EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUS Todo Backup was developed with user friendliness in mind despite its many sophisticated functions, as well as full support for AES 256-bit encryption – an indispensable feature.

This software also features disaster recovery tools designed specifically for home users, using incremental and differential backup schemes that conserve disk space.


EaseUS Todo Backup is one of the most comprehensive backup and recovery solutions on the market, boasting features such as disk/partition backup, file/folder cloning and disaster recovery tools to help restore files back to earlier points in time. Furthermore, you can store your backup to an online cloud drive for added protection and ease.

Todo Backup goes beyond basic backup and restoration capabilities to also offer advanced clone cloning abilities for partitions, disks, and systems – making it simple to upgrade hard drives or migrate your OS onto new hardware with just one step! This feature can especially help those wanting to save space. The program supports MBR/GPT disks as well as hardware RAID.

EaseUS Todo Backup’s notable feature is its advanced encryption and password protection capabilities, which protect your backups from unapproved access or any malware attacks. Furthermore, this software enables you to create bootable images which can help recover your system even when your computer becomes inoperable.

The software can also be used to back up external drives, SD cards, NAS drives and network storage. With its user-friendly interface making it simple to understand and navigate. Furthermore, its installation on multiple computers makes creating customized settings simple; additionally it’s capable of backing up multiple operating systems – making it ideal for both home and small business users alike.

Though this software is quite comprehensive, it does have its limitations. Some premium features are only available through paying, such as email notifications and event-based backups; other than that it takes some time to complete backups; but customer service offers superior assistance, including live chat and phone assistance; furthermore updates ensure compatibility with Windows OS upgrades.


Todo Backup offers various pricing plans, ranging from free to professional grade. Paid plans offered by Todo include Home and Professional editions as well as an optional Cloud Backup subscription service, while their Free edition provides access to much of the core functionality typically reserved for premium versions such as file-level backup and system image backup support, space conservation measures like full incremental differential schemes as well as differential incremental backup schemes.

One feature that sets Todo Backup apart from competitors is its support for multiple storage devices, such as external hard drives, USB drives and network storage. Furthermore, cloud backup allows users to securely save their data in remote locations – but its user experience may be cumbersome and require too many steps.

Todo Backup’s Home version features AES 256-bit backup file encryption, application/application data backup/restore for Apple Mail (for example), bootable Windows rescue disk and Disk/System Clone capabilities, folder sync feature for keeping multiple copies of files synced, folder migration from an older platter hard drive to SSD, as well as migration of old hard drives with content on them to new SSD drives.

Other premium features offered by this company are email notifications, event-based backups, custom commands, offsite copying, file type-based backups and Smart Backup. Furthermore, its Home plan provides for a single restore point to help in case the computer becomes damaged or lost.

Contrasting UBackit, Todo Backup provides more comprehensive features for both desktops and servers. Its business-grade versions can handle scalable backups of multiple computers or servers at the same time and also come equipped with P2V/PXE features for advanced backup needs; however its backups can sometimes be slow and unreliable.

EaseUS Todo Backup can be found at Mr Key Shop in several versions designed to meet various needs and use cases. Home and Personal editions are tailored for home and small office users while Workstation Server and Advanced Server editions cater more towards IT professionals working in enterprise environments. Furthermore, all our products come backed with top-class technical support that includes phone calls, emails and live chat services.


EaseUS Todo Backup is widely considered one of the most reliable backup tools on the market and provides users with an array of features designed to protect their data in case of system crashes, hardware failure or human error. By creating backups at an operating system level (OS level), disk, partition or file level (file level backups), or at all three, users can rest easy knowing their most essential files are protected – it even clones drives and migrates computers if required!

Users of Todo Backup can save their backups to any convenient device – from local hard drives and external USB/SD cards, network drives and NAS servers to cloud storage provided by EaseUS with 250GB free storage space – through Todo Backup software. The program automatically detects the size of any saved backups before compressing them using compression techniques to reduce storage usage; additionally it offers email notifications during backup processes so users know their data has been safely stored away.

Todo Backup offers multiple backup solutions and data recovery in the event of system crashes or hardware failure. Users can choose a specific date and time to restore files, folders or partitions with this software. Furthermore, automated backups can run at regular intervals throughout the day as well as daily, weekly or monthly schedules, making life much simpler!

For those in need of extra support, Todo Backup offers an expansive knowledge base which covers common issues and solutions. In addition, a Premium 1-on-1 remote support service can be purchased depending on what assistance is required – an excellent option for those needing extra assistance with their backup needs who are willing to pay more for extra help with backup needs. Furthermore, this backup tool can easily handle personal and business data backup needs, making it an excellent choice.


EaseUS Todo Backup offers a comprehensive suite of features for disk and system backups as well as files and folder backups, with flexible options to back them up to external devices, cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive and CD/DVD. Furthermore, there is also recovery capabilities to restore data in case of disaster.

An essential feature of any backup software is being able to encrypt its content, and EaseUS Todo Backup offers this ability through AES 256-bit encryption, providing one of the strongest protection measures of any comparable product.

An additional handy feature of Bootable Image Creator is its ability to help create bootable images of your operating system that can then be used in case your computer becomes unbootable, such as when malware has rendered your PC unusable – giving you a way of going back in time before any issues surfaced.

EaseUS Todo Backup comes equipped with additional tools to safeguard your data in the event of a disaster, such as “Security Zone”. By creating a dedicated partition within an existing disk for backup files to be stored securely and protect them against ransomware attacks and other potential threats that might compromise their integrity, EaseUS Todo Backup offers additional ways to help safeguard its customers against disaster.

This program also has the capability of calculating how much space a backup requires in its destination folder, so you can ensure there is enough free space prior to initiating its process. Furthermore, it can be set to run at regular intervals throughout the day or weekly as desired.

EaseUS Todo Backup offers an extensive support portal with online user manuals, knowledge base articles, video tutorials and an FAQ section should any issues arise with using their program. In addition, they offer premium one-on-one remote assistance via TeamViewer so if needed you can speak directly with someone about your issue.

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