EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is an integrated disk/partition/system backup solution with the additional feature of cloning, providing users with an effective backup solution to upgrade their system, replace old hard drives or recover lost data.

Users can quickly and easily back up files, folders, drives and application data using this application. Furthermore, it provides options for protecting images with password protection as well as offsite copy.

What is EaseUS Todo Backup?

EaseUS Todo Backup is a data backup solution designed for workstations (desktop computers and PCs), physical servers and virtual servers. The program can back up files, folders, disks and partitions as well as restore wholesale system images for wholesale restoration purposes. Furthermore, this tool can clone disks and partitions; migrate operating systems to new disks/SSDs; create bootable WinPE and Linux emergency disks; backup images can be encrypted for security; password protect them for extra safety; images can remain active for so many days; finally compressed backups save space when storage.

Software includes an inbuilt recovery engine to quickly restore an operating system without needing to reinstall it on another device, while creating an image of all hard drives for easier restoration in case of hardware failure. A free trial version is also available, while paid plans start from $29.99 monthly for Home.

Paid plans provide additional features, such as the ability to clone disks and partitions and transfer the operating system between hard drives. There’s also the ability to backup Windows systems at block level while they’re running – a powerful protection against ransomware attacks and malware infections. Paid plans provide solid or exceptional backup speeds depending on which plan you choose; you can connect Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc to enable online backups; plus it supports backing up external USB drives automatically in the background.

Back up all your data

EaseUS Todo Backup can protect both your entire system or just individual files. Furthermore, this tool enables you to create a bootable emergency disk so you can restore your system before Windows boots up – an excellent way of protecting data in case of hardware failure or accidental deletion.

Once you’ve chosen your backup destination (local drive, external drive, NAS server, FTP server or one of the supported cloud storage services), click “Options” for advanced settings. Here, you can configure compression, password protection and email notifications – as well as calculate how much space will be consumed before beginning the job.

This program can back up a disk or partition while you use it, and automatically delete out-of-date backup images. It supports full, incremental and differential backup methods as well as encryption/compression backups to save storage space. Furthermore, regular emails will notify you about the status of your backups.

EaseUS Todo Backup stands out as one of the most reliable backup programs available, with some potential flaws such as slowness in restoring large files and infrequent email notification of backup completion. I still recommend it to anyone seeking to protect their data against hardware failure or accidental deletion; and Mr Key Shop provides licensed copies at a fraction of retail cost for testing purposes.

Restore your data with ease

EaseUS Todo Backup allows you to perform a restore of your data. You can recover files, folders and partitions with an option for selecting which drive or location on a drive you’d like the restored data to go. Furthermore, sector by sector backup can include all sectors including empty ones which may come in handy in cases of file system errors; plus you can choose whether or not viewing or editing is enabled during recovery.

Backup options include external drives, network attached storage (NAS) drives or network storage solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive for online backup solutions. You can set a schedule that automatically executes backups at specified points or intervals of time; choose compression, password protection and email notification features when setting this up as an online solution.

When experiencing issues with backup or restoration, EaseUS Todo Backup’s support center can assist. There are plenty of guides to get you going quickly; premium 1-on-1 Remote Assistance allows for direct interaction with technicians via TeamViewer for further help; plus customer service representatives can be reached both email or telephone for additional support.

Ease of use

EaseUS Todo Backup features an easy-to-use interface that makes using this software for all sorts of backup and restoration tasks effortless. You can quickly back up entire systems or specific files; schedule backups at regular intervals throughout the day; support incremental and differential backup; compress images at different levels to save disk space; encrypt backups for added protection – this software has it all!

Clone drives and partitions with this software to quickly upgrade hard drives or reinstall Windows, take a snapshot of your entire system (including operating system and settings) or transfer files between hard drives. Its cloning function also comes in handy when moving files between hard drives.

Backup for Email can also back up email messages and attachments – perfect when storing email data on an external hard drive! You can set an email alert to keep track of backup status; additionally, this program also runs OS partition backups on schedule – something not all programs offer.

Mr Key Shop provides EaseUS Todo Backup customers with a product key and download link, making the installation and activation of this program effortless. If for any reason, within 30 days after purchasing it they wish for their money back – compatibility with all versions of Windows as well as regular feature updates ensure an optimal experience – with our customer support team on standby for any inquiries or support issues that arise.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an ideal choice for both business and home use due to its intuitive user interface, making system backup, disk cloning, recovery drive creation and recovery seamless tasks.

Professionals can use this software to manage multiple servers, automate image backups, and monitor everything real time from one central dashboard. Furthermore, it can clone an entire system onto USB storage device so you can move to new hardware without losing data.

The company provides multiple plans tailored to individual users’ individual needs and usage habits. Personal users can take advantage of a free version that features partition and drive imaging, image culling, scheduling and pre-boot environments (for recovering Windows OS). There are also paid plans which provide more advanced functionality such as EaseUS Todo Backup Server for Businesses, Technician and Workstation; each providing its own set of features.

Mr Key Shop provides a straightforward buying experience, making downloading EaseUS Todo Backup licenses from them effortless and straightforward. Once payment has been made, they deliver all of the information and download links necessary for an installation, plus genuine activation codes so you can begin using them confidently as soon as possible. Should any queries arise during their purchase process or installation process, Mr Key Shop provides first-class support through phone, email and live chat – giving them peace of mind at every turn!

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