EasyBCD Review


EasyBCD is an advanced bootloader modification tool, providing users with the power to use multiple operating systems – from Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD to legacy ones like Windows 9x or MS-DOS that Microsoft no longer supports – on one machine at the same time.

Create a bootable USB stick of repair utilities you can take with you anywhere and use to troubleshoot Windows, back up and repair bootloader files, troubleshoot software errors and much more.


EasyBCD is a powerful app designed to assist with dual-boot configuration and BCD settings. This includes both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems – including any recently released versions – along with bootloader/multiboot environments such as Mac OS X, Linux, or BSD environments.

As well as supporting multiple operating systems, this software also has the capacity to work with external media like USB drives and ISO images. Furthermore, it creates entries that allow PC bootloaders, UEFI BIOS and BIOS extenders to boot into boot entries; furthermore it also enables chainloading between GRUB (legacy), GRUB2 and LILO making booting into multiple operating systems easier for users.

The program is easy and straightforward to use, offering a straightforward user interface with plenty of useful features such as BCD Backup & Repair, Boot Menu Management, and Multiboot Configuration. Users can add/remove entries from their BCD store as they see fit while also editing any entries they already exist if desired. Furthermore, they can set their preferred default entry in Edit Boot Menu screen; you can even specify an amount of time, in seconds, before launching into that entry as the system waits for user selection before proceeding with that entry’s default entry before it launches into it’s default entry if desired.


EasyBCD is the program to use if you want to run more than one operating system on your Windows computer, providing access to boot configuration data changes needed to do so. You can add and remove operating systems, choose which OS should boot first, create external bootable rescue media, as well as back up and restore the BCD.

Neosmart Technologies designed this program to give users complete control over the Windows BCD bootloader, safely supporting dual booting between legacy Microsoft operating systems, MacOS, Linux and BSD as well as backup/repair of boot loader. Furthermore, this tool assists in troubleshooting issues with Windows by repairing/backing up its contents.

EasyBCD can be downloaded free from its website for personal use only, though some features may be limited or unavailable. A commercial version is also available with priority technical support and automatic updates; both of which support the latest Windows and UEFI releases.


Once you’ve downloaded and installed EasyBCD on your computer, follow the on-screen instructions to install. When complete, an EasyBCD shortcut icon will appear either on your desktop or start menu to help launch the application quickly and efficiently.

Once installed and launched, this application provides a comprehensive view of your boot entries. From here, you can select your default operating system, edit its entry or use advanced configuration options.

EasyBCD is a free tool that enables you to edit the boot loader of Windows using an intuitive graphical user interface, create multi-boot systems with different operating systems on one computer and back up/restore BCD (Boot Configuration Data) files if they become damaged or corrupt. It even offers BCD backup/repair utility!

This application also features a comprehensive debug mode to assist in customizing boot entries on your system, for instance limiting CPU usage or debugging kernel-related processes. Furthermore, Timeout Options feature can be used to customize when your system displays boot menu.

Once your editing session is over, click on “View Settings” in the lower-left corner to review your changes and get an overview. Be mindful that you do not disconnect your USB drive prior to EasyBCD saving its changes and fully exiting. Otherwise, this may damage either your PC or USB device!

Final Words

EasyBCD from NeoSmart Technologies is an award-winning tool to create, edit, or troubleshoot a boot menu. With it’s powerful yet flexible features – like adding entries for old XP partitions to septuple-booting your seven test operating systems – EasyBCD provides everything from adding partition entries for old versions of Windows XP through septuple booting seven test operating systems with backup and repair tools if something goes wrong to backups and repairs when something breaks. A great alternative to Microsoft’s BCD Editor provided here as this section allows both add reviews as well as reading them all published about this software!

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