DriverMax Review – Is DriverMax Really Worth Your Money?


DriverMax is an automated driver update tool with some standout features that set it apart from many free tools. It features scheduled scans, complete device driver backups and automated installs – among many other things.

Even with its somewhat cumbersome interface and limitations imposed by its free version, this application fulfills its core functions well enough.


DriverMax is an application specifically designed to scan and download drivers for your computer, then update them automatically with the most up-to-date ones, so your computer runs efficiently and smoothly. Furthermore, DriverMax enables you to back up current drivers should anything go wrong with an update; an extremely useful feature not available through other driver update programs.

To download this software, visit its official website and click on “download.” Installation is quick and painless: users simply need to choose their language, destination folder and license agreement before the software begins installing itself on desktops. After being fully installed, a small icon will appear allowing for scanning and updating drivers.

DriverMax not only finds and installs new drivers, but can also back up existing ones – an extremely helpful feature if you need to reinstall Windows or upgrade hardware. With this function you save both time and effort as it eliminates having to search CDs or online directories for drivers you already own.

DriverMax can detect and address many of the most prevalent driver errors caused by outdated drivers, enabling you to avoid system malfunctions or crashes due to outdated drivers as well as PC freezing and slowdown for improved performance.

Another advantage of this program is that it helps safeguard your personal information by blocking third parties from accessing your system. Furthermore, this program can detect suspicious browser extensions and eliminate them from Microsoft Edge browser for safe browsing experience.

Though this program does have its drawbacks, such as limited functionality and support options, its free version still offers several advantages that could make its use worthwhile for anyone needing to update drivers on older computers. These advantages include creating backup copies of drivers and creating a queue of updates; plus it includes daily driver update checks. This makes this tool especially suitable for updating older drivers manually.

Easy to use

DriverMax is an application designed to make updating drivers much simpler. It scans a computer for outdated drivers and automatically downloads and installs the most up-to-date ones – helping reduce system freezes and improve performance while backing up current ones and creating system restore points just in case anything goes wrong; and tests each new driver to ensure it functions properly and safely.

The user interface of Driver Genius Pro is user-friendly, making it even beginner users easy to operate. From its homepage, users can access all key features – scanning for driver updates, creating backups and downloading new drivers; plus it supports multiple devices including printers, scanners and sound cards.

Another advantage of this program is its comprehensive database of drivers. This library covers most major manufacturers’ hardware devices as well as providing other helpful tools, such as one to update Windows OS components automatically. Keep in mind, however, that this tool does not automatically update all drivers; to maximize effectiveness use this method to prioritize updates by first scanning and updating only important drivers before moving onto others.

DriverMax comes in multiple versions, including a free one that provides most of the same features as its premium version, while offering many of its same advanced features like hourly driver checks and automated downloads as well as offering a trial period free trial period.

DriverMax stands out among similar programs by its ease of use and effectiveness. The program is simple to navigate and can automatically update drivers on a scheduled basis; additionally, it provides full driver backup in case of device malfunction or update error.

This program offers three payment categories, such as subscription, lifetime and business. Subscription plans are billed monthly while lifetime and business memberships require annual renewal fees.

Easy to uninstall

DriverMax differs from other driver updater tools by not installing additional applications to the computer; rather, it downloads drivers directly through its application and saves them directly in folders that can be accessed later. Furthermore, it offers backup copies of existing drivers while updating outdated ones; thus helping reduce system freezes and malfunctions by keeping drivers up-to-date. Furthermore, its automated scanning feature can detect drivers that require updating automatically; supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows systems is another added bonus!

DriverMax is an efficient software program that can assist users in updating and improving PC performance by automating driver installations and making device backups available at scheduled times. Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and simple operation makes this an efficient way of keeping drivers up-to-date and improving overall PC performance. DriverMax features an intuitive design with user-friendly controls making its use intuitive as well. DriverMax features full device backup capability and can scan for updates at scheduled intervals; additionally it can identify potential issues with existing drivers to suggest corrections that may save both time and effort by automating driver installations saving both time and effort when done by automating driver installations, saving both time and effort for PC users.

DriverMax can update drivers faster than Windows alone, especially for users with slow internet connections. Furthermore, this program allows you to create restore points before installing new drivers – something other programs cannot do. Unfortunately, one drawback of DriverMax is that when users try downloading drivers they are often directed back to its website; this may become annoying over time.

The removal process for this app is quite straightforward. Simply click the Windows Start button, navigate to “Programs and Features,” select DriverMax, click Uninstall, restart your computer once complete and ensure all files have been deleted from memory. Moreover, using Regedit you should search for HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware(driverMax or publisher’s name), delete if found and restart computer if any leftover entries exist in Registry eg HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftware(driverMax or publisher name) in Registry search for HKEY_CURRENT_CURRENT_USERSoftware(driverMax or publisher’s name), delete these and restart computer to ensure complete removal of files from memory as well.

Total Uninstaller offers another effective option for uninstalling DriverMax from your computer. This application is easy-to-use and can easily detect and delete leftover files on both Windows and Mac platforms, and can be purchased directly from its developer’s website.


Even though there are numerous driver updater applications that claim to boost PC performance, only some deliver on their promises. Most are simply scams that install files onto your computer in order to serve ads; others could potentially harm or corrupt it entirely. DriverMax stands out as being reliable application that delivers its promises without doing anything harmful to it; its developers even guarantee this by including an EULA with which your information won’t be shared with third parties without your knowledge and consent.

DriverMax stands out from other driver updaters by scanning your Windows machine for outdated drivers and offering to replace them with updated versions. In addition to updating, DriverMax features backup functionality and automatic installations as additional capabilities – plus customer support via phone and email for added peace of mind.

DriverMax’s free version should satisfy most users, yet it lacks some key features such as scheduled scans and hardware identification. Still, DriverMax remains an efficient way of automating updates while supporting Windows system restore points for instant roll-back should anything go awry.

DriverMax stands out as an exceptional way to automatically download and install new drivers for your PC, making the experience far less time consuming than searching the web manually for drivers to download individually. Furthermore, it enables you to back up all the drivers installed in your system as one compressed zip file which saves a great deal of time when reinstalling systems.

DriverMax stands out by working across most Windows versions from XP to 8.1 (both 32- and 64-bit), performing smoothly during our tests with only minimal CPU and RAM usage.

Although DriverMax may meet most users’ needs, its limitations make it hard to recommend for those requiring more advanced features. Other free tools, like SlimDrivers, may provide greater functionality at a simpler interface.

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