Dukto Review


Dukto is an easy and accessible open source software solution designed to transfer files and text messages between devices on your local network. Compatible with most major desktop and mobile operating systems, Dukto features an appealing metro-style user interface with zero configuration required.

Send data such as URL addresses, texts, files and folders via LAN and share clipboard data.

Easy to use

Dukto is an easy and straightforward file transfer app designed for use across devices and operating systems, offering users the chance to share files and text messages over local networks without relying on internet connections. The intuitive user interface displays transfer progress so users can monitor transfers effectively; mobile device compatibility makes Dukto an invaluable asset for businesses needing to distribute files to employees.

Dukto uses a peer-to-peer protocol to securely share files and text messages between devices on a local network. Compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux OSes alike, Dukto is available as a free-to-download application that’s ideal for personal and business use – lightweight yet fast and secure – featuring zero configuration, client autodiscovery, high speed file transfers, multi-OS native support as well as simple Metro UI user experience.

First, launch the app on both computers you intend to transfer files between. Next, simply select any files or folders you would like to send and drag them directly into the app window – your files will instantly transfer over and can then be opened on either device.

Dukto is an excellent alternative to cloud-based file transfer tools that rely on an internet connection for their functionality, but often prove ineffective and slow. Free, lightweight, and straightforward in its setup process – Dukto can even serve home users who have multiple PCs and smartphones on their network – providing an effortless alternative to thumb drives or other cumbersome file sharing solutions.

Compatible with multiple operating systems

Dukto R6 is an easy file transfer software that makes transferring text, files and messages saved on a clipboard between computers or mobile devices connected via local area networks with ease. No permissions or protocols are necessary – users simply drag and drop their files directly onto another computer or device connected over LAN.

Easy to set up, it features a user-friendly metro style interface similar to smartphones, with fast connection speeds that don’t require additional services or software installations. Users can enjoy using it across all major operating systems except iOS; additionally there is even a portable version which runs on Windows and Linux systems.

This application connects to devices on all LANs and can send four types of data: text, files, messages saved to clipboard and folders. When clicking any one of these options, a screen opens that enables you to select recipient(s), specify file path(s), then send off file(s). Depending on device you have selected for delivery within seconds – with progress shown on taskbar for monitoring purposes or notifying user of errors that arises during transmission.

Dukto is an easy and free way to share files between devices, working well across most operating systems. Although Dukto offers some limitations compared to popular file-sharing programs (e.g. only documents and other files are transferred), such as only supporting documents rather than apps; working within trusted environments; not suitable for public use – ideal for personal users looking to quickly transfer their data between devices quickly. But regardless of its limitations Dukto remains an useful alternative.

Easy to set up

Dukto is an intuitive program for quickly and securely exchanging files and text between devices, offering safe data transfers via local connections compared to other methods. Compatible with smartphones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets as well as Wi-Fi networks and featuring an interface similar to an Android APK makes Dukto an attractive solution for all.

Once Dukto has been downloaded and installed, you can launch its program to transfer files. Select a folder where received files will be saved before customizing Dukto’s color to reflect your personal taste. Dukto provides an overview of each process as it goes along, showing each file’s status as well as setting custom notification sounds that alert you whenever there’s new mail arriving.

Installing Dukto on any Windows computer – 32- or 64-bit – is quick and easy. Downloaded directly from their official website, installation requires only seconds for best results. After setup is complete you can access Dukto from your taskbar for sending files or text to other Dukto users on your LAN quickly as well as receiving messages quickly from them.

Dukto stands out from other file-sharing programs by being quick and simple to set up without needing internet connectivity or complicated configuration. Instead, Dukto provides an efficient alternative that doesn’t necessitate an internet connection for its work: sharing files among computers or mobile devices within your home or office network without slow or complex cloud-based programs.

Supports group sharing

Dukto is a free network software solution that enables you to transfer files across a local LAN without internet access, making it ideal for sharing information between devices in either home or work environments. Setup is straightforward, compatible with multiple operating systems, and supports group sharing allowing multiple people access one device at the same time.

This app is compatible with all major platforms, including Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. Additionally, its lightweight design makes it simple and resource-saving compared to competing software packages.

Dukto stands out among file transfer applications due to its multiple other features that make it standout: you can use it to send text messages and clipboard contents between devices; move folders and documents between computers using peer-to-peer technology for fast transfers; manage data across any location using its mobile web interface – making Dukto an unrivalled choice!

Dukto stands out from its competition as an open and portable file transfer application that operates across various operating systems. Unlike many file transfer apps, Dukto does not require permissions or credentials in order to function and has no device limit – making it ideal for business environments in which many users may need to transfer data between various devices simultaneously. It features an intuitive user interface suitable for novice and expert users alike – though Dukto only transfers between local devices.

Doesn’t require an internet connection

Dukto is an outstanding, free program that enables users to move files between various devices on a local network quickly and securely. Open source, portable and compatible with most major systems except iOS – Dukto offers fast file transfers up to 10x faster than Bluetooth while being easy to setup with minimal system resources consumed; its text and file transfer features make life much simpler!

Dukto stands out from other data transfer applications by not requiring accounts, credentials, or permissions – it simply detects devices running the application on the same LAN network and allows you to drag files directly into its window for transfer between computers or other devices. With such an easy process in place, transferring files between computers has never been simpler!

This program features an attractive UI similar to Windows Phone, and requires zero configuration. When launched, it displays a list of devices connected to the same LAN that you can select from; each entry includes their IP address so you can easily establish links.

Once you’ve selected a device, simply drag and drop files onto the Dukto window to start the transfer to your selected computer. As soon as the process has completed, a log will show you its status – especially helpful for large file transfers!

Dukto stands out as an alternative data transfer platform by not using the internet to transfer files – an invaluable feature for users looking to keep their private information safe. In addition, this program also boasts features like text and clipboard sharing.

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