EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUS Todo Backup is an efficient backup program that offers robust data protection. This versatile software features various backup types including system image backup and disk cloning – its user-friendly interface makes using it straightforward for users of all levels.

IT professionals can easily deploy and schedule backup tasks across an entire business environment, while supervisors can monitor and control them through one unified interface.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an intuitive Windows backup program with a user-friendly interface designed for quick backups of files, folders, disk/partitions, systems, emails, databases and emails. Users can create backups of files, folders, disk/partitions, system emails and databases before restoring them either directly from this computer or dissimilar hardware. Furthermore, the program creates bootable recovery USB drives so you can retrieve your data in case of an emergency, while universal restore also restores all PC components back into working condition without having to reinstall Windows and all programs individually.

One of the main features that distinguish Todo Backup from other free disk imaging tools is its incremental backup feature, which saves storage space by avoiding duplicative data with typical usage. Furthermore, its multiple backup plan management and automatic deletion of old backups is particularly helpful in keeping disk space free; unfortunately however it does not include folder exclusion functionality that would prevent you from backing up duplicate data daily.

Todo Backup can perform various backup jobs immediately or on a scheduled basis, from file, disk and system backups to cloning disks of various sizes across hard drives of different sizes. Unfortunately this tool can sometimes be slow when copying large files, and sometimes wants to increase partition sizes without actually needing too.

Todo Backup’s main advantage lies in its ability to back up to any cloud service selected by its user. This enables Todo to protect data in case of physical disaster while quickly and easily restoring on new hardware if needed – an invaluable feature for small business owners looking to minimize downtime while protecting valuable information in case of disaster.

EaseUS Todo Backup can save data to external hard drives, SD cards, network drives and NAS devices in addition to cloud backup services, making it ideal for businesses that rely on centralised servers that need one platform for all of their backup needs.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an all-in-one data protection solution suitable for both home and business use, offering users automated backup of directories & files, compressed file images for space savings, encrypted backups to protect privacy, as well as working without much manual input and offering fair prices for their services. Although Todo Backup works efficiently without much manual input from its users and offers fair prices for its services; some improvements to its user interface and customer support could improve its overall functionality.

Backups are vitally important for individuals and businesses alike as they can protect information against loss or theft. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or funds available to manually back up their files regularly – this is why automated backup tools like Todo Backup exist: they protect data against threats like malware attacks and natural disasters as well as help decrease downtime caused by hardware/software malfunction.

Todo Backup’s automated backup features aside, it also has the capacity to quickly and effortlessly restore backed-up data quickly and effortlessly. This feature can prove especially valuable to businesses needing to quickly recover files or entire systems after hardware failure and reduce downtime during virus attacks or ransomware outbreaks.

Todo Backup offers users an effective solution to backing up and restoring an operating system from one computer to another, making this feature especially helpful for businesses that utilize multiple computers or wish to switch systems over. Compatible with both PCs and Mac computers.

Todo Backup not only offers backup and recovery features, but can also clone disks or partitions if necessary for replacement drives, OS installations on different computers or reinstall applications – as well as creating bootable recovery disks! This can come in very handy if replacing hard drives is an option or creating bootable recovery drives is.

Todo Backup’s free edition provides some basic scheduling functions, while its premium version offers Smart Backup that automatically monitors and updates selected backup sets. Furthermore, Todo Backup supports encryption to protect personal data against theft. Furthermore, Todo Backup works perfectly with NAS devices – an ideal option for businesses wanting to store their backups in the cloud.


EaseUS Todo Backup software is an ideal choice for individuals who wish to quickly and effortlessly back up their data without spending a great deal of time doing it. Its intuitive design makes it an effortless process, supporting an array of devices. There is even a free version available; most users find this sufficient; for those needing extra features however, upgrading can be done.

Todo Backup Free is an all-in-one backup solution designed to securely back up files and entire drives on Windows computers. It works by creating an image file of each drive; should something go wrong later on with your PC, this file can help restore its content – an added feature is recovery USB which lets you create bootable recovery disks easily.

BackupMyData offers comprehensive system, file, disk/partition and database backup capabilities, along with automatic file updates to ensure they stay current. In addition, this tool features universal restore which makes upgrading to new hardware easier by saving both time and effort with its one-step restore solution.

Todo Backup offers an alternative to online services; you can back up your system on physical or virtual drives with Todo Backup, supporting various hard drives including SSDs. Furthermore, Todo Backup can even assist with migrating hard drives between machines if necessary and it also backs up operating systems – an essential feature if switching machines.

Todo Backup offers small businesses a range of backup and disaster recovery solutions at an accessible and reasonable price point. Its user-friendly software package makes managing backup tasks for Windows desktops, servers and VMs effortless; its network drives feature, image reserve strategies and password protection make it ideal for businesses as it gives a single point to manage multiple jobs simultaneously.


EaseUS Todo Backup is supported by an experienced team of technicians that offer around-the-clock support to users, with features like the ability to restore data from previous backups at any time; especially useful for businesses needing to ensure data integrity. In addition, advanced features like backing up all files, disks, partitions and including an emergency bootable function enable recovery in case of emergency situations.

The program makes it simple and secure to store backups on any hard drive, external device, FTP server, network share, NAS drive or CD/DVD – or even cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. Furthermore, using Smart Backup, all files and settings can be instantly stored for disaster recovery with just a few clicks – perfect for keeping all of your important documents safe in an emergency!

Pre-OS Backup is another fantastic feature, which allows you to make bootable backups of the operating system before you install it. This feature is essential if you require access to the system without using bootable disk or USB. Although rare among backup programs, Pre-OS Backup could come in handy in the event of malware infection or hardware failure.

EaseUS Todo Backup stands out from its competition by offering a free version that covers all its basic features, and comes complete with a 30-day refund policy and technical support for business customers. In addition, you can purchase extended warranties of one year ($999), two years ($1399) or even lifetime coverage ($2499) to give yourself extra peace of mind.

Premium editions of ToDo Backup feature an innovative Universal Restore option that enables disk image backups to be restored across dissimilar hardware, and the Security Zone protection tool within these editions helps mitigate any damage from ransomware or malware attacks by monitoring all backed-up files for signs of unauthorised changes – an improvement over previous versions that tended to limit support for this type of issue.

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