Driver Magician Lite 3.33 Review

Driver Magician

Driver Magician can back up, restore and update drivers automatically – as well as indicate when non-Microsoft drivers have become outdated – making it the perfect solution to maintain optimal computer performance. Its comprehensive functionality also includes alerting when non-Microsoft drivers become out-of-date – providing added peace of mind!

Other programs exist with similar functionality, but are far more complex than this one.


The program can backup all drivers currently installed on your computer and update them automatically, giving your PC always access to the most recent and up-to-date drivers, further increasing its performance and stability.

Driver Magician goes beyond backing up and restoring drivers; it can also remove unnecessary ones from your system, saving time that would otherwise be spent searching the web for drivers that do not exist on your computer. This simple program ensures your drivers remain up-to-date and work as effectively as possible.

Once your backup is complete, simply reinstalling drivers is all it takes to be back up and running again. This process could take anywhere from two minutes to several hours depending on how many drivers were backed up; Driver Magician provides additional time- and space-saving benefits by creating compressed folders of drivers which save both time and space.

DriverMax offers a simple program solution. This program makes backing up and restoring drivers easy and provides exclusive security features. Plus, it will scan for outdated drivers on your PC to alert you of updates when available – this makes for one simple backup/restore solution!

Although the program is extremely user-friendly, its simplicity may also pose some danger. Without proper care taken when using it, an accidental deletion of an essential driver could leave your computer completely non-functioning if this happened before backup was performed on its drivers. To help minimize risk when using this tool, there is an intuitive main menu located atop of the window and vertical rows of buttons representing primary features arranged along the left side of its interface – two standard layouts that ensure users use it effectively and avoid disaster.


If your computer’s drivers have become outdated or damaged, finding replacements could become a difficult process without the appropriate software. Driver Magician is one of the more widely-used programs available for this task and may help simplify it for you. This program offers a professional solution for device driver backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating systems. Additionally, it can detect outdated or missing drivers on your system to restore them as well. Your PC can be scanned for outdated or missing drivers and provided with a comprehensive list. Each listing will include information such as name, version and function description for every available driver; then this software can recommend an updated version specifically tailored for your device – making this an excellent way of maintaining optimal performance of your machine!

By downloading this free program, you can quickly and easily back up all hardware drivers on your computer, ready for restoration in case of disaster or just changing Windows settings. This program will detect all devices on your system and save their current drivers to any location of your choice before creating an auto-installation package that can be installed later. Its extremely straightforward process only requires one system reboot for complete coverage!

Driver Magician features a standard interface, with its basic menu appearing at the top of the window and buttons corresponding to primary functions arranged vertically along the left side of its interface. An options button provides additional settings that can help customize button behavior – selecting default destinations for Backup and Restoration buttons as well as whether or not Microsoft drivers need updating; as well as whether or not Driver Magician should restart automatically after restoring drivers (by default it does this automatically by default).

One of the reasons this program has become so renowned is due to its ability to detect and remove corrupt or obsolete drivers from your system, then recommend the latest version which will increase performance and stability on your machine.


Driver Magician scans your computer for outdated drivers and then provides access to its built-in database of updates. Unlike similar programs, Driver Magician doesn’t require installing an additional driver management program – its interface is simply and straightforward with a menu bar across the top and an open dialogue box where you can specify where the drivers need scanning are located.

Backup and restore capabilities include four different modes for backing up and restoring all of your drivers, helping eliminate driver conflicts while improving system performance. Furthermore, this program detects and fixes errors within your registry files to eliminate invalid registries that might otherwise interfere with communication between software programs and hardware devices.

Driver Magician is an accessible program with limited features but still delivers some quality results. From backing up and restoring drivers quickly and efficiently to updating them efficiently, Driver Magician delivers quickly. Unfortunately, its quality design comes at a premium cost.

There are a few minor quirks with this program that need addressing, for instance it can be somewhat confusing that you need to select which driver(s) to back up/restore before clicking either “Backup” or “Restore”. Also, while it does an outstanding job of finding drivers it doesn’t tell you which version(s) need replacing so pinpointing what exactly needs replacing may be difficult.

Driver Magician is an outstanding program for keeping Windows drivers up-to-date, saving both time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually updating them – something essential to maintaining system stability and avoiding installing the wrong driver and damaging your system. Furthermore, its browsing safety feature protects against malware infections by blocking vulnerable websites and downloads – definitely making this worthwhile program worth checking out if time-efficiency is a top priority!


If you are having difficulty uninstalling Driver Magician Lite 3.33, using a third party uninstaller may help simplify the process and free up hard disk space at the same time. These third-party uninstallers allow for comprehensive removal of programs while clearing away associated files and registry entries that remain on your system, saving time and effort as well as freeing up space for future installations of them that you had previously removed from your computer. This way you can easily reinstall programs you had deleted before.

This program supports an impressive array of hardware devices, from USB devices and sound cards to video cards and motherboards. Furthermore, you can backup and restore drivers using this application, making it an invaluable aid if ever needing to reinstall or upgrade Windows in the future. Especially beneficial for Windows XP users!

This software not only can back up and restore drivers, but it can also automatically update them – saving both time and effort searching online for drivers to install or improve hardware performance. Furthermore, this program is highly recommended for users experiencing slow PC performance or seeking to resolve various errors related to drivers.

This program serves six main purposes: backup and restore, detecting unknown devices, updating drivers, creating a bootable driver disk and scanning for outdated drivers. Of all of them, backup/restore is perhaps most critical as it allows you to protect all current drivers with four modes to back them up as well as choose where you wish them stored before being easily restore at any point in time.

This software can detect and install the most up-to-date drivers for your computer, which can greatly enhance performance while solving many issues that you might experience when using it. Furthermore, it will provide a list of all installed drivers so you can quickly identify incompatible ones and remove them more efficiently.

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