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EarthView is a software program that creates stunning views of our planet Earth as wallpaper or screensaver on your computer. Producing colorful, high quality, high resolution images up to 2560×1600!

Bridgewater State University’s EarthView program has brought an interactive geography lesson into schools throughout Massachusetts. Providing an exciting, unique way of engaging students, this is sure to liven up geography classes!


Earth View is desktop software that enables you to view satellite images of our home planet as wallpaper or screen saver, providing stunning imagery from space that you can set as wallpaper or screen saver. Other features of the program include day and night cycles, weather conditions and seasons – making this an excellent way to relax while learning more about geography or astronomy – or just get a relaxing and beautiful perspective of Earth itself! This program makes a perfect companion for anyone interested in geography or astronomy; or anyone seeking an amazing cosmological perspective of our home planet!

Earth View images come from Google Earth and are captured by virtual photographers flying around the globe searching for interesting scenes. Each photo is created by layering data and applying different filtering and colorization effects that make the scene stand out, before saving as high-resolution files for use within Earth View app.

Earth View offers another feature to enhance your map experience – placing markers. Markers can be used to indicate locations of interest such as schools or restaurants. To add one, simply press “Add Location” and provide details like its name, country, latitude/longitude/timezone coordinates as well as colors/size preferences for its marker.

Other features include the ability to zoom in or out, adjust rotation angles and tilt angles, as well as set the zoom level. Furthermore, you have the option of showing or hiding clocks for different countries and current times in different time zones; and this app supports multiple monitors and map projections.

EarthView is free, while you can upgrade to Earth Plus for advanced features, including GPS integration which enables users to read tracks and waypoints from a GPS device and features only previously found in downloadable Google Earth app such as Street View and improved 3D viewing experience.


EarthView is a free dynamic wallpaper and screen saver program that uses Google Earth to display amazing images of our planet. Curated by virtual photographers flying around Google Earth looking for incredible landscapes to photograph, EarthView allows users to select any image as their wallpaper while also customizing their view by changing its size or position within their viewport.

It includes various maps to explore different regions of the world, with night/day views and atmospheric effects including cloud coverage. You can select specific cities/towns for display on desktop wallpaper and alter background color, day/night shadows and current time display settings as needed for each city/town.

This program can be installed on any Windows-based computer and supports most monitor resolutions, making it a fast, lightweight, and dependable application that has received great reviews from its many users. Note, however, that installation and updates require some storage space on disk.

EarthView features an intuitive user interface and is simple for even novice users to operate. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 operating systems and providing access to an extensive help file that details all its features and options, this download includes everything needed to begin exploring Earth’s depths.


Clouds may appear to be nuisances, but they play an essential role in weather patterns and provide invaluable insights into climate and ecological research. Clouds also reveal much about an area’s geography and history as satellite data maps demonstrate.

Decades of satellite observations and astronaut photos reveal that clouds predominate space-based views of Earth, often covering less than 10 percent. New maps, which have been described as a “cloud atlas”, give researchers an in-depth view of its atmosphere by analyzing satellite data at every km resolution around the globe.

Google and Yale University collaborated to produce maps which illuminate cloud distribution with astonishing clarity, unveiling many patterns that were otherwise hidden by previous satellite images, such as their tendency for clouds to form off western edges of continents due to ocean currents bringing water around the globe. Furthermore, these images reveal seasonal variation in how cloudy or clear skies may be on any given day.

It may not be the most useful piece of software in existence, but this program remains an entertaining and informative way to see our planet from space. Setting an image as your desktop background or screen saver is easy with this tool, while the images refresh at regular intervals giving users a new glimpse from different perspectives of our home planet. There are options to adjust zoom level, color temperature and map dimensions as well as tile resolution of 8192×8192 being preferred over lower-resolution tiles such as 1024×1024. In addition to world and cloud maps it also creates normal maps which display height information via alpha channel display!


EarthView is a dynamic wallpaper and screen saver that displays beautiful views of our planet Earth with day and night shadows, along with world map, weather information, atmospheric effects, clouds, customizable view parameters and multiple maps to select. Additionally, the program can be set to run at startup as an alternative to your default FG scenery!

It offers global live satellite images, rain radar and weather forecast maps – even your current location can be pinpointed on a map! There’s even a Hurricane Tracker and wildfire maps.

EarthView photographs are taken by virtual photographers flying around Google Earth looking for interesting shots to “take.” Zoomed-in shots can then be downloaded as desktop wallpaper or screensavers for desktop computers and screensavers, with more maps and features being added all of the time by EarthView developers.

MeteoEarth stands out among these alternatives with similar functionality and an easier user interface, supporting multiple monitors and all major operating systems.

The EarthView orbital rendering engine works by projecting a simple textured sphere representing Earth into the scene using ray optics, providing fast and relatively straightforward visuals for orbitals in FG. Unfortunately, Earthview doesn’t play well with atmosphere shader causing problems like fogging or mismatch between what ALS calculates as the horizon and Earth sphere itself – requiring that both systems must be deactivated before activation again for use of EarthView in FG.


Earth View is an easy wallpaper program that offers stunning aerial views of our planet from above. With simple controls and beautiful imagery, Earth View makes for an engaging background image or screen saver.

Google Earth uses satellite images gathered by Google from around the globe, with each pixel representing 10 kilometers on Earth. Google explains in its blog post: To take good satellite photographs from space, virtual photographers must first fly their satellite over landscape and select interesting parts as subjects to capture as high-resolution images; Google continuously adds new scenes.

As soon as you launch the program, a full-screen window appears showing a map of the globe with colored dots representing satellite images that you can click to download pictures or select as wallpaper that provides real-time weather conditions from different places around the globe.

Once your image has been downloaded, simply click a button to add it to your wallpaper or screensaver. Your wallpaper or screensaver will display it in full resolution – perfect for modern high-resolution displays! Additionally, you can select whether you want day or night views of maps as well as atmospheric effects and city lights for each map you use.

This program features many customizable settings you can tailor to your preferences, and the beauty is that each option works independently from one another – meaning you can easily design a wallpaper tailored just to your computer without switching between multiple tabs or programs. Unfortunately, however, this requires a fast Internet connection in order to download images quickly.

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