Dr Web Anti Virus Review

Mac users were long considered immune from malware attacks; however, recently Trojans targeting them have seen an upsurge in numbers.

Technical support services come standard with this antivirus solution, including free antivirus laboratory analysis for file analysis and virus description services.

Ransomware decryption services are also provided through this app and work well on both Windows and Android devices.


This software features a robust low-level protection system designed to safeguard against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, dialers, spyware, adware and riskware. This program includes a heuristic module and real-time guard against threats; also included is an antivirus scanner for Microsoft Office emails as well as firewall. You can customize advanced settings regarding heuristics, exclusions and resources usage limits – and there are three automatic actions per threat type as well as quarantine space.

Dr. Web Antivirus provides users with access to a free antivirus laboratory service that allows them to submit suspicious files for analysis, as well as an easy self-support bot that can assist in resolving software-related issues and reporting any false positives or malware URLs that arise.

Compliant with Windows operating systems, Norton 360 can be downloaded directly from its official website without registration or credit card information being required for download. Once downloaded, use of this program will begin instantly as its fast and accurate scans keep devices protected against threats.

Antivirus technology in this program relies on an update-to-real-time database of viruses and malicious files that allows it to detect even the latest threats and prevent their entry onto your computer. Furthermore, its heuristic engine analyzes programs’ functions in order to understand their operation – this also detects programs designed to bypass traditional signature-based scanners.

Data loss prevention features within this program can protect files from being infected by encryption malware, providing backup copies to keep files safe in case of infection and detecting and eliminating rootkits and trojans from your system.


Dr. Web is a security suite that combines multiple powerful low-level technologies to keep users secure on different platforms – Windows, Linux and Mac included – providing solid protection from viruses, malware and zero-day attacks as well as robust heuristic analysis and firewall security features bundled together in one package – but its user experience may not compare favorably to competing antivirus solutions.

Our tests demonstrated that this program performed adequately when it came to detecting viruses, but was less reliable with regards to false positives and took longer than competitors to complete a scan – something which may prove frustrating for users.

Dr. Web’s ability to analyze APK files was one of our favorite features; this provided us with the assurance that Android applications were free from malicious code, making Dr. Web a standout choice among anti-virus software solutions. Not many other anti-virus packages could match its innovative feature set!

The security space suite includes several tools designed to safeguard your PC, such as a firewall and application control module. Its advanced firewall uses packet filtering technology to monitor every application accessing the internet – an effective defense against phishing attacks or other threats such as malware. In addition, this suite comes equipped with file and download scanners and virus scans which will also help ensure maximum protection.

An important feature of the suite is its heuristic detection system, which helps detect new threats not yet recognized by antivirus databases. While this feature can be highly beneficial, be mindful that it could trigger false positives; use it with care.

The security space suite can be installed simultaneously on multiple computers via network installer or individually through download and installation on each individual PC. Installation takes only minutes; choose whether all stations in a network need it or only those who require it; create personalized packages using Control Center to customize installation process further.


Dr. Web Anti Virus is a Russian developer established in 1992 that offers real-time malware detection, behavioral monitoring, packet layer filtering and the capability of customizing what applications can access the Internet. It has built up a solid reputation among security experts thanks to its strong security features and configurable settings; however, its performance in independent anti-virus tests is inconsistent; thus making this product best suited for experienced users.

This program can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms to scan for and eliminate viruses, rootkits, worms, trojans, spyware and keyloggers. It also features a heuristic analysis module which detects new threats not included in its antivirus database as well as detect phishing attacks by analyzing digital signatures of malicious files; additionally it can stop unintended changes to HOST files and accommodate safe mode changes; finally it can reset executable files if they become infected with viruses or rootkits or by scanning for or scanning HOST files as well.

Dr.Web is unique among antivirus programs because it does not offer a dedicated mobile application for Android devices; however, its website provides access to all the same information and functionality found within its desktop counterpart. Available both in Russian and English versions, the website features various tools including reporting false positives or uploading suspicious files for laboratory analysis; you can also request technical support either over phone or online.

Tech-unsavvy users may have concerns over the speed and efficiency of the program. From its slow interface to scanning processes that take too long to run, plus heuristic analysis functions that take 30 seconds each to run – users could find this software quite reliable; however, its memory usage could be reduced.

KATANA comes with a 14-day trial period while Security Space can be tested for 90. Each has an extensive community forum with answers to frequently asked questions and detailed guides for more complex tasks, while customers who prefer speaking directly with a representative have 24/7 telephone numbers as well as a self-support bot for Telegram that checks suspicious files and apps.

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