Driver Genius Review

Staying current with drivers is essential for optimizing hardware devices’ performance, and this application makes the process simpler.

As well as updating drivers, this software also backs them up and restores them, can delete unused driver packages that take up space on disk space, and can improve system performance significantly.

Update Drivers

As is typical for driver update software, this application scans a user’s computer for outdated drivers and then updates them instantly with just one click of a button. This saves them time from manually searching online for each one individually and saves time updating them all individually. Supported devices include motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards modems monitors as well as being able to display information regarding CPU memory hard disk drive etc.

Backing up drivers can also be very useful; this feature enables users to restore them should any problems arise after installing new drivers, especially if performing system restore or reinstallation Windows is necessary. Backup can be configured in ZIP or self-extracting archive formats and even saved as an Auto-Installer file for optimal use.

Users have the ability to remove individual drivers from future updates by hiding them from the list. This feature is especially helpful if there is compatibility issues or another reason not to update specific drivers, and they can also set a schedule scan time interval that scans automatically at regular intervals.

Driver Genius provides more than just driver updates; it can also detect and delete corrupt drivers to enhance system performance by eliminating old, obsolete, or unnecessary ones. Furthermore, this program can detect system file errors as well as optimize settings on its Platinum edition program – making this software indispensable to any PC owner!

Driver Genius is not a virus and will not access or alter any private user data or steal or alter it in any way. However, it cannot guarantee all of the drivers it installs are original; therefore users should always keep a backup copy in case something goes amiss. Although free to download and use for limited amounts of time, users are strongly encouraged to purchase the full version in order to reap maximum benefit from it.

Backup Drivers

Driver Genius’ primary function is updating drivers, but the program also features a tool to save original driver packages installed on a computer if a new version causes system malfunctions – giving the user the ability to roll back all or some versions back to an earlier state if necessary.

This program also features a command line mode that enables users to backup and restore drivers automatically with just one click, using either ZIP files or self-extracting drivers as backup media. This feature saves time as users don’t need to spend too much time searching for or downloading drivers themselves manually.

Driver Genius stands out from other driver management applications by scanning and downloading all available versions of drivers for any hardware components installed on a computer with just one click, including silent installation if that speeds up reinstalling an OS. Furthermore, it displays installed version numbers as well as updates applied.

Driver Genius provides additional functions, including optimizing memory configuration and speed for programs on PCs, removing junk files from hard drives and cleaning the registry to improve stability – thus freeing up space that can be put toward more useful activities, making your device more user friendly and efficient.

Overall, Driver Genius is an ideal solution for anyone wanting to ensure that their drivers remain up-to-date and their systems running efficiently. It is straightforward, offers numerous useful features, and comes at an attractive price; making it an excellent investment for home users or small business owners looking for ease of updating and managing drivers. Unfortunately it doesn’t support command line installations which may pose some challenges;

Restore Drivers

Driver Genius makes updating all your drivers a quick and straightforward process, providing reliable solutions that ensure games run properly, screen freezes don’t occur as often, internet connections drop & more!

This software features a very user-friendly interface that makes it accessible for just about anyone, even those without much computer experience. The dual-pane window recalls Windows Explorer or other similar programs so users will feel right at home using it right away. Furthermore, its lightweight nature ensures it runs quickly on any system.

With just the click of a button, you can restore all or individual drivers from backup. This can save a considerable amount of time since installing each one individually will no longer be necessary. It also comes in handy if ever needing to install another operating system.

Driver Genius also comes equipped with the capability of uninstalling invalid or obsolete drivers/devices from your system, helping to free up system resources and boost overall PC performance. Furthermore, this program features a real-time hardware temperature monitor to keep an eye on CPU, GPU and HDD temperatures to avoid overheating issues.

No matter if you have lost your driver CD or had to reinstall your operating system; Driver Genius can get you up and running quickly and effortlessly. This software offers access to an extensive database of drivers for various devices like motherboards, sound cards and video cards; with one click updates all of them for maximum performance and functionality! Definitely give it a try for an effortless way of staying current with their drivers!

Clean Up Drivers

Driver Genius makes your computer faster by cleaning out unnecessary drivers to free up space on disk and improve performance – providing a spring cleaning service for your PC!

Apart from offering users the ability to backup and restore drivers, this program also identifies old drivers that no longer serve a purpose and offers them the chance to delete them, freeing up more storage space on systems with limited hard drives capacity.

Additionally, this application offers several tools that make it simple and efficient to monitor the temperature of various hardware devices like CPUs, GPUs and HDDs – perfect for preventing them from overheating and potentially suffering damage. Please be aware that they do not gather or collect any personal information regarding their users as per their Privacy Policy.

Maintaining Windows with the most up-to-date drivers is critical for optimal PC performance, and Driver Genius makes the task quick and simple, without risking data loss or other unintended issues. This software can download and install drivers on multiple machines at the same time, saving time by automating updates manually. Its database of drivers includes those for most major manufacturers as well as popular models of hardware devices. Driver Genius was created by BVRP, which also offers security software called EZ-Clean and PC Power Saving. A full version of Driver Genius costs $30 annually while its Platinum Edition with additional features costs $60 annually; both come with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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