacy features to protect from unauthorized access to download histories. Furthermore, its unique patented technology speeds up all types of downloads significantly while simultaneously offering multi-channel access and latency/idle overcoming functions – making this one of the most comprehensive download managers available on the market today.

File management

Download Accelerator Plus provides file management functionality to help you easily organize the files you have downloaded, especially those which require downloading over slow connections. It offers features like pausing/resuming downloads and restarting an interrupted file when possible; categorization allowing for easier file tracking when needed; as well as display lists with names of each category so you can easily locate downloaded items when they become necessary.

Download Accelerator Plus is an industry-leading Internet download manager that can increase download speeds up to 300%. Designed with simplicity in mind, its intuitive user interface works across major web browsers while its privacy, security, and file management tools help make the most out of online experiences.

Download Accelerator Plus can also save bandwidth by speeding up download times. Its intelligent acceleration engine searches for mirror sites best suited to your connection type, using them to increase download speeds. This feature is particularly beneficial to dial-up users as it reduces how much data must be transmitted over your line.

This download accelerator is tailored specifically to heavy downloaders and provides them with various features to meet their needs. Its user-friendly interface is divided into three areas: Download area displays downloads; Internet area provides mini browser and FTP browsing capabilities; Files section lets you manage files downloaded from websites; while Settings area offers post-download behavior settings like scheduling and proxy server specifications.

Speed boost

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) can speed up downloads and help manage and prioritize them, as well as support video conversion. Its premium version features a multi-threaded acceleration engine and more options to optimize download speeds; its basic version is free with ads while its premium version eliminates them and also comes with ZIP preview and private downloading features to protect user privacy.

DAP stands out from other download managers by being seamlessly integrated into your browser. As soon as you click a link that leads to downloadable content, DAP takes control and starts the downloading process instantly – pausing/resuming downloads as necessary and recovering from dropped connections as necessary. Furthermore, its wide array of configuration options makes it ideal for frequent users but novices might be overwhelmed by its complexity.

DAP employs multi-channel technology and mirror search to speed up download speeds. The program divides files into smaller segments before automatically finding faster mirrors for downloads from multiple sites simultaneously, further speeding up overall downloads. DAP can even handle RapidShare premium accounts quickly to help users download files efficiently.

Download accelerator programs can be invaluable tools for online users who frequently download large files over high-speed connections. While they won’t make an impactful difference to average download speeds, download accelerator programs can save both time and frustration when it comes to downloading large files over these connections. The best ones offer customizable features to meet individual user requirements while remaining less costly than competitors; some even monitor downloaded files for viruses!


DAP’s multi-channel technology and automated mirror search allow for significantly faster download speeds. Furthermore, its privacy and security features protect downloads from malicious content such as viruses or spyware; DAP 9.1 introduces revolutionary new Download Security powered by SpeedBit’s Multi Antivirus Analysis that lets you compare what antivirus programs say about files DAP has downloaded.

DAP goes beyond rapid file downloading capabilities by offering additional add-ons that make system maintenance and Internet browsing more comprehensive, such as its Trace Cleaner, Antivirus Utility and File Shredder features. Furthermore, the DAP Link Checker checks links before download to detect errors that might cause broken downloads – offering more comprehensive system maintenance and browsing experiences overall.

The tool features its own web browser that enables users to navigate the Web and search for files to download. Users can search by pasting URLs into a text field, MP3 playlist or HTML file, while new downloads can also be imported from lists or lists with MP3 playlists, plain text or HTML files. In addition, an individual job’s default saving directory and icon can be set as well as its saving style (user account/acceleration mode/MP3 playback timeout/maximum number of connections per download).

DAP stands out as a premier choice for anyone who’s seeking to improve their Internet experience with its fast, smart and organized downloading feature. Its advanced functionality includes an efficient scheduler, multiple download categories, customizable download speed limits and support for dial-up connections.

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