EMCO Network Malware Cleaner Review

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner is an advanced tool that quickly scans and removes virus, worms, trojan and Adware from machines on a local network. It works silently without interfering with any activities occurring remotely and effectively removes them without disrupting user activities on remote machines.

This program boasts a large and continually updated virus information and definition database, along with comprehensive reports to evaluate protection quality and risk levels on a network.

Scan Multiple Computers Over a Local Network

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner can be used to remotely scan multiple computers over a local network and detect any malware infections, safeguarding businesses against security breaches caused by hacking and other online threats, while simultaneously helping reduce data loss risk and comply with regulatory requirements.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner’s user-friendly interface makes the program straightforward to operate, as various wizards enable you to quickly perform various network scanning tasks such as setting an IP range or running an automatic scan job; manually importing and exporting hosts may also be performed for manual inspection. In fact, you can scan an entire network or just specific computers belonging to one domain or workgroup with ease!

Software features an expansive and constantly up-to-date virus information and definitions database to detect even the latest malware threats. Furthermore, this program can scan only certain PC groups within all domains or workgroups at once without disrupting users’ work; alternatively it can perform silent searches on individual machines to search silently without interrupting user activities. Furthermore it checks whether an anti-virus protection is installed and alerting administrator accordingly if not.

Once a scan has completed, EMCO Network Malware Cleaner provides detailed reports about operations performed on remote computers. These reports can be exported into various formats and contain such details as number of viruses detected, identity of systems which did not execute a scan and user reactions upon threat detection. Such comprehensive information allows you to assess quality of protection while taking appropriate steps to enhance it.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner can detect an array of threats, such as Trojans, Adware and Peer to Peer installations. The program also checks whether or not there is anti-virus protection installed on a computer before silently and automatically removing malicious files from remote computers that do not possess it. Moreover, it scans system registry files and files systems to identify hidden threats which an antivirus scan might miss; then disinfects systems by eliminating all detected malware while mitigating any damage already done to systems.

Detect and Remove Malware

The program combines ease-of-use and power, enabling network administrators to effortlessly remove different kinds of malware from PCs on a local network without having to visit each one manually. Furthermore, this service works in silent mode so as not to disturb users while conducting its security tasks; furthermore it also provides useful reports.

This application allows you to scan computers in your network from either a single host/IP address, multiple hosts/IP addresses or an IP range. Each machine you scan can display information about its domain name, status and description as well as allow exporting or checking summary reports.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner features an expansive database that covers over 10,000 real threats. Virus definitions are regularly updated thanks to thousands of users anonymously providing system information – helping the software detect emerging viruses before they gain widespread popularity.

Within seconds, this program performs a full system scan and detects any malware presence – its fast scan engine providing a distinct advantage over other antivirus solutions available today.

Additionally, this tool can detect and delete all forms of malware on your PC, such as Trojans, worms, dialers, spyware, adware, rootkits and other threats. In addition, this software detects and deletes Trojans, worms, spyware rootkits adware hijackers and other malicious software applications from running.

Another useful feature is its ability to manage program alternate credentials, add custom signatures and configure scan settings accordingly, submit a service, registry entry or file for scanning and create and save machine queues while emptying or repairing database tables automatically on a scheduled basis. Finally, this powerful security application also updates virus definitions while automatically running scans against them on schedule.

Our tests proved the program to be efficient in its work; it detected and removed all threats on our PC within minutes, using minimal system resources while doing its task without errors or user confusion. Its user-friendly interface boasts an attractive layout; while due to its advanced settings and options it’s primarily tailored towards experienced users.


EMCO Network Malware Cleaner can silently scan computers or PC groups in workgroups and domains to detect and remove various viruses, worms, Trojan horses, Adware and other threats without disturbing remote user’s work. Furthermore, the program also features cleanup after malware removal to restore systems back to their pre-malware state. With its extensive and continually updated virus definition database providing protection from even the latest threats. Furthermore, detailed logs document operations performed, including identification of threats found on each system as well as useful statistics regarding specific threats found.

EMCO Network Software Scanner also allows for the collection of details about installed programs on computers connected to a local network, including their names, versions, vendors, installation dates and any other fields displayed by Windows Programs and Components dialog. Furthermore, it tracks installed updates by automatically generating reports containing lists of updated applications on remote systems; saving this information into its database for comparison between time points.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner was developed and released by EMCO Software and classified under Antivirus Tools category of programs. As of July 2017 its user rating stands at 4 out of 5.

Easy to Use

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner is a network-based solution that allows for remote, silent scanning of multiple workstations at once, to detect and eliminate rootkits that evade anti-malware software and also provide real-time protection from potential attacks against your system.

This tool is intuitively designed with a clean interface, making it simple and straightforward for anyone to master. Multiple wizards allow you to select computers for scanning, set an IP range, perform an automated network scan job or import/export hosts manually – plus check domain, machine status of every selected computer to quickly identify those needed for an in-depth examination.

An impressive feature of this tool is that it works without installing anything on remote PCs, saving time and avoiding potential conflicts. Furthermore, it works in the background without disrupting work with security tasks.

After the scanning process has concluded, you will receive a list of threats detected on each remote computer. This list includes each threat’s name, type, target file location and identity as well as information such as machine identity and cause application name – these details can all be exported into a CSV file for further analysis.

Apart from detecting various types of malware, this tool also can clear files and Registry entries from remote computers in order to remove their malicious effects and quarantine them in order to stop further spreading of infection across a local network.

EMCO Network Malware Cleaner is an invaluable solution for network administrators, enabling them to detect and clean malware from all computers connected to their network with ease. However, its uninstallation may prove more challenging due to registry keys it creates which cause errors or other complications; to simplify matters further a professional uninstaller is recommended for complete and fast removal.

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