DVD Cloner Review

DVD Cloner

DVD Cloner is an exceptional program that allows you to copy discs into other formats without losing quality, as well as resize movies so they fit onto smaller storage mediums without compromising image quality.

This printer offers various customized copy modes and supports various regional codes and anti-copy protection systems, making it suitable for users at all experience levels.


This program is an advanced DVD copying software, allowing you to easily create backup copies of physical DVD and Blu-ray discs with ease. With customizable video file optimization features and support for most optical disc formats and copy protection mechanisms (except copy protections used on audio CDs ), as well as an express mode designed specifically for beginners, and an expert interface offering more advanced users all of its functionality, this powerful program makes the task of backup creation simple and effective.

One of the best features of this program is that it enables users to copy multiple DVDs or Blu-rays onto one disc without compromising quality, saving both money and space by keeping more movies and videos at any given time. Furthermore, this program can combine content from several discs into one file that makes categorizing collections or creating anthologies of films easier.

Compressing DVD-9 movies into one DVD-5 disc is another great way to save space, using a special compression method which improves image quality while making watching more enjoyable. Furthermore, this converter supports MKV conversion – an open file format which preserves original movie quality when watched back on computers or other devices – offering another lossless playback experience.

DVD Cloner’s user-friendly interface enables you to select exactly the contents you’d like copied from a DVD, offering various modes for copying (such as ISO image creation or writing directly to DVD from directory of files) as well as customization features ( such as stripping audio streams, subtitles and chapters).

Burn CDs and create DVDs directly from ISO images or files stored on your hard drive, and even transfer DVDs directly onto an external hard drive for backup purposes – an invaluable program for anyone wanting to secure their movies or other media files.


The DVD Cloner is a DVD copying program that enables users to make an exact duplicate of a DVD movie. This software offers several features to tailor copying processes and enhance video quality; additionally it offers various copying modes to meet the individual needs of every user.

This program has been created with users in mind and features an easy user-friendly interface. Express mode enables single-click copying while supporting various DVDs and Blu-rays such as DVD5, DVD9, BD25/BD50 discs as well as UHDs.

This software can also rip DVDs to MP4 files compatible with most standard playback devices, upscale SD videos to HD, remove HD audio and menus from DVD movies and add subtitles; repair damaged discs; work across region formats and decrypt encrypted DVD movies – among other tasks!

Some DVD cloning programs can help users rip and copy Blu-ray discs, although this should be avoided as this can damage the original video content. Furthermore, these types of programs typically come equipped with security warnings before proceeding – plus, they usually require a dedicated DVD drive in order to function.

One of the primary concerns surrounding DVD cloning programs is their ability to deal with copyright protections, with many worried they’ll lose access to their favorite films if copied. Luckily, DVD Cloner has been designed with features to handle most copyright protections; this ensures that all users still can watch originals.

DVD Cloner 2023 can help users clone movies on DVDs and Blu-rays onto blank discs, DVD folders or ISO files on Windows systems with perfect 1:1 copy quality. With its advanced performance, user-friendly interface and six distinct copy modes suited for all experience levels to manage multimedia content efficiently.

This program can also clone DVDs with various features, including movie complete copy, movie only copy and split DVD copy as well as movie combination and disc to MKV ripping. Its intelligent Analyzing Technology was developed to offer convenience for users by recognizing DVD type before reading data and optimizing burn settings accordingly; this can reduce risk if the disc is too old or scratched.


DVD Cloner from OpenCloner Inc is an intuitive software program that assists users in duplicating DVDs and Blu-ray discs easily and affordably. Designed to be user-friendly, its main goal is copying any disc including those protected against duplication, while offering features like ripping the movie into other formats such as MP4 or AVI for later playback.

Downloaded directly from its official website and free for trial use, the software requires Windows 7, 8, or 10 and 2GB of disk space to install. Once launched, users can configure settings before inserting discs to begin copying process; multiple images can also be queued up simultaneously with log window showing what is happening during copying process.

DVD-Cloner can easily bypass most forms of protection, such as Disney’s Fake option and the X-project. Furthermore, it allows users to copy DVDs onto ISO and VIDEO_TS formats while even converting videos into MKV format – all the while using fast decryption technology that preserves original quality.

The DVD Cloner software offers six distinct and innovative copy modes, such as Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy, Movie Complete Copy, Movie-Only Copy, Split DVD Copy and Customized DVD Copy. Furthermore, this can also be used to compress a DVD-9 into a DVD-5 and remove extra files such as video trailers or commentary tracks from extraneous sources such as video trailers or commentaries from within it. In addition, this program supports multichannel audio formats like DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 to enable accurate multichannel copying capabilities within an image file itself.

DVD Cloner can also be used to backup and recover data from damaged discs, as well as copy and burn disc images onto blank DVD or Blu-ray media.

Advanced mode allows for more specialized features, and supports either PAL or NTSC DVDs. Customers can access an extensive knowledgebase for answers to common problems; customer support staff typically respond promptly with technical inquiries.


While hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs, cloud storage services and USB flash drives have taken over much of the data storage market in recent years, optical discs like DVDs still offer an efficient means for transporting movies, music files and other digital content. While physical DVDs may become damaged quickly over time, users with access to DVD cloning capabilities can quickly produce copies that are just as durable and portable.

When it comes to cloning DVDs, there are various programs available that can help. Some require more technical skill, while the ideal DVD clone software offers safety and reliability; therefore it is worthwhile spending the time searching for one that meets your individual requirements.

123 Copy DVD is an ideal solution for those looking to backup their favorite DVDs quickly and reliably, without quality loss. Compatible with HD and standard formats alike, this program requires a small fee in order to access its features.

WonderFox DVD Cloner is another effective DVD cloning program, capable of creating copies of encrypted and non-encrypted DVDs alike. Furthermore, this user-friendly application boasts additional features which simplify copying processes like unblocking new encryption technologies or offering helpful features that simplify DVD duplication processes.

Another option is iMovie, which can create DVDs from various file types like PNG and JPG. Although easy to use, there may be certain limitations you should keep in mind; furthermore, its price can make your decision harder; make sure you carefully weigh all options available before making your final choice.

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