Driver Genius Review

Driver Genius

This program is among the most sought-after driver updaters available on the market, offering access to an expansive database of drivers for hardware devices including motherboards, video cards, sound cards, network cards, keyboards and mice.

Backup Assistant can also back up drivers, making it an excellent solution for users who wish to save both time and effort when installing their operating system. Its comprehensive functionality makes it an excellent option for saving both time and energy when installing an OS from scratch.

It scans for outdated drivers

Maintaining up-to-date drivers is one of the key elements to keeping your computer running efficiently, and Driver Genius helps by scanning for outdated drivers and downloading updated versions. This will give your PC access to all the latest bug and glitch fixes as well as increasing compatibility with other software on your system.

Another feature that distinguishes this program from others is its capability of backing up and restoring drivers to previous versions, an extremely handy feature if you must reinstall your operating system. Easy and hassle-free to use, Driver Updater Pro makes updating drivers hassle free!

This program provides multiple methods for backing up drivers, such as ZIP archive, self-extracting archive, and auto-installer archive. When choosing where you wish to store these copies it’s recommended you save them so they won’t get accidentally deleted or lost in future, making restoring drivers much simpler should that become necessary.

Although not as quick as some of its competitors, this program offers a good download speed. Furthermore, its ability to update all drivers at once saves both time and effort – the program also scans for updates in the background so you can continue working while it takes care of business.

Clean invalid devices: With this feature, all data related to hardware parts that will no longer be utilized can be deleted, saving space on your hard drive while also helping detect and correct errors which might cause drivers to fail.

As well as these features, the program also comes equipped with several additional utilities. These include a system information tool and hardware temperature monitor – with the latter helping prevent overheating of devices for longer.

It backs up drivers

This software enables users to backup drivers on their computer, which can come in handy if you need to reinstall Windows or encounter issues with an installed driver. Furthermore, it comes equipped with an updater feature which automatically upgrades all your drivers to the latest versions and can recognize over 80,000 devices such as motherboards, sound cards, video cards, monitors, mice keyboards digital cameras etc. Also included with the program is a trial version as well as a tool which cleans invalid drivers from the system for free! Downloadable via company website with free trial version included; along with this program comes a utility which automatically updates all your drivers to stay up-to-date them!

This program is easy to use and packed with features. You can scan your drivers, find the newest versions, restore old versions or save as ZIP or self-extracting executable files or back them up onto CD – an essential backup system against possible system malfunction.

Once you have backed up your drivers, installing them with just one click can save both time and effort after reinstalling your operating system. Furthermore, Driver Genius gives you the option of command-line mode installation of drivers as well as synchronization of local database with online version of program.

Driver Genius comes in various editions, each offering unique features. The Professional edition provides several benefits and comes with a free trial period, while its Platinum counterpart adds additional ones such as creating restore points and auto-updating drivers – plus both provide convenient interfaces that support multiple operating systems.

User guides of computer software provide comprehensive details about its features and how to utilize them, making reading them recommended prior to using any program. They also include links for email customer support in case any queries arise, along with an FAQ page, video tutorials and support teams which provide helpful response – although no phone support exists yet!

It restores drivers

Driver Genius provides one of the most useful features to protect and update your drivers: backing them up. This saves you from installing each one individually when reinstalling an operating system and can eliminate time consuming manual updates of individual drivers; instead it automatically downloads and replaces older versions with the latest ones to return your system back to its previous state and even potentially repair problems caused by poor drivers.

The backup process is quick and straightforward, with the program prompting you at each stage of the way. When completed, it will notify you. It will also install any necessary drivers – this process can take anywhere from several minutes depending on file size and number to be installed – after which, your computer can run as usual.

If you want to back up your current drivers, simply press the ‘Backup’ button on the left-hand panel of the program. Choose where to save it before clicking ‘Next.’ You have various options for how you’d like your drivers saved; ZIP file, self-extractor or independent executable auto driver installer are all viable choices; although note that trial versions do not support auto installer functionality.

Use Driver Genius’ Driver Cleanup feature to delete invalid drivers and free up hard drive space while speeding up PC performance. Access it via its left-hand panel.

One unique feature of the program is its capability of downloading and installing updates offline – ideal when your Internet access is limited or you have limited data transfer capacity. Furthermore, multiple drivers can be updated simultaneously for increased time savings!

Beyond its auto scanning and updating functionality, Driver Genius Pro also features additional tools that are useful in managing drivers. For example, its “Roll Back” function enables you to restore driver settings in case of an error while its “Uninstall Drivers” feature allows you to uninstall unnecessary ones thereby speeding up your computer.

It provides additional features

Driver Genius is an application that makes updating drivers for your computer much simpler and faster. By scanning installed drivers to detect updates, this program saves both time and effort for its user; additionally, this feature backs up drivers easily if necessary for easy restoring of old versions if required.

The program is easy and doesn’t require technical knowledge to operate; novice and advanced users alike can use it. Users can run a scan to identify which drivers need updating and easily select them from a list. After selecting, download and installation of those drivers can take place with just one click. In addition, the program comes equipped with features like driver cleanup tool that deletes unneeded drivers to free up space as well as system optimizer that optimizes processor resources while closing unresponsive programs for improved PC performance.

Driver Genius stands out from other driver management tools by not coming with any viruses or malware, nor requiring users to enter personal information when signing up, making it the ideal solution for those concerned about privacy. Furthermore, this program features an excellent support team which makes getting help when needed easier than ever.

Driver Manager Pro for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions and can be easily downloaded from its manufacturer’s website with both trial versions available for a limited period. Professional and Platinum versions provide unlimited usage; additionally the Platinum edition boasts special features like SSD speeder support for up to three computers per license! Driver Manager Pro should be an essential tool for every PC user – keeping drivers up to date, eliminating errors and crashes, increasing performance while saving valuable storage space on disk.

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