EaseUS Todo Backup Review

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup is a robust yet user-friendly backup software solution, perfect for protecting all of your important data without data loss. Cloning hard disks, migrating systems to new HDD/SSDs or upgrading without data loss are just some of the capabilities provided.

The 2023 Home Edition offers an exceptional combination of backup, imaging and disk cloning features that set it apart from its competition – not least by being available as a one-time purchase with lifetime upgrades included in its purchase price.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an extensive tool with an impressive set of features designed to assist with backing up, cloning and recovering files and operating systems. Boasting multiple methods for backing up computer systems – local storage drives, NAS/network drives or one of several mainstream 3rd party cloud providers such as Dropbox/Google Drive are among them – the program features a powerful boot disk building tool which creates WinPE/Linux boot disk images that can later be used to restore backups or recover an operating system cloning/cloning operation.

Backups can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and include both file and system level backups as well as differential or incremental versions of each image. They can even be compressed for space savings on target storage medium. Furthermore, there’s the option to password protect backups. Restore can then take place either to their original locations or back out to recovery locations created using Boot Disk Builder which offers easy use and is flexible in its design.

Cloning a hard disk or partition is a useful technique that enables users to duplicate an entire hard drive for purposes such as migrating a system onto a new drive, upgrading an existing disk or creating a standby hard drive. Cloning can either be performed sector by sector or fasterened up significantly to significantly decrease completion time and utilize various advanced settings like optimizing for SSD and verifying before proceeding with operation.

This program can also be set to automatically delete older backup versions once a newer one has been downloaded, helping keep backup sizes down while providing access to current copies in case of emergency. An especially helpful feature is mounting backup images as folders in Explorer for easy searching and file restoration within these images.


EaseUS Todo Backup is an all-round software application for backing up and restoring files, featuring an impressive range of features that make it user-friendly and competitive pricing with other leading solutions. Furthermore, Todo Backup now includes some premium upgrades to provide additional peace of mind.

Todo Backup Home Plan features cloud storage for keeping backups safe and secure while also offering users multiple locations from which they can backup their data. AI Smart Backup can take incremental backups throughout the week, automatically scanning hard drives for changes, saving users both time and energy when performing backups themselves; or it can clone an identical copy of an original drive!

Todo Backup 2022 boasts an improved interface and performance, making its new sleek design easier for both experienced users and novice users alike. Though still not as intuitive as some competing programs, Todo Backup’s 2022 edition represents an immense improvement from previous iterations; additionally it boasts several useful features that make it a valuable asset in any business setting.

Todo Backup offers plans tailored for both businesses and consumers. Their basic home plan includes up to 250GB of online storage space with free trial access and lifetime updates; their premium upgrades provide offsite backup, tech support, P2V migration migration support – features worth investing in to ensure that information remains accessible at all times.

Advanced Business Edition for enterprises and service providers also comes equipped with cost-effective disk-based backup and recovery solution that protects Windows servers against costly hardware failure, minimizes business downtime, provides a centralized console to monitor systems and devices and helps businesses avoid expensive replacement solutions while increasing profitability of business ventures.

Millions of users worldwide rely on this backup and recovery program as the market leader, and for good reason. Its intuitive user interface enables anywhere access, supports multiple languages, has numerous features, and is supported by a team dedicated to answering customer issues.


If you need an effective backup program, Todo Backup may be just what you’re searching for. The free version offers all the essential features of a comprehensive solution such as cloning and backing up files as well as scheduling backups so your files are always safe from damage.

One feature we particularly value about Todo Backup is its support for full system partition backups – not all backup programs provide this capability! Having this ability could prove extremely helpful should your operating system fail unexpectedly. Moreover, Todo Backup supports backup to any location including hard drive partitions, network drives, USB devices and external drives and supports multiple image compression levels that save disk space while sending email notifications regarding their status.

Todo Backup stands out from other backup programs with its ability to create bootable disks. This feature can come in handy if you need to restore an entire system partition or disk, and works well when combined with WinPE or Linux boot CD. Furthermore, Todo Backup supports hot backup – meaning it can back up data while it is being actively used – something many other backup programs cannot.

EaseUS Todo Backup’s user interface has recently been refreshed and simplified, making it easier for first-time users to use. Backup options are clearly laid out while the interface resembles folders found within Windows, making navigation simple for any user. In addition, Todo Backup features a “Pre-OS” mode, which lets you run it before Windows boots up; this can prove particularly helpful during failed OS installations or failed bootable media issues.

Todo Backup includes an extensive support center with an online help manual, knowledge base articles, video tutorials and an FAQ section. In addition, Todo Backup also features premium 1-on-1 remote assistance services that let you speak directly with an engineer about any issues you’re having.


EaseUS Todo Backup should be your top choice if you need reliable and comprehensive backup, imaging and disk cloning functionality. At $59 for an endless licence with lifetime upgrades it offers an attractive alternative to subscription-only plans which may prove more costly in the long run.

EaseUS Todo Backup offers an excellent set of features to back up and restore files from both Windows OS and applications/programs, including images of whole hard drives. Furthermore, this tool makes cloning entire drives possible; replacing old hard drives with new ones quickly and simply; this process takes only seconds per disk/partition (though make sure its capacity exceeds that used up by its source counterpart!).

This program makes it simple and quick to mount backups, making it easy to browse and recover files from an image file. Furthermore, the boot disk creation feature makes this an invaluable asset should your operating system become corrupted or lost – an especially helpful option in case of complete system failure! Likewise, scheduled system partition backups provide peace of mind.

Also noteworthy are functions to estimate how much space will be needed for backups in their target folder, and assigning a separate security partition which cannot be accessed via Windows Explorer and may require password authentication for access.

EaseUS Todo Backup’s free edition offers many useful tools, but for maximum flexibility and power upgrade to the full Home version. These include email notifications, event-based backups, custom commands, offsite copying and file type-based Smart Backup backup. In addition, its full Home edition also allows cloning system partitions – an invaluable feature which makes the software highly versatile; unfortunately however, its free edition only permits one computer installation while its full Home counterpart offers unlimited installation licenses.

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