DVD Audio Extractor Review

DVD Audio Extractor

DVD Audio Extractor is an outstanding program to rip DVD-Audio and DVD-Video discs into MP3, OGG or WAV format for playback on HDD or mobile device, supporting GPU hardware acceleration.

By default, this app detects and selects the main title, but additional titles can be selected if needed. Furthermore, you can resample output files according to your needs.

Supported Formats

This program specializes in DVD audio ripping and can help you save the audio streams from Blu-ray, DVD-Audio or DVD-Video discs to OGG, MP3, Wave or FLAC files for later listening. Furthermore, this powerful and easy-to-use program offers demuxing directly into mlp, PCM, MPAAC3DTS files for demultiplexing into files for playback in other media players as well as its unique CD Image feature which makes creating Audio CD or DTS-CD in one simple step with CD Image creating feature – powerful yet simple and powerful yet professional and user friendly with many useful functions to take advantage of before purchasing it fully! Free Trial Version Available

The DVD Audio Extractor supports an expansive variety of audio formats, from the ubiquitous MP3 file type that can be played by nearly every media player to lossless formats such as WAV or FLAC for greater sound quality but larger disk storage needs. Furthermore, ripping directly in high-resolution 96KHz 24-bit PCM mode may produce results close to original but will incur larger file sizes due to additional compression methods required.

Once a DVD has been loaded into this program, the first title from its list of chapters on the right column will automatically be selected by default; you may then manually choose other titles if needed. When ready, click the drop-down icon in Output Format for audio format selection while click Settings button to adjust audio settings such as sample rate, channel selection and bitrate settings as needed.

The default output format is MP3, which is supported by most media players and portable devices, however you may also choose another format if desired. Furthermore, this program can even rip commercial DVDs which have been encrypted specifically for personal use.

This program can also rip DVD-Audio tracks into Dolby Digital or DTS, which are better suited for home theater systems. However, the encoding process can take considerable time and result in large files which consume hard drive space. You also have the option of selecting uncompressed PCM for similar quality but this requires dedicated audio software that does not work on portable media players.

Converting Time

If you want to convert your DVD collection to audio files for playing on an MP3 player or mobile phone, AVCWare Home DVD Audio Extractor may be just what you need. With fast conversion rates and an easy user interface, this cross-platform program works on Windows, Mac OS X and Ubuntu systems – offering ultrafast extraction speeds, rich format support, multichannel capabilities and audio preview features among its many benefits.

This application supports popular audio formats, including WMA, OGG, MP3 and RA. Furthermore, its ripping process is lightning fast due to GPU Hardware Acceleration improving its performance; you can cancel ripping tasks at any time and set your PC for automatic shutdown, exit program hibernate or nothing when the conversion process has concluded. Furthermore, its output file directory selection feature allows you to choose whether to include ID3 tags when creating output files.

As an added benefit, the program features batch processing so you can convert multiple DVDs at once. Furthermore, you can specify start/end times and sample rates for individual titles that need ripping before creating audio files – perfect if you have many DVDs to rip! This feature makes this program particularly efficient if ripping multiple titles at once is desired.

Unfortunately, this tool cannot defeat copy protections; therefore if you need to rip a DVD containing copy protection then another program such as AnyDVD or MakeMKV should be used first.

Alternative solutions include Freemake Video Converter, an application which converts DVDs into both audio and video files, making them accessible for personal use on both Windows and Mac platforms. With its user-friendly interface and free personal use license, this program makes converting both DVDs to audio and videos a simple process, allowing you to save audio files locally as well as transfer them onto mobile devices – it even supports various audio and video formats!

Creating CD Image

DVD Audio Extractor is an ideal program for turning physical DVD discs into digital files, as it supports ripping of numerous disc types with high output quality and can extract audio from movies easily. Furthermore, this tool can be used with most DVD players.

DVD Audio Extractor makes it possible to extract audio streams from Blu-ray, DVD Audio/Video and DVD Video discs into OGG, MP3, Wave and FLAC files for easier playback on standard CD players. Furthermore, it demuxes directly to mlp, PCM, MPAAC3 or DTS files, creating CD image for playback as well.

User-friendly interface makes this software intuitive to use for everyone, with all functions accessible with simple mouse clicks and no complex settings to worry about. Supports both Windows and Mac OS X platforms and can be downloaded free from its developer’s website.

After installation, launch the DVD Audio Extractor software and choose which DVD title(s) to extract audio from. It will default to selecting the first title by default but you may change this as needed. When finished selecting a title(s), simply click the bottom-of-interface button to begin ripping!

Once the ripping process has concluded, you can locate your audio file in the folder specified in the settings menu. Alternatively, if you wish to make changes, expand Format option in Settings section and choose another audio format; there are also options for changing sample rate, channels and downmix matrices.

If your DVD is copy-protected, another program like MakeMKV must first be used to bypass its protection before being able to rip it with this software. Otherwise, only MLP (or PCM) audio will be extracted, though its quality surpasses most others and it also works on older computers while offering lossless file output.


If you want to convert DVD audio tracks into MP3 files and listen on an mp3 player, this program can help. It supports standard digital formats and works seamlessly with VLC media player; additionally it has the option to skip DVD menus for faster conversion. Plus, its high quality output means no loss in file type compatibility with Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu).

if you need an all-in-one DVD audio extractor, this product may be just what you need. It can rip any home DVD into multiple audio formats such as MP3 and OGG for later resampling at an arbitrary sample rate; supports many CD/DVD formats including MLP, LPCM, DTS and MPEG2 with lossless support; includes basic editing features for deleting chapters and trimming file length and provides basic editing functions including chapter deleting/trimming functions.

Simply insert a disc into the drive and launch the program – it will load, scan and display available titles for ripping immediately! Simply select which title(s) to rip before choosing an output folder and adjusting audio settings as necessary.

Once you have selected a title and output folder, click Start. Choose an output format (mp3, wav etc), click OK, and add a destination folder for the final audio file if desired. Furthermore, this tool offers the capability of burning DVD-Audio images directly.

While this product offers some appealing features, there are some drawbacks. It may not be as efficient as other software programs and may be unable to read all titles from a DVD. Therefore it would be prudent to opt for something stronger.

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