DVDFab 12 Review

DVDFab 12 is an all-in-one suite for Windows designed to convert, copy and burn videos. Additionally, this program boasts extra features not found elsewhere such as customizing DVDs.

It can compress commercial DVDs onto blank physical discs for convenient archiving purposes and features various DVD and Blu-ray editing features.

It’s easy to use

DVDFab is an easy and efficient DVD ripper that is popular among over 126 million users globally, and its developers are continually working to enhance its features. DVDFab allows for video ripping, burning and editing functions as well as selecting between various file formats for editing videos; plus customizing audio/video quality settings with an intuitive user-friendly interface perfect for novice users.

This software is free to download, requires minimal system resources and includes an automatic update check feature. Installation is quick and straightforward with only a reboot required upon completion of installation. Furthermore, users have an option to change default codec selection and burn engine. In addition, its advanced edit panel lets them configure additional settings like framerate/bitrate/format settings.

DVDFab All-In-One is an incredible all-in-one tool, featuring DVD/Blu-ray copy, ripper, converter, and creator functionality. Supported file formats include all common ones while its free trial version allows access to its functionality for 30 days.

To use DVDFab software, insert your DVD or Blu-ray disc into an optical drive, and select “Copy” module from the main UI. Navigating directly to the source file using “Add Button”, or by “Drag and Drop,” are also options available to you. DVDFab will automatically decrypt and load the disc; choose between Full Disc or Main Movie copy modes when creating a backup copy; each option allowing you to specify DVD size and set volume label parameters as required.

This software’s ripping speed is extremely fast; you can rip a DVD in less than 10 minutes! Furthermore, its ability to rip damaged or scratched discs gives this software an edge over other DVD rippers which require additional time and resources before being successful in doing so. Plus, the files ripped are of high-quality which makes them perfect for watching on mobile devices!

It’s fast

DVDFab is the fastest software of its kind on the market for copying DVDs and Blu-rays, offering extremely rapid file ripping/converting speeds due to cutting-edge technology. Hardware acceleration with both NVidia and AMD GPUs also enhances performance resulting in DVDFab being one of the quickest solutions of its type available today.

This software features an easy and straightforward user experience that anyone can utilize. It offers many options that anyone could benefit from, including access to popular video formats, predefined output presets and creating custom profiles; DRM protection removal as well as Cinavia removal can even be removed from protected media files; additionally it’s great for ripping and converting YouTube videos.

DVDFab offers one of the most practical features: backing up commercial DVDs onto a computer. This allows you to preserve your collection over time, without risking losing or damaging original discs. Furthermore, its quick and straightforward process works on all types of commercial DVDs.

DVDFab offers a powerful Customize mode, enabling users to personalize their copied DVDs by recording only what interests them, removing advertisements or choosing specific audio tracks. In addition, this program can clone any DVD and save it as an ISO file on hard drives for later burning as a new disc.

This software also comes equipped with additional utilities, including the capability of repairing damaged media files and upscaling low-resolution videos, MPEG-4 support, AVI support and an easy search feature that makes finding movies much simpler.

DVDFab offers an abundance of features, making it the ideal solution for those seeking a fast and effective way to copy DVDs and Blu-rays. The software is user friendly and boasts multiple support options to assist with questions or problems quickly – from real-time assistance for fast resolution of issues to offline support services that offer additional assistance as needed.

It’s easy to customize

DVDFab is an all-in-one program, making it the ideal solution for DVD and Blu-ray needs. This software can backup physical media, convert it to digital formats, burn discs to be played back on various devices and customize menus and add text/chapter markers – perfect for both novices and more experienced users alike! With easy use and continuous improvement it offers users of all experience levels an ideal experience when working with DVD/Blu-ray media.

DVDFab can make this task easy: simply open up its software and choose from among six copy modes in its drop-down list at the top of its interface – Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split and Merge are available as options at this point. After selecting your settings you simply click “Start” to start copying; DVDFab will automatically recognize and load your disk before commencing ripping – usually taking less than 10 minutes depending on its size.

Once the process is completed, you can view your output files either directly on your computer or through a separate window. You may edit its title and change its chapter order if desired; additionally you have the option of replacing original DVD menus with customized ones instead.

DVDFab can do more than copy DVDs and Blu-rays; it also rips ISO image files and folders, commercial/rental DVDs as well as TV-recorded ones with its CPRM removal feature.

DVDFab stands out with its ability to bypass DVD copy protections, an essential capability in any ripping program and especially useful when dealing with old discs with copy protections like CSS, RC, APS, UOPs and CPRM copy protections. DVDFab HD Decrypter makes this task simple with quick removal capabilities for CSS, RC, APS UOPs and CPRM protections – great news if you own old ones that contain these copy protections.

Though DVDFab may no longer be at its cutting-edge, it still serves as an invaluable resource for backing up your DVD collection. Easy to use with plenty of features available free of charge – plus its ongoing development makes it an excellent option for any who wish to convert physical DVDs to digital formats.

It’s easy to backup

Backup data easily using this software. Easily back up files, folders, partitions and entire systems using its multiple backup modes and powerful restore function, advanced settings for customization and support for various backup devices – not to mention its user-friendly user interface that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms!

This program can assist in protecting the data that’s most precious to you in case of system crash or any other issue, supporting file formats like DVD/Blu-ray discs, ISO images, BD-R/BDR-5/BR-RW hard drives and DVD/Blu-ray discs; compressed data storage options including zip. Furthermore, WINPE bootable versions can also be created and transferred between PCs; several backup modes exist including disk/partition backup, file backup, smart backup as well as advanced settings including compression/encryption/password protection options.

Additionally, its various features include fast encoding speed thanks to hardware acceleration on NVidia and Intel Quick Sync GPUs, which enables it to reach optimal quality without compromising performance. In addition, there are six different copy modes to meet all your needs – such as cloning, compressing, video conversion, or creating ISO files.

This software is completely free to download and does not require credit card numbers or any sensitive data from you in order to install. Once complete, installation takes only minutes and is completely safe for your computer. Once set up, it will automatically check online for updates and install them if available; plus it’s also user friendly so you can set your own custom skin if desired!

This application allows users to bypass multiple copy protections, including AACS, CPRM, CS, RC, RCE, UOPSs and Core X2. Additionally it can remove DRM applied by Netflix and other sources – making it an invaluable tool for backup and conversion purposes. Lite versions offer basic features at no cost while built-in players allow protected content to playback smoothly.

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