Dr Web Anti Virus Review

DrWeb Anti virus

Dr. Web Anti Virus is an industry-standard antivirus solution that delivers unparalleled malware detection rates due to its constantly updated database and Web Cloud feature.

To purchase this software, just click the license button and fill out a form with valid email address, name and region information. When complete, the program will issue you with a serial key for use with it.

Virus scanner

Antivirus programs use traditional scanners that identify any threats and move them to quarantine for further analysis, as well as providing a detailed list of files quarantined within its main window for easy monitoring and release/block. In addition, antivirus can detect ransomware attacks to provide effective protection.

Antivirus programs provide secure yet lightweight security solutions. Installation is straightforward and resources consumed are minimal; furthermore, its user interface is straightforward enough even for novice users to operate efficiently. Furthermore, all Windows OS are supported but some features found in other anti-viruses (cloud-based threat analysis and automatic updates) may be missing from this particular antivirus solution.

Dr. Web is a Russian developer that created this software with an excellent track record in detecting viruses. Their security suite offers real-time malware detection, behavioral monitoring, heuristic analysis and the capability of detecting zero-day threats; however their anti-virus tests may be inconsistent and user interface not as intuitive as other top programs.

Dr. Web differs from most antivirus solutions in that it does not provide a free trial version; however, its refund policies are generous. KATANA features a 14-day free trial while security space suite has 30 trial periods available to them both; additionally there is a three month money back guarantee available with no credit card details needed as proof.

Dr. Web also provides technical support, which is accessible both via its website and Telegram’s chat feature. Their knowledgeable support staff can assist with various issues – decrypting ransomware files is just one example – as well as decryption services for decrypting ransomware files. Many customers have been using Dr. Web products for years; for instance, the Security Space Suite is used by over one million people globally while being an ideal solution for businesses as it protects multiple platforms simultaneously.


Dr. Web Anti Virus offers a firewall designed to effectively defend against malware on your system, blocking suspicious files/apps in real-time and providing protection from trojan-encoders while safeguarding privacy by blocking access to cameras and microphones, portable media players and USB flash drives – in addition to automatically updating virus definitions if they become infected with the latest updates from Doctor Web’s database.

Scans performed by this program are extensive but may take longer to finish than expected. Furthermore, its heavy resource use may hamper overall system performance – this may present problems for users with older computers or slower processors; nonetheless, home users still stand to benefit from using it regularly.

Additionally, this software features a heuristic module dedicated to 0-day attacks that detects new malware before it even becomes part of its database. Furthermore, it blocks Internet connections that could potentially lead to phishing attempts.

Its firewall is simple and offers many options. You can create rule sets for each application and specify network access permissions; enable or disable application launches; limit number of connections per application and more! All settings can be adjusted via New application filter rule set (or Edit rule set for application name>) window.

When an attempt is made to connect to an unknown address or port, the firewall will display a notification detailing those details in either the status bar or on screen. When clicking one of these notifications, a window opens allowing you to choose whether to execute the action or close out of this one.

This program boasts an outstanding detection rate with virtually zero false positives, as well as being capable of detecting malware attempting to gain entry via vulnerabilities in popular software packages and malware simulators (programs designed to replicate real-world applications), something very few rivals are capable of doing.


CureIt stands out from its competition by not requiring installation; instead it works on Windows XP through later versions, including 8.1. It doesn’t interfere with existing antivirus programs and uses multiple powerful low-level technologies to keep users secure; its user interface could use some improvement, yet still works well as a standalone malware scanner.

Our testing demonstrated that this program could detect all viruses without any issues, as well as detect potentially unwanted software and websites with suspicious URLs, but failed to identify phishing scams. In addition, there were additional features built into it such as data loss prevention utility that creates copies of important files to protect them from destruction; archive files; email; installation packages can all be scanned to check for potential malware agents; it even scans archives, email files and installation packages to spot threats that have infiltrated them!

Low-level functions allow it to block network access and stop applications from writing to disk, while its quarantine manager displays each object’s name, threat type, date of addition and full path so users can delete or restore items as desired. It can also apply sound alerts upon scanning completion as well as interrupt scans when switching to battery power mode; protecting Dr. Web CureIt! operations against network attacks as a whole.

Beyond protecting against unauthorised access to your PC, this software also comes equipped with a parental control feature that enables parents to monitor and limit what their children do online. It also can assess any potentially risky websites – an invaluable feature for parents.

This software offers three distinct subscription options, from a 30-day free trial to annual updates and technical support. Standard packages start at $20 while more expensive ones become cheaper as you subscribe for longer. Furthermore, the company offers generous discounts and a money-back guarantee; their most basic version (KATANA) can be used without incurring charges for 30 days while Security Space, its most costly package, can last one full month without additional payments; both options feature regular virus definition updates from them!

Customer service

Antivirus apps are essential tools for PC users as they help protect them against online threats and protect their system. But sometimes antivirus applications can experience technical glitches; when this occurs, users can contact customer support at any time via phone and chat to resolve them.

Dr. Web Anti virus offers an FAQ page which addresses commonly asked questions and a fast and friendly live chat feature on its website. In addition, its Telegram Bot scans files for viruses while sending suspicious apps directly to support agents for further examination and can decrypt encrypted files as well.

For more complex issues, the company also provides email and help desk support as well as 24/7 tech support for its antivirus application. Users can call the helpline number to access executives and have any of their queries addressed directly; furthermore, online solutions are also provided for any general issues or complications users might be experiencing.

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