DVD Cloner Review

DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner allows users to make backup copies of any non-copy-protected DVD movie. It decrypts all forms of protection technologies including Macrovision, CPPM, RC, RCE and APS via block-by-block copying.

Users can also select to remove audio streams, subtitles and chapters to save space by compressing dual layer DVD movies into single layer discs.


The DVD Cloner software is ideal for anyone wanting to copy their own DVDs. Furthermore, it helps organize digital movie collections more logically so you can quickly locate and watch movies of interest more efficiently without incurring accidental scratches or fingerprints on DVDs.

This software features many settings and features designed to benefit an average user, such as being able to rip a high-capacity Blu-ray disk into a format compatible with multiple devices (hard disk), choosing an audio codec and sample rate, or supporting various anamorphic video formats across screen sizes.

Important to keep in mind is that this software does not decrypt DVD protection schemes like Macrovision, AACS, CPPM, RC, RCE and RipGuard; however it offers several copy modes tailored specifically to users such as an express mode that provides 1:1 copies with one click and movie-only and customized copies.

Additionally, this software features several features designed to improve the overall quality of copies made with it, such as removing unwanted subtitles and movie trailers – useful for families with young children – re-encoding DVDs for improved audio quality, or adding anamorphic video formats or new subtitles; all features that help to ensure high-end television owners receive copies with optimal viewing experiences.

DVD Cloner has another useful feature, in that it allows you to burn ISO files directly onto blank DVDs. This function can save both space and money, not to mention helping repair a damaged disc!

DVD Cloner can help you protect and backup copies of your DVDs in case they become damaged or lost accidentally. Furthermore, it re-encodes them to improve video quality, as well as creating an easy folder structure so they can be accessed later.

Formats supported

The DVD-Cloner is an exceptional program for creating exact copies of your favorite DVD movies. Capable of decrypting all forms of DVD protection technology, and extremely user-friendly, this tool makes exact copies that include menus and subtitles intact while supporting all popular formats including those with RW capabilities.

This program gives you the power to choose from various cloning modes, such as full-disc copy, main movie copy and customized copy cloning modes – just pick the one that best meets your needs, and the software will handle everything else for you! Plus it can even create multi-disc M-disc copies containing complete movies with extras and subtitles!

DVD-Cloner provides another useful feature by compressing DVD-9 to DVD-5 for space savings, and copying them as MP4 files more compatible with devices such as iPhones and Android phones. Furthermore, this program can decrypt and copy DVDs encrypted using CSS encryption technology.

This program’s intuitive design makes it the ideal solution for all users, from novice to expert alike. Use it to rip any DVD movie into popular video formats like MP4, MKV and M2TS while supporting devices such as iPods, iPhones, and iPads.

DVD-Cloner has made significant upgrades to its user interface and is easier than ever before, featuring built-in Blu-ray decryption engine and advanced HST encoding acceleration technology. Furthermore, this version of this program has also been optimized to work seamlessly with NVIDIA GPUs for even faster ripping speeds.

The free version of this software does not provide as many features as its paid counterpart, such as data redundancy and subpar decryption capabilities. Still useful if all you need is an easy copying solution on a Windows PC system; can burn DVD/Blu-ray/UHD folders, ISO files and.dvdmedia files directly onto blank discs.

Copying speed

Though hard disk drives (HDDs) and solid-state drives have taken over most of the data storage market, optical disc media like DVDs remain highly sought-after for movies, music, and other files. Unfortunately, many are concerned that over time their DVD collection will become scratched or damaged; luckily there are several methods available to them that may prevent this damage, including using a DVD copy program to copy existing discs into digital backup copies which can then be used later.

DVD Cloner is an immensely popular DVD copy software that enables users to make copies of their favorite movies. In addition, this application offers various additional features, including splitting and compressing movies to save space while still providing users with access to watching their favorites on regular DVD players.

The program features an easy-to-use and sleek interface, making it suitable for novice users as well. The various copy modes provided can decrypt CSS-encrypted, region protected and Sony ARccOS protected discs while it checks burned data after completion ensuring high-quality copies will result.

DVD-Cloner provides more than copying capabilities; it can also remove audio tracks and subtitles from your DVDs. Plus, its versatile editing tools let you adjust video size and aspect ratio according to screen resolution – perfect for creating high-quality, professional-grade videos across platforms such as Windows and Mac OS X!

Once you have selected your destination folder and inserted a blank disc, the program will begin analyzing its content – this typically takes 15-30 minutes but may take longer for complex DVDs. When this analysis process has concluded, you can either burn it to disc or save as an ISO image file.

Burning to DVD requires at least 8GB of temporary hard drive space; otherwise, the program may fail due to memory consumption while copying.

Customer service

DVD Cloner stands out in its industry by offering unparalleled customer support services. Offering multiple channels for technical and non-technical assistance, they are often prompt in responding to enquiries and can also access an extensive knowledgebase that contains solutions for commonly encountered issues.

If you are new to using software, the company offers automatic wizards to make getting started simple. Their user-friendly software can copy a DVD with only a few clicks; even split dual-layer DVD-9 into two DVD-5s while still retaining all subtitles and menus! They can decrypt most forms of copy protection technology such as Macrovision, CPPM, RC, and RipGuard!

DVD Cloner stands apart from other copy programs in that it does not produce inferior copies or require expensive hardware for functioning. Instead, it works by reading data off a disc and creating an image file; then this image file can be burned to blank DVD without losing original data. Typically this process takes 15-30 minutes depending on complexity; anti-virus and burning applications should be disabled during this time to ensure a successful transfer process.

Apart from DVD copying functions, this software also has video ripping and conversion functions to convert video files to various formats – making it an invaluable asset to those needing to back up their DVD collection or watch movies on mobile devices. Available online or from local electronics stores alike at an extremely reasonable price point compared to similar products, this makes an excellent solution for protecting one’s collection.

OpenCloner Inc, the company behind DVD Cloner, offers an impressive variety of products that are popular worldwide. As specialists in developing and distributing digital media solutions, these powerful products have an international reach – their digital media solutions have an expansive network of distributors and resellers around the globe with products used by millions across over 50 countries – their most well-known offering being DVD-Cloner – widely considered one of the best DVD copy programs on the market today.

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