EaseUS Partition Master Review

EaseUS Partition Master is a free partition manager with many useful functions, including the ability to resize partitions, copy disks, merge adjacent partitions and migrate operating systems from one disk to another.

Solve low disk space issues on MBR and GPT drives under Windows with this efficient partition management program, offering reliable partitioning management features.


EaseUS Partition Master is an easy and secure disk partition management solution that enables you to create, delete, format, move and resize partitions without losing data. Its algorithms ensure that any work performed will not destroy or corrupt existing data on partitions being worked upon – however it’s wise to back up all relevant hard drive files prior to performing these operations on it.

This program boasts an intuitive user interface designed to take full advantage of Windows 11’s Fluent Design system, with the main home page displaying your disk drives, any unallocated spaces and menu options that can be accessed with one click of your mouse button. Furthermore, the program supports 15 languages – something often forgotten when dealing with technical applications.

One of the most useful features offered by this tool is the ability to clone disk partitions onto another hard drive or SSD, making this feature particularly helpful if upgrading performance or storage space are priorities, or when migrating data from an imperfect disk to working ones. Cloning can save both time and effort as reinstalling operating systems and all software packages associated with them becomes unnecessary.

This program not only lets you clone partitions, but it can also shrink or enlarge them without losing data. Splitting partitions to create more ones and merging two into a larger one are other useful techniques that make full use of available hard drive space. Plus, its built-in explorer provides access to hidden and system files.

EaseUS Partition Master can also perform many other tasks, such as checking disks for bad sectors and repairing them, changing partition labels and creating bootable disks, changing partition cluster sizes or even deleting an entire partition from a disk entirely to free up space for new files.


EaseUS Partition Master comes with both a free version for basic disk partitioning tasks, as well as the more comprehensive Professional edition with additional tools and functionality. Furthermore, the software can be purchased either on an annual or lifetime license with updates included.

Apart from partitioning and resizing features, this tool also enables cloning disks, converting MBR to GPT partitioning systems, upgrading disks and moving OS onto an SSD drive. Furthermore, this program can manage encrypted BitLocker partitions while optimizing HDD performance as well.

Another very useful feature is the ability to securely erase files or entire drives so they cannot be recovered by others. This feature can be especially beneficial when moving or selling an old computer as it eliminates any potential data recovery attempts from third parties. This feature is particularly important as deleted files may contain sensitive passwords, photographs or confidential data that you would prefer not be recoverable. The program supports MBR and GPT disks as well as USB, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) and IDE hard disks – even hardware RAIDed configurations! Furthermore, 32 and 64-bit Windows editions are both supported along with multiple languages including English as well as being provided customer service from knowledgeable representatives.


This software features an impressive variety of task wizards for partitioning, copying and recovering files on hard drives. Furthermore, there is excellent help files provided as an additional source of guidance; plus multilingual support makes the software accessible to much larger populations than many technical programs.

All of its features are intuitive and user-friendly. For instance, it allows users to change partition structures without rebooting; all functions are displayed graphically for easier navigation by even novice users. Furthermore, this program is relatively safe, asking users if they are certain about any changes being made; but it is prudent to back up data prior to editing a partition or altering its properties.

Resize/Move allows you to move and resize volumes on your hard disk without rebooting, which makes this feature ideal for businesses as it allows expanding an existing partition while keeping data intact; you can even resize multiple partitions at the same time! Furthermore, this software supports both NTFS and FAT partitions.

Split Partition allows you to divide a sizable partition without altering its data on either partition. Compatible only with NTFS and FAT partitions, this feature cannot split dynamic volumes but only stripes volumes.

Change Drive Letter is another fantastic feature, providing the ability to assign a different drive letter for any partition. This function is particularly helpful for servers which need specific drive letters in order to operate successfully, with its intuitive graphical user interface making it simple for you to select your drive letter and enter any additional descriptions or comments about its purpose.

Clone is another helpful feature, enabling you to create an exact copy of a disk partition or system. You have the option of copying either all or just part of a disk, including its operating system partition; additionally there’s the capability of setting target disk capacity which may help when making larger clones. Though the process takes some time and is safe and secure.

Final Words

EaseUS Partition Master offers users with various incredible tools for partition management, including creating, resizing, moving, cloning and merging partitions as well as backing up or restoring data from hard drives. Unfortunately though, macOS users won’t be able to take advantage of its functionality; but don’t fret because other amazing solutions exist that offer similar services!

EaseUS Partition Master provides another useful feature by creating bootable disks, which are useful in cases when your operating system becomes corrupted and your PC becomes unbootable. EaseUS will rebuild the MBR for you so you can quickly restart it.

As well as managing partitions, this software also can assist with Windows OS upgrades, disk cloning, data transfers between HDDs or SSDs and even switching HDDs or SSDs for backup purposes. Plus, its adaptable nature makes it an excellent way to oversee an enterprise infrastructure.

EaseUS provides many features, with some requiring subscription. While its free version has limited capabilities, it can still help manage partitions and secure data. Meanwhile, its professional version offers additional capabilities, including resizing partitions without rebooting and creating bootable disks; recovering previous partitions if an operation is interrupted; copying entire drives without data loss and supporting both NTFS and FAT file systems making using EaseUS easier with business operating systems.

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