DVDFab Passkey Review

DVDFab Passkey is an innovative decrypter capable of quickly dismantling virtually all DVD and Blu-ray protections (except Cinavia) and region code restrictions to release their contents for copying, ripping or burning via software like WinDVD, TotalMedia Theatre or ImgBurn.

This freemium software quickly removes scrambling, region locks and CSS from a DVD or BD to make it playable on a computer hard drive.

Decrypt any DVD/Blu-ray

This all-in-one decrypter can quickly and efficiently bypass DVD/Blu-ray copy protection and region code restrictions without compromising original video quality. It quickly and completely decrypt any DVD/Blu-ray to rip and play with third party players like WinDVD, PowerDVD or VLC; or to backup on hard disk or ISO image file for safe keeping; it works with most popular tools/players including DVDFab DVD Copy Ripper PowerDVD WinDVD 8/9/10 ImgBurn (Read Mode).

DVDFab Passkey now features an innovative BD Decrypter tool to help decrypt Blu-ray discs for playback with popular BDAV copy tools or media players, even the latest 4K BS4K players. It works with all mainstream BD recorders and players from mainstream brands; even 4K BS4K ones; it can remove all latest copy protections such as 15th generation BD+ copy protections as well as AACS MKB V26 encryption that allow for copy/ripping by any BD player or tool; making any disc ready to copy/rip and make them ready for copy/ripping via any copy tool or media player!

Double-clicking the DVDFab Passkey icon will launch it, automatically minimising itself into the system tray and detecting when there is a DVD disc in your drive to initiate decryption process. Decrypting a DVD can take only seconds!

HD Decrypter and Cinavia’s copy protections cannot be removed by this program, unlike free ones such as HD Decrypter. Furthermore, this program features six copy modes – Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split Merge and Clone/Burn – to meet different user needs.

As soon as the encoding process has finished, this program will display a green box which indicates it has successfully removed all copy protections on your Blu-ray disc. At this point, you have three options for how to proceed: either eject the disc immediately and start watching or save it to hard disk for later viewing or transfer it onto another device.

Copy any DVD/Blu-ray

If you’re concerned about scratched or damaged DVDs, making copies on your computer could save the hassle of buying new ones each time one gets scratched or dented. DVDFab Passkey makes this task straightforward as it removes almost all known copy protection mechanisms so your videos will work with any program compatible with them.

This program can convert physical DVD/Blu-ray discs into digital files for you, offering various cloning, burning and ripping methods to convert them. There are six copy modes – Full Disc’, Main Movie’, Customize’ ‘Split Merge and Clone/Burn. These give you plenty of choices depending on what suits you best!

Also great is BDAV support, enabling you to play decrypted DVDs and Blu-rays in any program compatible with them – this includes third party programs like DVDFab DVD Copy, PowerDVD 7/8/9/10, TotalMedia Theatre 3, WinDVD 8/9/2010 and ImgBurn among many others. Furthermore, ImgBurn allows you to rip Blu-rays/DVDs directly into a folder or ISO image file for storage purposes.

Use this program to customize your DVD copying and ripping experience and build a DVD/Blu-ray menu, as well as personalize its user-friendly interface and its wide array of features that help maximize its use – you can even change its default language!

This program can easily be installed and downloaded onto any Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 computer without any problems, being free from viruses and offering fast performance while being resource-conscious in its resource usage. After installation on your PC, opening and running this program becomes effortless – providing ample data processing speed while accommodating a large volume.

After your trial period has expired, this program will transition into DVDFab Passkey Lite; a free and feature-packed program which offers all you need to remove copy protections from DVDs and Blu-rays (except Cinavia and AACS ). Furthermore, DVDFab Passkey Lite can rip some discs to images or folders so they can be used by other programs.

Rip any DVD/Blu-ray

A DVD ripper can help you convert your favorite movies to digital formats that can be watched on both computers and mobile devices. It works quickly with high-quality results; MP4 and MKV formats supported; it offers customizable settings; you can select frame rates, encoding methods and resolution options based on your preferences; plus there is also support for audio tracks from an iPod/MP3.

This program can rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs to ISO files or folders for storage on hard drives or burn them directly onto new blank DVDs or Blu-ray discs, providing an ideal solution if your original movie needs to remain accessible after it has been damaged on disc. Furthermore, you can copy/save files in different locations on your computer system.

This free DVD ripper can decrypt the contents of any DVD, giving you access for copying, burning, cloning and ripping with other software programs. It also removes copy protections like BD-Live and AACS V10 as well as RCs and UOPs; additionally it can even decrypt Blu-rays recorded by mainstream BD recorders!

If you want to convert a Blu-ray or DVD disc to an ISO file or folder, simply click the ‘Rip to ISO/Folder’ button. This process is automatic and takes only minutes before opening a preview window so you can check on its quality before finalizing this step. In addition, select video codec and aspect ratio preferences before creating your ISO or folder copy of files.

This program boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it effortless to use. With numerous options and features that are compatible with most devices, as well as being an invaluable way of backing up media libraries such as DVDs or Blu-rays, this software should be a staple in the video enthusiast’s toolbox – an indispensable way to enjoy movies at home or on the go, saving money with no new copies to buy every time!

Burn any DVD/Blu-ray

A DVD and Blu-ray burner is an invaluable way to protect physical discs from damage while saving them for later use. Plus, its digital features like streaming and backups make life much simpler; plus it can convert files to formats compatible with mobile devices!

Passkey is one of the best tools on the market when it comes to unblocking copy protections on DVD and Blu-ray media. A Windows driver that works automatically to decrypt encrypted movie DVDs and Blu-rays on-the-fly, decrypting them instantly for viewing without restrictions like RC, BD-Live, RCE, APS FluxDVD CoreX2 UOPs RipGuard protection systems RCBD Live RCEAPS FluxDVD CoreX2 UOPs RipGuard systems quickly for quick unlocking of protected movies so they become freely accessible to viewers worldwide.

The program provides multiple copy modes, including Full Disc, Main Movie, Clone/Burn and Merge. Merge allows you to combine multiple titles from your source into one file or folder – an extremely helpful feature when compiling binge-watchable compilations! However, be wary when merging too much content as this could exceed the capacity of a blank BD disc.

DVDFab Passkey can convert videos to various audio and video formats for offline viewing on phones or tablets, saving space. However, be mindful that converting to video formats may lead to pixelation; for high-quality conversion we suggest trying another program such as BD-Rebuilder or Handbrake instead.

Another advantage of this tool is its compatibility with other programs, including PowerDVD 7/8/9/10, TotalMedia Theatre 3, and WinDVD. Furthermore, this software supports various DVD and Blu-ray players including the latest models. You can even convert Blu-ray movies into DVD format to play them back on older or less advanced players; and can decrypt DVD and Blu-ray files so other programs can access them easily.

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