EarthView Desktop Wallpaper and Screensaver

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screensaver that displays stunning views of our planet from space. Featuring high quality, colorful images that fit any screen resolution, EarthView showcases map and globe views, urban areas with city lights, atmospheric effects like clouds or rain clouds, local time display features, weather information as well as weather predictions from space.


The dynamic Earth View wallpaper and screensaver combines stunning imagery of our planet with real-time satellite feeds to bring up-to-the-minute views in real time. Powered by Google Earth and connecting directly to its satellite feeds, the software brings astonishing, realistic displays on desktop computers while offering plenty of customization options for personalizing the display experience.

EarthView offers many useful features, including switching between day and night views, adjusting cloud transparency levels, and showing city lights. Furthermore, users can zoom in or out and rotate objects around to observe them from multiple perspectives.

EarthView stands out as an impressive program by offering users the unique feature of creating virtual tours of any place – an especially useful capability when planning vacations or searching for homes. Users can take a virtual walkthrough of buildings or neighborhoods using this software and get an idea of what it would be like living there prior to making any definitive decisions. Furthermore, users are enabled to create and share 3D models of places.

EarthView is designed for easy and intuitive use, with a user interface that features familiar icons for common functions. There’s even a sidebar which provides quick access to Search, Places and Layers panels – it can even be hidden or displayed depending on your preference!

Navigation controls for EarthView include a joystick that allows users to easily move the perspective in the 3D viewer. In addition, non-mouse controllers are supported. To activate them, visit Tools > Options and check Enable Controller for Non-Mouse Navigation. EarthView can also be set to tilt its view in different ways to highlight certain parts of its terrain such as hilly landscapes or top-down views, or tilting left or right for top-down or horizon views.

The program features four maps of Earth with 10 km resolution or finer. One is included with the demo version; three more may be purchased separately as downloads – these compressed maps speed up download times considerably! Users may also purchase high resolution data subscriptions that allow for even more detailed maps to be accessed at their fingertips.


EarthView is an interactive wallpaper and screen saver that displays stunning imagery of our world day or night, creating vibrant, high-resolution views in any screen resolution (even beyond 3840×2160) through maps, globe views, urban areas with city lights, atmospheric effects such as clouds or local time display and even customizable clouds and lighting effects to meet individual preferences. EarthView supports map and globe views as well as urban areas with city lights or atmospheric effects – fully customizable so users can configure cities clouds lights etc according to personal tastes!

With its straightforward, user-friendly interface, Earth Mapper makes setting different settings easy and efficient. Adjust the zoom capability and angle to view captivating earth scenes. Furthermore, its low resource consumption enables it to work across various Windows platforms seamlessly.

This program makes use of NASA’s Blue Marble textures, and a bash script is provided to download their full per-month datasets (requires unix environment with wget). It generates world, cloud and normal maps with height data in their alpha channel allowing them to be used for parallax mapping as well as supersampling them to reduce artifacts or aliasing but at the cost of increasing file size and performance.

Your program allows you to set image updates at certain intervals or activate automatically when your computer is idle, showing or hiding clock and calendar as desired, customizing colors, fonts, sizes, backgrounds of supported views as desired – plus choosing whether or not to show a horizon line – while tilting terrain between 0 to 90 degrees!

EarthView offers an attractive way to add visual impact and personality to your PC desktop, serving both as a screensaver and time tracker when idle. Easy installation works well with most graphics cards; its free trial period may last for some time before buying a license is required if you want the full effect. Don’t miss out on creating the stunning scenes EarthView can create on your computer desktop!


EarthView is a screen saver and wallpaper program that creates an eye-catching view of our planet from space, giving your desktop an eye-catching display of both daytime and nighttime views, daylight/shadow playback options, as well as local time display/weather information/cloud display capabilities. EarthView makes an attractive 2-in-1 option that looks great on any desktop PC!

EarthView can easily be installed by simply clicking on the Download button and following its prompts. It will quickly become the default wallpaper and screensaver on your Windows PC so you can enjoy beautiful imagery of our planet at any point in time!

Change the color, icons and labels on a map as well as its zoom level to fit your preferences. Draw lines or shapes directly on the map, adjust size of placemark icons or measure distance between two points directly with distance measuring tools – you can even share this presentation by clicking on the Share icon!

Google Earth software is free to download and use, however if you require more maps with higher resolution then a subscription will be necessary. The demo version only comes with one map (although more can be downloaded via the Google Earth website). These maps offer 10-kilometer resolution; at 100% zoom levels one pixel on your screen corresponds with 10 kilometers on Earth.

EarthView, as an industry leader in trenchless technology, is dedicated to finding solutions tailored to meet your unique project requirements. We utilize various methods and equipment, including Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD). Our experienced team will find the optimal way to minimize disruption while creating cost-effective projects with efficiency.


EarthView (formerly Keyhole and Google Earth Pro) is a PC picture and display saver that displays stunning world landscapes. The software facilitates charting, globe sighting, metropolitan locations, city lamps, atmospheric results and nearby time screens – plus high-resolution satellite images of our planet! Available for Windows, Linux, Mac and Android systems alike – EarthView stands out as being one of the most comprehensive photo taking applications available for PCs today.

Notably, this product offers free cloud data; however, its resolution may be limited and only updated once daily. To maximize updates and resolution, purchasers of this license can do so on the secure order page.

An earth station license from the Federal Communications Commission grants any person or entity the legal permission to operate a radio station on a particular satellite. It typically contains information like call sign, file number, nature of service provided as well as operational conditions and limitations that must be adhered to before operating an earth station. Those interested in operating one should review all rules and regulations carefully to ensure they will not interfere with other authorized users in using spectrum resources.

Rules established under non-voice, non-geostationary mobile-satellite services require blanket earth station license applicants for non-voice and non-geostationary mobile-satellite systems to demonstrate that their transceiver operations won’t cause unacceptable interference to other authorized users of spectrum based on system information publicly available to the Commission at the time of application, while also complying with operational conditions placed upon any systems with which they’re authorized to communicate.

EarthView is a powerful tool designed to assist users in making informed decisions and understanding the environmental consequences of their actions. It enables users to construct 3D models and conduct spatial analyses and exploration, making it easier for them to communicate their findings to others. EarthView can especially come in handy during oil and gas exploration operations where being able to visualize reservoirs is key for successful well planning.

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