EarthView – Wallpaper and Screensaver From Space

Multiple spacecraft carried cameras capable of taking photos of Earth and Moon and compiling composite images into breathtaking panoramas that have since become widely-recognizable images.

EarthView is an alternative orbital rendering engine for FlightGear that was specifically created to produce credible visuals in these conditions. It does so by projecting a simple, textured sphere representing Earth into the scene using ray optics.


EarthView is a screensaver that enables you to transform your wallpaper with HD images of our planet, whether daytime or nighttime views and with or without cloud and weather elements.

The software offers various features that allow you to explore Earth at various points in time, such as a search panel, maps, the ability to fly around and zoom into particular locations on earth at will, atmospheric effects and cloud detail as well as local time display as well as numerous other options.

Another feature is the ability to produce videos from multiple images taken of one area, and share it on social media. This can help raise awareness for environmental issues like deforestation and crop yield decline; water temperature/salinity issues; as well as temperature and salinity fluctuations. This feature is especially helpful for raising awareness on specific matters.

Google Earth makes it possible to see our planet from an unprecedented 3D perspective, providing users with a three dimensional representation. You can choose to see either flat images of our world, or view it spherically which allows for easier pinpointing of Sun positions relative to our surface and selecting different colors of maps or backgrounds for world maps and backgrounds.

Take advantage of the program’s highlight tour, which will showcase top locations among thousands in its database. Or use its layer tool to build up an accurate mosaic map of our planet or choose one from providers offering historical datasets specific to certain regions.

The program features navigation controls such as a look joystick that rotates the view and tilts the image, as well as being used to pan in specific directions on a map. Furthermore, using the move joystick you can zoom in and out of view as needed. Furthermore, this application also displays coordinates, elevation information, imagery date information and streaming status on its status bar.


Earth View is an Earth-inspired wallpaper and screensaver program for Windows that transforms your desktop into an image of planet Earth as seen from space, complete with time of day in different parts of the globe, cloud cover conditions, weather forecasts, cloud cover charts and weather predictions. Easy to use yet resource efficient – perfect for older machines!

EarthView allows users to download additional maps from its developer’s website for download at no charge; however, subscription-based versions provide higher resolution and more accurate representations of Earth.

EarthView software can be configured to display either a map or globe, and users can choose which layers should be displayed in each view. Background color and texture settings allow users to further personalize the look of their desktop PC desktop environment. It is also possible to set how much detail should be shown at a time while changing between night-time to day-time mode as desired; the program can even be set to update images periodically or only after certain periods of inactivity have passed.

This software enables the user to search for specific cities worldwide and to select an area of interest. Furthermore, users have the option of setting it so it will start automatically every time they log on – saving them the hassle of manually starting it each time!

EarthView also allows users to zoom in or out using the mouse wheel, making EarthView easier for navigation while providing more details of a picture. Furthermore, users with multiple monitors can select where their screens should appear for optimal use.

As well as map and earth views, the software features various atmospheric effects such as fire, smoke and aurora borealis. Furthermore, you can configure it to show current weather forecast for a specific location.


EarthView Pro comes with a download license that provides access to current cloud data updates several times daily at high resolution, while EarthView Demo only provides low resolution clouds. This download applies for both EarthTime Pro and EarthView, providing fuller cloud coverage than expected.

Once an earth station application is reviewed and approved by Commission staff, the Bureau will issue a license. Each license follows a standard format with relevant identifying information included such as call sign of station site; nature and class of license; approved satellite points of communication that it can connect with; location and address of station site and any technical parameters it must abide by.

After being granted a license, a station may only operate under conditions which differ from those specified in its approved license by filing either a Modification of Licenced Stations (MLS) or Special Temporary Authorization (STA) form for immediate or temporary use of its station. This part of the rules outlines instances when modifications may be required and procedures for filing one and requesting STAs.

This rule part covers applications for blanket earth station networks in non-voice non-geostationary mobile satellite service applications. Transceiver applications must demonstrate that their operations won’t cause interference to other authorized users of the spectrum based on information available through the Commission. This section also details power limits for these networks, from low to high levels of transmitting and receiving power. Note that these limits don’t always apply to systems receiving only programming from satellites in other countries, as the Commission reviews and approves such networks on an individual basis. Furthermore, they don’t apply to transmissions that don’t directly relate to the mission of the satellite network.


EarthView is a desktop enhancement program that offers the option to change either your wallpaper or screen saver to show a live image of our planet as seen from space. In addition, EarthView allows for changing day/night views for specific cities as well as current weather conditions, along with providing other parameters that can be altered to create custom views unique to your computer such as font type size color parameters.

Earth View uses high-resolution satellite imagery to present our world as seen from above the clouds or from spacecraft in orbit. It offers a great way to experience it all afresh; using single or multiple locations simultaneously and updating automatically or whenever the computer is idle are among its many capabilities.

This program includes multiple maps of our planet with resolutions starting at 10 km per pixel, and allows users to download higher-resolution maps that allow for greater zoomability and details.

Earth View offers many convenient features, including switching between a map and globe view of the world, as well as showing it with daylight/night shadow effects and atmospheric effects. You can also select different seasons for certain locations so you can compare how it appears under rainy or snowy conditions.

EarthView offers both a free trial version and full purchase version at $9.99 each. While the free version only allows access to one map at once, purchasing can allow access to up to four maps at the same time.

The program is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X computers, and also comes in an edition for Chrome that can be found on Google Web Store. Users of the free version should ensure they use up-to-date browser and plugin versions; older ones could cause compatibility issues when used with this application.

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