EasyBCD Review


EasyBCD is a free and open source program that enables users of all levels of expertise to take control of their Windows bootloader. Additionally, it supports advanced features like verbose boot logging and CPU core caps.

Using its user-friendly graphical interface, editing is quick and painless. Users can add, rename, remove, configure or reorder entries without hassle or delay. In addition, this program comes equipped with tools that help mitigate disaster by creating entries to boot into recovery utilities or safe mode in case of disaster.

What is EasyBCD?

EasyBCD is a program that helps you maintain and repair the Windows boot loader with its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for novice and expert users alike. Furthermore, its powerful multiboot features make this software download an essential resource. Freely available and featuring features comparable to those offered by competing multiboot tools such as GRUB2Win.

EasyBCD stands out from its competition with its user-friendly interface, organized logically. All tools and options you require for boot loader configuration are on the left-hand side, along with an overview of boot loader settings at the top. Other features are organized into categories like Edit menu entries, View configuration and Advanced options to provide quick access.

EasyBCD allows you to configure dial boots between versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS, or between it and Linux – even between them both! It can also be used to debug or create test operating systems.

Beyond its basic functionality, Advanced Boot Image Creator also offers several advanced user features that may prove invaluable, such as scripting, NeoGrub support and changing active flags. Furthermore, it’s capable of creating backups of BCD bootloader and restoring them if necessary, creating bootable USB drives so you can take your recovery or repair tools with you on the road as well.

EasyBCD stands out from other multiboot programs by being available free for personal, non-commercial use on its official website and can be easily downloaded for personal use from there. If desired, an additional commercial license may also be purchased to gain additional features and support.

EasyBCD offers an intuitive graphical user interface, making it simple and efficient for beginners, but takes longer to learn than its command-line equivalent. Once familiarized, however, EasyBCD becomes much simpler if something goes wrong with your computer.

It is a multi-booting tool

Easy BCD is a multi-booting tool with an intuitive graphical user interface designed to simplify managing the boot loader on your system. You can use it to add multiple operating systems, rearrange them in the boot menu and even create recovery USBs if required. Furthermore, its numerous useful tools make managing and troubleshooting issues possible without needing to restart.

Easy BCD’s best feature is its ability to manage various boot files. Compatible with both UEFI and BIOS-based computers, as well as Windows versions 7, 8/8.1/10/11/12, Linux OSX/mac OSX versions 10.6. The program can be easily downloaded for free from its developer’s website and installed quickly on most Windows machines.

Once you’ve downloaded Easy BCD, configuring your boot menu takes only a few clicks. First step should be selecting the operating system to add. Next step will be entering name and description information about it before finally selecting where the operating system lives on your hard drive.

Next, create an entry for the operating system you intend to install by clicking “Add a New Entry” in the GUI. When added, this entry can be customized in various ways such as how it appears in boot menu and whether or not it should become default option.

Configuring the boot menu also enables you to set options that will appear, including links to official support sites for your operating system and your contact info. Furthermore, adding recovery utilities or safe mode boot entries could save your life in case your computer becomes infected with malware or corrupted.

The software is user-friendly and provides a straightforward layout, with each function organized under its own button displayed on the left-hand side of the window and additional info being shown on the right-hand side of your window depending on what you click on.

It is free

EasyBCD is a free utility that enables you to switch the boot loader of your computer. This enables you to set up dual-boots between different versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple’s Mac OS X and open source Linux operating systems as well as troubleshoot issues with bootloaders or any aspect of the operating system itself. Furthermore, EasyBCD features BCD utilities which help reset or repair and recreate boot files on your system.

This program is user-friendly, featuring a user-friendly interface that presents current settings and entries in the boot menu on the left side of the screen. There are buttons available to view or modify these settings or add new entries; clicking one will display information related to that function in a window on the right of the screen.

Change the default entry easily using the Edit Boot Menu screen by simply clicking and marking your preferred item as default. For an extra touch, use Countdown from… to set how much time should elapse before selecting an entry as default.

Another useful feature is creating a bootable USB flash drive loaded with repair utilities for convenient portability, so that when your PC breaks down you always have the tools at your fingertips to fix it.

Installing this program takes only minutes and can be downloaded directly from its developer’s website. After installation, it will appear as one of your available boot options in UEFI BIOS and legacy versions of Windows are fully supported as well as Macs, BSD-based operating systems and Linux systems. Following instructions that come with download can help prevent errors; it is highly advised that you read over documentation prior to using this tool as it could damage your computer if used without following its usage guidelines.

It is compatible with Windows

Although not a replacement for Windows Boot Manager, this utility can still prove beneficial for users seeking to change their boot loader. You can set up multi-boot environments using other bootloader programs from Linux, Mac OS X, or BSD; multiple USB drives, ISO images and virtual disks can all be supported as well as advanced scripting capabilities which may help solve difficult problems quickly and easily.

The program features an easy point-and-click interface that makes setting up their multi-boot environment an intuitive process. Compatible with most host systems – even those using UEFI based versions of Windows – its powerful scripting capabilities enable you to hide partitions, alter active flags and create complex boot scenarios; plus it comes equipped with an extensive boot menu with various entries.

It can also be used to add new entries for operating systems and tools, customize and control performance of the boot loader, as well as manage its performance. The latest release, version 2.4, was made public on November 28, 2018 and includes several enhancements – for instance autocompletion to all path textboxes as well as guaranteeing that destinations of “change boot partition” requests must contain at least 75MB.

In addition to creating multi-boot environments, this utility can also help troubleshoot bootloaders and restore them if needed. Although available from many sites for download, it should only be installed on computers you own before signing its license agreement carefully.

Its main benefit lies in being able to quickly restore your computer to the state it was in prior to updating, which can be extremely useful if your system has become infected with malware, hardware issues or has corrupted itself after updating. Installing and using the software are extremely user-friendly – plus its freeware! VisualBCD and Grub are more complex options.

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