Easy Driver Review – A Review of a Driver Updater Program

Easy Driver

If your computer performance is suffering, updating its device drivers may help. Driver Easy is an efficient driver updater program which can scan for outdated ones before providing updated versions.

On certain versions of this board (V4.4 for example), the silk screen labels for MIN/MAX adjustment pot are in reverse. Be wary!


This program utilizes a scanning process to detect outdated drivers and provide users with a list of available updates for each device, helping users address lagging, freezing, system crashes and performance issues while also improving performance. They may select from either downloading the individual driver from this list, or opt for an automatic function which updates all drivers simultaneously.

This tool contains a large database of drivers which is updated every day, making it quick and easy to detect any outdated or incorrectly installed ones. It is intended to save both time and frustration by eliminating manual searches on random, possibly sketchy websites; once retrieved they can be downloaded and installed with one click making this solution one that provides quick results without requiring user intervention.

This software features an attractive dark-mode interface that is user-friendly and provides helpful details about the hardware components in your machine. Furthermore, there is an extensive backup feature in case something goes wrong with updated drivers; additionally it can be set to scan at specific times and even wake up your PC as necessary.

Not unlike some other driver update products, this one offers an offline scanning function which enables users to generate a driver analysis file on any computer without internet access and then transfer it onto one with internet connectivity and complete the process. Furthermore, users with unstable systems may use this program to roll back drivers that were updated. It also has an extensive FAQ section with answers for most questions about it.


Driver Easy stands out among its competition as an effective driver updater, quickly and safely finding and updating drivers quickly. Furthermore, it also has some extra features, including keyword searching and adding drivers to an ignore list; and can scan for updates daily. Furthermore, this program does not contain any adware, spyware, or malware, while offering secure downloading via HTTPS connection and using HTTPS encryption when transacting online with others.

Driver Easy offers the unique feature of backing up and restoring drivers, something not found in most other programs. This feature can come in handy if ever changes made by Driver Easy need to be reversed; additionally it may help identify drivers for devices not even connected directly to your PC, like printers and phones.

Driver Easy does a good job at finding compatible drivers, but not all will be compatible with all systems. Therefore, before installing any new drivers it’s wise to create a system restore point and/or back up existing drivers using DriverEasy before doing so.

Overall, Driver Updater Pro is an outstanding tool for updating drivers. The interface is extremely user-friendly, while being fast and reliable – not to mention free to try! However, one downside might be some features are only available to Pro users – potentially frustrating newcomers.

Hardware Info

Driver Easy’s primary feature is its ability to identify outdated drivers and update them automatically, but the program also boasts several other useful functions that make it worth considering – for instance, its “Hardware Info” feature provides detailed information about your computer’s CPU, motherboard, RAM and graphics card – perfect if your PC is running slowly or experiencing other issues.

BigEasyDriver 2.0 supports bipolar stepper motors up to 750mA per phase with its Allegro A3967 chip supporting full, half, 1/4 and 1/8 microstepping modes – defaulting to 8 steps per revolution but you can change this by connecting MS1 and MS2 pins to ground.

On a driver chip, there are four pins designated A and B that connect the motor connections for motor coil connections. According to its datasheet, one coil should connect across these A pins while its counterpart connects across B pins – on BigEasydriver these pins are labeled as A1 and A2, as shown above in photo.

RST, SLP and ENABLE are other inputs of the driver chip that provide other capabilities: RST resets the internal translator while SLP reduces power consumption by disabling output drivers when pulled low; with ENABLE you can then enable or disable output drivers as you please when pulled high or pulled low respectively. Furthermore, using APWR you can supply 5V (or 3.3V) from your voltage regulator at very small current levels in order to power other parts of your robot or project by pulling enough current out to warm the regulator up while providing enough current pull current to warm the regulator up a bit before leaving it completely before pulling enough current from it completely before pulling enough current out from its regulator before switching it on.


Easy Driver is an effective program, but not as user-friendly as some of its rivals. Nevertheless, its scheduler allows for automated scanning at set intervals to identify outdated drivers; and its backup and restore feature provides peace of mind should any accidental updates occur.

Easy Driver offers another handy feature with its Hardware Info tab, which displays information about the components on your system. While useful, this information would be better presented through another means – like Windows Device Manager for instance – so as not to make navigation cumbersome.

If you want more from Easy Driver, why not consider upgrading to its Pro version? This upgrade provides additional handy tools not included in the free edition such as being able to scan offline for drivers and an uninstall tool.

While having Easy Driver handy can be beneficial, you may also find most of your drivers on manufacturers’ websites directly if your device has outmoded drivers. This is particularly applicable if using older hardware with outdated drivers. Note that the download limits provided with this software may prove cumbersome when trying to update drivers regularly, and create system restore points before making any changes. Also be mindful that some so-called free driver update utilities available online may actually be paid programs disguised as free downloads bundled together with video recording/streaming software and download managers that contain these utilities.


Driver Easy Pro users will have access to additional options within this area:

Valet Mode: By turning this option on, all settings associated with the current driver profile (such as mirror and steering wheel positions) are saved automatically, meaning when using key cards or the app to enter Model Y again the system will adjust them itself without you needing to do anything at all. You can enable or disable this setting at any time.

Driver Profile Settings: Here, you can create new driver profiles for family or friends and associate them with your car. When using one, simply touch its name at the top of the screen, follow onscreen instructions, and move mirror and seat positions as directed by that profile. Alternatively, check “Use Easy Entry” if you’d like your vehicle’s seat and steering wheel automatically adjusted so entering or exiting Model Y becomes simpler.

Inputs: The RST and SLP input pins serve as logic inputs that enable FET functionality within the motor driver chip. By setting these Logic Inputs high, outputs can be disabled when pulled low reducing power consumption. Furthermore MS1 and MS2 digital Inputs control microstepping mode.

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