Driver Genius Review

Driver Genius

Driver Genius is a driver management tool designed to update and backup drivers for various computer components, including motherboards, sound and graphics cards, network cards, modems, keyboards, digital devices and scanners. Furthermore, it backs up drivers in self-extracting ZIP or EXE files to simplify OS reinstallation processes.

This program is easy to use, featuring a user-friendly interface and suitable for anyone regardless of computer knowledge. Some key features are as follows:


This program’s Driver Management Suite keeps users up-to-date with the most up-to-date drivers for all their hardware devices and ensures smooth performance. The application is user friendly, making even novice computer users capable of easily managing drivers with minimal effort. Furthermore, its Backup/Restore function enables users to save both time and money should their system crash or fail; saving both precious time and resources.

Driver Genius provides updates for all of the drivers on a user’s computer. It scans for outdated drivers and then automatically downloads and installs updated versions, improving system performance by up to 20% or more. Furthermore, it updates drivers for older devices like printers, scanners and digital devices.

Driver Genius not only locates and installs the latest drivers, but can also backup and restore them quickly and easily if users accidentally delete or upgrade to different operating systems. Backups and restorations can be accomplished easily saving them both time and effort.

Driver Genius features an efficient system optimizer to help speed up and increase computer performance; however, this feature is only available with its Platinum edition of Driver Genius.

Overall, Driver Genius is an indispensable tool for users seeking to maximize the potential of their computer. It identifies outdated drivers and updates them easily with just a few clicks; additionally it can backup and restore them if there’s ever any issue like system crash or malfunction; additionally it cleans invalid drivers to clear up space on your system and help ensure smoother performance.

Scans for outdated drivers

Driver Genius quickly scans for outdated drivers and downloads the newest versions, creating backup copies in case updating causes any issues. Plus, its automatic rollback feature makes updating much less painful!

Drivers are software programs that interface between hardware devices and operating systems to enable them to perform specific tasks. Outdated drivers may prevent the OS from properly communicating with certain hardware devices and cause performance issues; this program can detect these outdated drivers and update them so your computer runs efficiently.

Apart from its driver updating capabilities, this program also has monitoring features for hardware devices. It can detect temperature of CPU, video card, HDD and other hardware in real-time to make sure these don’t overheat and cause damage to the machine; additionally it may limit CPU performance if its temperature becomes excessive, further cooling down computer usage.

This program can provide users with comprehensive details on all the drivers installed on their system, including their names and versions. Furthermore, users can backup and restore drivers using this tool – providing them with an extra copy for later use! Backup files may be stored either in ZIP, self-extracting or Auto-Installer archives depending on which option best meets user needs.

This program can be easily used by anyone, even those unfamiliar with computers. Running in the background, it will automatically update drivers at regular intervals or as needed by its user. No special hardware or internet access are needed to use this application; instead it works well on most Windows-based computers.

Downloads and installs new drivers

Driver Genius provides more than just a scan for outdated drivers; it also allows users to download and install new ones, improving device performance or even solving issues caused by old or malfunctioning ones. Furthermore, Backup all Drivers feature allows backup copies to be created so they can be restored in case a system reinstallation takes place.

Driver Genius makes updating drivers much faster, even for those who do it manually. Users can update all or just some drivers at once with just a few clicks; alternatively, this application allows for easier compression for faster installation.

Driver Genius also features a comprehensive cleanup tool which enables users to efficiently delete unused files and free up space, helping the Windows registry stay unclutter and thus enhance system performance.

Another useful function of this program is its capacity to monitor the health of a system. It can detect errors and notify users if issues that could lead to system crashes or slowdowns are occurring, as well as when rebooting is necessary to protect hardware devices from issues.

Driver Genius is well known for its quick processing speed and precision in identifying devices like video cards, motherboards, hard drives and more. Furthermore, it can identify which operating system version your PC is running as well as provide a list of latest drivers for specific hardware components.

Backups and restores drivers

Driver Genius will automatically download and install newer versions of drivers as manufacturers release updates, while also creating a backup of current drivers in case any cause problems. This program also creates an option to restore to an earlier version if something goes amiss with its implementation.

Driver Genius provides a very helpful service: when updating drivers, some temporary files can accumulate. Over time, these can consume considerable disk space; Driver Genius can periodically remove these to free up more room on your computer’s hard disk space.

As well as backing up drivers, this application allows for their restoration as well. When clicking ‘Restore’ button, a list of options will appear, including ZIP file restoration, self-extracting archive, or auto-installer restoration options.

This program can also provide users with detailed information regarding their computer’s hardware, allowing for identification of problems on your system and creating reports in text form that you can forward directly to manufacturers.

Not only can this program update drivers, but it can also save money by finding the lowest online prices for hardware components and recommend products based on personal preferences and current hardware. There is both a trial version and professional version – with trial limiting usage to three computers while professional allows unlimited usage across devices – perfect for anyone wanting to improve computer performance without spending much.

Does not harm the computer

Driver Genius stands apart from similar driver update applications by being safe for your computer system and provides numerous features that make updating drivers simple and without risking harm to its core components. Furthermore, it backs up and restores drivers automatically as well as providing regular scans to make sure it always has the most up-to-date versions installed.

This program is compatible with a range of hardware devices and Windows versions, featuring over 30,000 drivers that are updated automatically in its database. An advanced search feature makes locating specific drivers simple while it can even download updates directly from specified websites.

This program can save time when reinstalling a system by saving all drivers to an executable file and then restoring them with one click. Furthermore, its new hardware information tool offers detailed details about components on a computer and their temperatures.

Cleanup features in its system can free up space by deleting files no longer required by the user, especially after extended usage of a program such as this one. They may also help prevent corrupt drivers that could lead to issues in operating systems and cause further issues for users.

The program can also detect and correct errors in the system registry, which is useful for users experiencing difficulty installing or uninstalling programs. Furthermore, it can eliminate unused files occupying space on hard drives; transfer drivers between Windows devices; optimize performance for SSD speed – among many other capabilities.

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