Driver Easy Review

Driver Easy

Driver Easy’s primary feature (updating device drivers) is one thing, but its other useful tools such as its backup/restore feature, technical support team and knowledgebase make it even more versatile.

This program was created to save users both time and headache when dealing with computer hardware issues, making life easier for novices as well as experts alike.

Easy to use

Driver Easy provides an effortless driver update tool. Just one click can update all the outdated drivers on your computer with the most up-to-date versions from its database, making Driver Easy an essential component for Windows users looking for driver updates. Plus, its advanced functions offer backup and restore of drivers along with hardware information display features for added convenience.

This program’s intuitive, colorful interface makes it simple and straightforward for anyone to navigate, while its lightweight system resource usage ensures it won’t bog down your PC. Backed by its expansive database with over 8 million driver updates, DriverDoc can detect and install drivers for most devices – audio devices, graphics/video cards, motherboards/chipsets/chipsets/USB devices etc.

This program is extremely straightforward and compatible with all versions of Windows, making its use simple and uninstall straightforward – leaving no unwanted files or registry entries behind when uninstalling it. However, for maximum safety it is advisable to perform a system scan and backup prior to uninstalling this software.

The pro version of this software enables you to set a restore point before installing drivers, saving time and trouble should anything go awry during setup. Furthermore, its automatic scanning mode saves you from manually scanning your PC each time.

Another advantage of this software is its quick scanning speed. It can complete this process within minutes and its results are reliable. Please keep in mind, though, that while this software doesn’t guarantee that all downloaded drivers come from official manufacturer websites; rather it guarantees they will always be updated to their most up-to-date version.

The free version of this software does a decent job of finding outdated drivers and updating them, though its download speeds are subpar and its website may display malware ads. Furthermore, this version doesn’t provide PC tech support or the option to update all drivers at once.

Compatible with all versions of Windows

Are You Searching for Driver Update Software to Keep Windows Device Drivers Current or Curious How These Tools Work? Driver Easy is worth considering for both purposes; whether as an update solution for existing device drivers, or simply curiosity. Developed in 2009 and designed to simplify device driver installation processes; supporting various devices across Windows versions from XP forward. Furthermore, its free version exists as well as premium options with additional features (Driver Easy Pro).

This app’s standout feature is its ability to identify obsolete device drivers. This works by scanning for any driver issues on a computer and then searching an online database for updated versions of all drivers – after which, Driver Easy downloads and installs them automatically – notifying you with an alert that states, “Driver Easy is ready to install drivers”. Once complete, an installation notification appears on screen saying, “Driver Easy is ready to install drivers”.

If you don’t feel confident updating drivers manually, use the tool’s in-app features to schedule automatic driver updates. However, please be aware that these may not always be accurate and could cause system-wide issues; thus it is wise to have a backup of any old drivers before updating with this software.

Another key advantage of this software is its capability of supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit devices, as well as operating systems including Windows 8, 10, and 7. You can download it free, but there will be ads. Alternatively, purchasing the Pro version removes these advertisements while enabling more drivers.

The free version of Driver Manager is easy to use, yet can only identify certain drivers for your PC. This is due to it only scanning basic drivers while ignoring more complex ones that don’t appear to be installed. However, upgrading to Pro is more costly but may save both time and money in the long run.


Driver Easy is a fantastic driver updater to keep your Windows PC running smoothly, automatically scanning for outdated drivers and downloading and installing the most current ones, creating backup copies in case something goes wrong during installation, all for free with a money-back guarantee!

Driver Easy’s unique advantage lies in its offline scanning and updating capability; unlike most driver updater programs, it allows for offline updates without relying on internet connections or impacting PC performance. This means you can update drivers without disrupting internet service and without impacting PC performance.

Additionally, this program features an intuitive and modern user interface which is simple and straightforward to navigate. Furthermore, no technical knowledge is needed; scheduling scans and updates with just a click makes life even simpler!

Easeware Technology Ltd conducts stringent hands-on tests on its software to ensure it is safe for users, such as using multiple hardware and operating system configurations to assess compatibility and reliability. Furthermore, there is an online support team in place that can help address any potential issues should any arise.

One of the hallmark features of this driver updater is its ability to download drivers directly from manufacturers’ websites, saving both time and avoiding downloading from untrustworthy sources. Furthermore, this tool can detect whether downloaded drivers are compatible with your operating system to prevent conflicting drivers from installing themselves.

Another key benefit of this program is its ability to detect and uninstall corrupted drivers from your computer, which can lead to incompatibilities or slowdowns in performance. Furthermore, this program also backs up and restores Windows drivers, so if problems arise with performance you can restore them back to previous states; this feature can especially come in handy.


Driver Easy makes updating driver files safe and straightforward; its backup/restore function enables you to protect against possible updates that cause issues; it even has an uninstall feature that lets you restore an older version if needed.

The app is entirely free to download and does not come bundled with any unnecessary programs, making it great for PC security. Furthermore, its website utilizes HTTPS data encryption technology so you can rest assured your information will remain safe during any online interactions. Furthermore, this application supports all versions of Windows from XP through to 10 and is also compatible with every variant.

With its intelligent download server picker and 2-5 concurrency downloading speed, Driver Easy makes installing new drivers quickly and effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface requires no special technical skills to use; advanced features include an always-updated database with the latest drivers; backup/restore capabilities; as well as comparison between existing driver versions and ones to be downloaded.

Although many users have reported problems with this tool, it should be understood that it does not constitute malware. It may, however, install potentially unwanted programs and applications (PUPs and PUAs), which can do serious harm to your device system. Therefore it is recommended to review any drivers installed as well as conduct a full system scan after applying updates or making any updates available to install.

Driver Easy may not be necessary for all users, but it can save a great deal of time by automating the process of updating drivers. It may be worth giving it a try if you are having difficulty finding suitable drivers for your PC – its main drawback may be its limited functionality compared to other programs which provide more comprehensive results and features for enhanced PC experiences.

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