EagleGet Review – A Free Download Manager and Accelerator


EagleGet is a free download manager and accelerator equipped with features like malware inspection and video capture. Compatible with most major browsers and providing an intuitive user interface.

This software enables users to efficiently manage downloads by pausing, resuming and prioritizing files. They can even set scheduled tasks to automate this process of file acquisition.

Easy to use

EagleGet is an intuitive download manager with an intuitive user interface designed for both casual and power users alike. Additionally, EagleGet’s advanced configuration options allow for users to personalize their experience even further; users can select which file types should be scanned with malware scanning or configure executable folders accordingly. It even resums interrupted downloads so users can pick up where they left off!

Once installed, EagleGet integrates seamlessly into modern browsers. Simply right-click a link and select “download with EagleGet,” making downloads effortless and accessible from within the app. EagleGet can even automatically download multiple files at the same time or schedule them to be delivered later – along with providing various notifications to notify users when their download has completed successfully.

This software features an attractive yet simple user interface that’s free from viruses, malware and spyware – and lightweight enough not to slow down your PC. Furthermore, its designed to work with modern browsers and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Plus it comes equipped with an in-app extension for Chrome Firefox Opera and Internet Explorer that enables users to gather files across all four web browsers!

EagleGet’s multi-threaded technology significantly speeds up download times. By breaking larger files down into multiple parts, and starting them downloading simultaneously, it provides up to six times faster download speeds than a typical web browser. Furthermore, EagleGet features resume interrupted downloads if your Internet connection goes down, giving it another great feature to rely on when it matters most.

EagleGet is an excellent free alternative to premium download manager programs like IDM, offering many of the same functions with faster download speed, scheduling capabilities, malware and file integrity checks, silent mode and advanced features like ad blocking, virus scanning and customizable notification options. In addition to these tools EagleGet also features additional tools that make it an excellent solution for managing downloads.

Fast downloads

EagleGet is a free download manager and accelerator designed to work seamlessly across various browsers for an optimal downloading experience. With features that maximize speed and performance – such as support for multiple threads for task acceleration and custom pause/resume rules – EagleGet helps maximize download speeds and performance, including support for live monitoring tools like Clipboard/Browsing Live Monitoring tools as well as MD5/SHA1 Checksum Verifiers; automatic post task actions/virus checkups/gaming mode with notifications disabled as well as task cleaner/video sniffer/media grabber/converters etc.

The software automatically recognizes downloadable files on Web pages and offers an easy download button on browser toolbars for rapid file downloads. Its advanced multi-threaded technology splits files into parts to download simultaneously in parallel; then merges them back together into one final output file to reduce download times further. Furthermore, users can pause broken downloads due to system failure or power outage, resume them later when systems return up again, set schedules for when files should be downloaded automatically etc.

EagleGet stands out by monitoring websites for changes in page content or file size, thus eliminating the need to manually request new links. Furthermore, this software can be configured to download only certain amounts per hour without interrupting users – making EagleGet an extremely versatile option!

Once a download has completed, it will display an icon on the Windows desktop, play a sound, and offer to open or send the file directly to mobile devices. Furthermore, users have the ability to organize downloaded files according to their individual preferences – making them easier to find later.

EagleGet stands out among similar programs by being entirely free and without ads or restrictions to use, making it ideal for users without an active Internet connection or new operating systems requiring it to work. In addition, its impressive features allow it to run seamlessly across major browsers while supporting multiple languages.

Multiple downloads

EagleGet can perform multiple downloads simultaneously, which speeds up the overall downloading process. This is accomplished via multi-threading where files are split into smaller pieces and downloaded simultaneously before being assembled again to form one single output file – an especially helpful feature when downloading large files. Furthermore, EagleGet scans files and websites prior to download in order to prevent malware attacks; making this tool an essential safeguard against data breach attacks.

EagleGet stands out as a useful download manager by its ability to pause and resume downloads, saving time. Furthermore, it detects expired links automatically and requests new ones without user intervention; making EagleGet one of the most efficient download managers out there.

Easy Video Downloader is designed for ease of use and works across most web browsers – including Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. Furthermore, it integrates seamlessly with popular video websites, making downloading YouTube and other videos from these websites effortless with just one click – plus multiple simultaneous downloads! For optimal use this software must have access to fast and stable internet connectivity – however this may require fast upload speeds in order to download videos successfully.

This program boasts numerous features that make it a good option for anyone searching for an economical download manager program, including automatically running virus scans after every download is complete and converting media file formats into more portable ones. Furthermore, users can configure it to shut down, hibernate or sleep the computer after all downloads have completed themselves; and its flexible notification configuration and “Silent Mode” give them additional customization over notifications.

This tool is simple and straightforward to use, increasing download speeds by up to six-fold. Furthermore, you can track the progress of each download in real-time allowing easy control over activity. Plus it offers advanced configuration settings like proxy settings, download schedulers and more – perfect for controlling download activity!


Download managers provide invaluable support in overseeing downloaded files and protecting them from external influences like malware, computer shutdowns and network issues. EagleGet is a comprehensive download manager that offers all of the basic features necessary for an enjoyable download experience. In addition to offering an attractive yet intuitive user interface, it includes useful tools such as Media Grabber and Video Sniffer as well as Batch Download capabilities. Privacy-focused antivirus protection, featuring automatic malware scans after downloading to ensure only genuine files with MD5/SHA1 checksum verification can be downloaded. Furthermore, silent mode can enable uninterrupted use of full-screen applications or PC games without interruption from notifications.

EagleGet works seamlessly with Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE), Firefox and Opera browsers so that any downloaded files from these browsers will automatically be processed by EagleGet. Using multithreaded technology, EagleGet uses multithread download acceleration which significantly boosts transfer speeds by splitting large files into smaller parts and sending them simultaneously. Furthermore, the software enables fine grain control of downloads with its multiple download queues, sorting capabilities and speed limit settings – not to mention automatically refreshing expired download links to save both time and effort!

Once a download has finished, the software will notify your system tray so you can quickly open either its file or its directory with one click. It also shows details like the current transfer speed, progress bar, and other pertinent details for downloads currently underway – it even recognizes different categories such as music files, documents or videos!

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