Dr Web Anti Virus Review

Antivirus programs typically come equipped with a traditional scanner that can remove or quarantine suspicious objects and provide extensive details regarding them. Furthermore, customer support services provide support in case there are any questions about how a particular threat behaves.

The program boasts an impressive set of features and is tailored for experts with configurable security settings. However, there is no convenient way for accessing scan results directly through its interface.


Dr. Web Anti Virus still packs plenty of safety and security options despite not offering all the latest features, such as real-time malware detection and firewall capabilities. Furthermore, its quarantine management service lets you move suspicious files into an undisclosed area for inspection or release from quarantine altogether. Finally, its app displays an extensive list of items currently held within quarantine so you can inspect or release them as needed from your PC.

As well as antivirus features, the program also comes equipped with a utility to assist in cleaning and repairing infected files on your computer, which can be especially helpful if you accidentally deleted or corrupted an important one by accident. Furthermore, this tool enables you to scan system memory and boot sectors, detect viruses rootkits and trojans quickly and remove them swiftly from the system.

At the forefront of computer protection software lies this software. Designed for all operating systems including Windows, its versatile functionality ensures it can protect all operating systems efficiently with an efficient virus database that saves space while providing faster scanning. Heuristic analysis catches new threats that escape traditional signature scanning while the multithread scan utilizes multiple processors to examine archives at any nesting level quickly and thoroughly.

The software offers several advanced features, including an online security manager to remotely monitor and manage security status on all of your devices, parental control to limit children’s internet activities, protection from ransomware and phishing attacks, parental controls for younger users, as well as protection from ransomware/phishing attacks.

Home users in Russia have seen Doctor Web’s popularity decrease compared with Kaspersky and Eset; however, when it comes to business use it remains in the top three antivirus solutions. With its advanced malware detection engine and heuristic scanner it has proven successful at detecting even complex viruses, while remaining stable with low resource use and providing real-time behavioral monitoring bundled into its package.


If you are searching for an antivirus program to safeguard your devices against malware and viruses, ensure it can detect the latest threats. In addition, look for one with firewall capabilities which block access to removable media like flash drives – this helps stop viruses spreading across them; additionally it must provide parental control capabilities as well as be capable of analyzing APKs.

Doctor Web, a Russian IT-security solutions vendor, first released this software in 1992 as a suite that uses multi-power low-level technologies to protect computers against various forms of threats. These technologies include classical scanning, behavioral monitoring and firewall features bundled into its suite; additionally it can prevent unauthorised USB connections to the computer and allows users to specify which applications can access certain areas online.

Dr. Web’s real-time protection system works using an extensive database to quickly identify potential threats and compare them with known malware. It can scan and quarantine suspicious files as needed; run them in an isolated environment on Dr. Web to monitor behavior; as well as monitor suspicious websites to assess how dangerous they might be.

Not only can the suite prevent viruses from spreading, but it can also block access to removable devices, like flash-drives and cameras. Furthermore, it can secure lost or stolen devices by locking them from use and wiping their data – something lost or stolen devices cannot do on their own. In addition, it protects against attacks that utilize USB devices to gain entry to computers via infiltration while blocking communications between those devices and an attacker attempting spoofing attacks.

Dr. Web offers free trials of its products. KATANA, its flagship anti-virus for Android phones and tablets running Android 4.4 to 5.0 devices as well as Android TVs can be downloaded for a 30-day trial while Security Space and ESET NOD32 Mobile subscription services offer one year coverage respectively. Their Android apps support decryption services affected by ransomware attacks – an additional feature not typically included with other competing antivirus apps.


Dr. Web Anti virus is an excellent budget program offering reliable protection. This software comes equipped with a firewall, behavioral monitoring and protects from zero-day threats – yet lacks additional cutting-edge features such as URL filtering.

Our lab tests found the program to be extremely reliable in its ability to detect all malware files we presented it with; its only drawback being its lack of an antiphishing scanner.

One great aspect of the product is that it can be accessed via an Android TV app, making it simpler for users to keep their phones and tablets protected against ransomware. Furthermore, support from the company is available 24/7 – offering phone numbers, query forms for questions as well as a self-support bot in Telegram which checks files/apps, helps with basic stuff, contacts human support agents when necessary and more! Furthermore, there is also an active community forum.

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