Driver Genius Review

Driver Genius is an effective application that provides comprehensive system scanning and driver update features in one convenient package, including scanning for outdated drivers and downloading and installing them with one click. In addition, this program includes backup/restore functions as well as hardware information features like temperature monitoring for CPU, video card, and hard disk.

Driver Updater

Driver Genius can assist in keeping your drivers updated for smooth computer operation. By scanning for obsolete drivers and downloading the newest versions, this program saves both time and effort while keeping drivers current, helping prevent errors due to old or corrupted ones.

Driver Genius features an intuitive user interface designed for users without technical expertise, prompting you at every step of the process to conduct driver scans, identify outdated drivers and take necessary actions.

Driver Genius also includes an essential feature – backing up drivers – which can save time if you ever need to reinstall your operating system. Backup options include zipping or self extracting files or an independent executable auto driver installer executable file.

While Driver Genius is an effective way of updating drivers, it does come with some drawbacks. Download speed can be slow, and it does not always find the latest versions for your system; making it less than ideal for those with limited internet connection speeds and ability. Furthermore, some may find its user-interface confusing; taking time to get used to it may take more than expected.

Driver Genius may offer many features, but its prices do not reflect this. The base version costs $30 annually while Premium costs $60 annually. Driver Genius provides various forms of support including an FAQ list and email addresses you can use to contact support staff directly.

Overall, Driver Genius is an effective way to stay current on driver updates. The software’s user-friendly design makes it ideal for anyone trying to stay informed. Furthermore, it will show a list of updated drivers specifically tailored for your computer system.

Driver Backup

Driver Genius is an intelligent tool designed to scan and update drivers automatically on a regular basis, as well as back them up and restore them whenever needed. Furthermore, it can detect outdated drivers causing undiagnosed system issues so as to uninstall or update them at once.

On the main screen, you’ll find three primary features available to you – Driver Updater, Backup and Cleanup. The program features an easy interface with clearly labeled function buttons; pressing ‘Options’ leads you to our Settings page where you can customize both general preferences and customization settings.

One of the key features is backing up drivers to a ZIP file for safekeeping, using System Cleanup to remove temporary files, cache, cookies from browsers to free up disk space, as well as helping detect old preinstalled programs on Windows 8/8.1/10 and uninstall them easily.

System Restore can be extremely beneficial if anything goes wrong with your PC; especially after installing a new OS. With Auto Reboot turned on, avoiding having to manually reboot after each driver update becomes even simpler.

You have the option to have the software automatically download and install all available updates, notifying you when complete and providing you with a list of newly installed drivers, complete with compatibility information for each one.

Driver Genius is easy to use and features useful updates that keep your system current, making it an attractive solution. However, some of its top competitors offer better features.

Driver Genius remains an effective piece of software and should be considered by anyone wanting to keep their drivers current. Furthermore, its price is very affordable when compared with similar programs; with three versions to choose from – full, basic, and platinum (with the latter offering additional features); full costs $30 annually while basic is free with a time-limited trial period.

Driver Cleanup

Driver Genius is a software application designed to simplify Windows system driver management for its users. This program can back up and restore drivers, apply updates (thereby improving system performance) as well as make any necessary adjustments automatically; saving both time and effort for its users.

This program can also detect outdated drivers and update them automatically, making this feature particularly helpful for older computers which may be having difficulty updating drivers themselves. Furthermore, it scans your system and provides information on any potential issues with certain components; additionally it is also capable of repairing damaged drivers if necessary.

Like other similar applications, this program includes unique features not found elsewhere. One such extra is its backup and restore feature which enables users to save drivers into specific folders; additionally it can even reinstall drivers that were unintentionally deleted by another program.

There’s also a feature that allows the user to easily identify obsolete drivers that they no longer require and allow them to delete them, thus freeing up space on their system and improving performance even further.

One of the stand-out features of this program is that it doesn’t corrupt or steal personal files – something many other applications lack and is explicitly mentioned in their privacy policies.

Manual uninstallation may not be difficult or challenging; however, it can be time-consuming and cannot ensure all files associated with the program have been deleted entirely. Therefore, we advise using an uninstaller that will scan the PC, identify all relevant files, and safely uninstall them from PC memory.

Utilizing a third-party program to uninstall programs is an easier and quicker alternative to manually uninstalling them, saving time in both terms of effort and safety. Simply click the button below to download Bloatware Uninstaller, run it, select Driver Genius from your list of installed programs and confirm its removal when complete.

Hardware Info

Driver Genius applications come packed with tools and utilities designed to keep computers performing at their optimal best, including a hardware temperature monitor which alerts users if their CPU or video card overheats, with sound or CPU performance limitation capabilities if necessary – potentially saving them the expense of purchasing replacement coolers or expensive parts.

Other helpful features of this software include its ability to back up and restore drivers as needed, by simply selecting which drivers need saving and where. This feature could come in handy should an update cause complications which are hard to resolve.

This program can also automatically detect missing or outdated drivers and offer to download it directly from their manufacturer’s website in just a few clicks, saving time and hassle in searching online or with the Windows update tool for the right one – however this process could still take several minutes depending on how big and available a driver may be on the internet.

Once drivers are downloaded, they can either be manually selected for installation or automatically downloaded and installed using this option. This feature can be especially helpful when dealing with multiple operating systems on one PC that need the same drivers installed across all of them.

System Transfer Assistant is another useful utility included with this app, offering the user an effortless means of moving network settings from one OS to the other – particularly handy if upgrading from an older Windows version such as Windows 7 to newer OSes such as Windows 8.

Even with its extensive set of utilities and features, this program remains easy to use. The intuitive navigation makes the program intuitive for novice users while helpful icons help illustrate what each function does. Furthermore, it features an extensive knowledge base as well as providing technical support in an extensive form.

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