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EF Commander

EF Commander Free Download is an advanced file manager that offers more features than those provided by operating systems. It features a dual-panel invoice which makes navigating two directories simultaneously and performing file operations easier than ever.

This media player comes equipped with an internal checksum program for verifying file integrity, a multirename tool for quickly renaming multiple files according to predetermined rules, and an integrated media player.

Organize your files and folders

EF Commander is a file management program with a comprehensive selection of tools for giving you full control over files and folders on your local computer. Its intuitive user interface, modeled on those found in Norton Commander, offers easy commands for navigating and controlling the entire file system. Featuring dual-window file management EF Commander can be used for viewing and moving files both locally and externally as well as drag & dropping them. Plus it boasts drag & drop, manual selection of files/folders/attributes via drag/drop and much more besides!

Comparable to Windows Explorer, EF Commander provides more advanced tools and configuration options for those seeking full control of their computer’s file system. Its dual pane interface enables you to navigate two separate directories simultaneously – making copying or moving files between them much simpler! Furthermore, each directory can be shown individually within tabbed interfaces which display their contents either as icons, thumbnails or lists depending on your preference.

Like other advanced file management programs, EF Commander offers most of the standard files and folder management commands – from renaming multiple files at once to deleting entire folders at once. Furthermore, long file operations can be run parallelly so as not to hinder multitasking efforts.

This program can also assist in keeping your files organized by providing an overview of each folder and file’s size, total free space on your hard disk and necessary adjustments needed for their operation. Easily identify which ones are taking up too much room by making adjustments as required, while right-click menus provide quick access to pertinent details about files.

The program comes equipped with numerous other helpful tools that can make the most out of your hard disk space. For instance, its built-in media player plays most audio and video formats and can be expanded using plugins for additional functionality. Furthermore, this tool can help find duplicate files, verify checksums, archive or extract them and more!

FTP/FTPS client

EF Commander is an all-in-one file explorer, manager, viewer and archiver with FTP/FTPS server capabilities for use on Windows 95/98/Me, NT 4.0, 2000 or XP desktop systems. Like Norton Commander, this dual window program offers easy commands to take complete control over files and folders on local disks or external drives.

The program features all of the fundamental file management functions, such as Cut, Copy, Paste, Move, and Rename. There’s even an easier Multi-Rename tool which enables renaming multiple files or directories at once. In addition, it lets you alter file names for uppercase or lowercase letters; enumerate files; insert strings; process tags for audio file formats and more!

It comes equipped with a powerful search program to quickly and accurately locate files on a hard disk or directory tree, scanning for duplicates or similar looking files based on attributes. Furthermore, this feature can even find specific files or folders within directory trees.

Another helpful feature is its built-in text and hex editor, supporting drag-and-drop, multiple file operations, customizable layouts, internal packers, fast FTP client, synchronize directories function, multilingual support and much more.

EF Commander includes a media player that plays multiple audio and video formats, including MP3. You can easily activate it by clicking on the music note icon in the toolbar or using keyboard shortcuts; once active it displays playlists with ID3 tags. Furthermore, playing music in the background uses less system resources than Winamp plugins do.

EF Commander can be extended with external plugins that include packers, viewers, file systems, content, and more. This enables users to tailor it specifically to their needs and expand its functionality as desired. Plus, upgrades for as long as your license remains valid are free; installation is quick and runs well on most computers; help documentation provides ample details to get going; the program itself is free and can be found online from EFSoftware’s website.

Internal text and hex editor

EF Commander is a feature-rich file manager designed to meet the needs of developers and advanced Windows users who require more than what the default Windows Explorer can offer. Its dual-pane interface enables simultaneous navigation between two directories at once; each window displays files and folders under separate tabs. Furthermore, this program offers folder comparison, screen magnifier support as well as FTP server hosting capability as well as text editor with hex editing capability and command line access capabilities and offers hotkey support.

This program also comes equipped with an in-built media player that plays most formats I tested, such as MP3, Ogg/Vorbis, FLAC and WAV. The audio player features an ID3 tag reader as well as playlist functionality to store multiple music files at the same time and ID3 tag reading support. Furthermore, the program can encode/decode audio/video files, verify checksums and archive/extract them – making this program highly functional!

If you want to maximise the power of EF Commander, adding plugins can expand its functionality and unlock its full potential. EF Commander supports external plugins in WLX, WCX and WFX formats allowing you to add packers, viewers and other types of plug-ins for an enhanced user experience.

The Hex Editor in this program is very comprehensive, offering all of the functions that would normally require third-party software. You can edit files on physical and logical drives; OLE compound files; NTFS alternate streams and sparse files are supported; it has an integrated color palette making recognizing and changing hex codes easier; as well as support for OLE compounds files, sparse files, OLE compound files etc.

EF Commander Free offers many features that make it a solid alternative to Windows Explorer, yet its interface may initially seem overwhelming. Adjusting takes some practice but help documentation and the wizard setup guide should provide assistance in getting going. A 64-bit version of EF Commander can also be downloaded directly from their website.

Built-in media player

EF Commander features a fully featured, high quality audio player that features playlists and ID3 Tag support, capable of playing back MP3, Ogg/Vorbis FLAC WMA and WAV media with minimal resources consumption in the background. Additional formats can be supported through Winamp Plugins. EF Commander offers an efficient way of renaming multiple files at the same time using rules-based renaming; using them, this program can rename both file name and EXIF data in one easy step. EF Commander can perform parallel operations that make working through large directories easier, including opening and extracting archive files of different formats, listing directory contents, comparing folders side-by-side, as well as providing a lister feature and lister view of two folders side by side – it is even capable of replacing Windows Explorer!

EF Commander offers an extremely customizable tabbed interface, and can easily be personalized by changing colors, fonts, keyboard shortcuts and icons. Furthermore, this program includes features for formatting and copying disks as well as file comparison and synchronizing directories – and allows accessing FTP servers directly.

Its dual pane interface makes it simple to manage multiple folders at once, making the program suitable for use as an alternative to Windows Explorer in many situations. Text and hex editors come in very handy, while its support of multiple languages provides added value. In addition, there is also an automatic creation function to generate file shortcuts to specific locations.

EF Commander offers additional features, including viewing picture and movie files and playing them back through its player, renaming files and folders, extracting compressed archives, synchronizing directories and even calculating their sizes.

EF Commander Free is an excellent alternative to Total Commander, offering many useful tools. Its modern interface enables users to browse their computer in two separate panels at the same time while it comes equipped with plugins for additional functions.

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