EmEditor Professional Review

Portable EmEditor Professional from Emurasoft is a cutting-edge text editor featuring advanced features designed to meet the needs of professional programmers and developers. The portable version offers lightning-fast speed, extensive syntax highlighting support and support for numerous programming languages.

Other features include various outlining modes for in-document and side panel outlining, support for binary files up to 248 GB and powerful macros that can be programmed using any ActiveScript language such as VBScript and JavaScript.

Fast Text Writing

Emurasoft has dedicated itself to improving user experiences and offering powerful text editing features to professionals worldwide, earning praise from major corporations, European Union institutions, Japanese ministries, and others.

Many editing functions can be found through menus, keyboard shortcuts and plug-ins. Spelling supports CamelCase while Multiple Selection Editing makes replacing words easy. Other handy functions include External Tools that simplify HTMLTidy setup as well as XML parsing; Projects provide quick views into function/variable definitions within documents;

This program is optimized to run quickly with extremely large files and binaries. When one gets too large for memory, it seamlessly “spills” to disk so typing or deleting won’t bog down like in most editors.

CSV/TSV and user-defined separator (DSV) files can all be handled by this program, while various sorting options including stable-sort offer flexible data manipulation capabilities and splitting/combining features are also included.

Also, this program supports multiple encodings which makes it a great asset when working with HTML, JavaScript and other scripting languages, ASP, PHP or XML files. Furthermore, Unicode support natively enables it to display fonts for displaying various languages displaying multiple fonts simultaneously.

Additionally, this program features many advanced editing functions such as syntax checking for over 20 programming languages, regular expression engine that supports Unicode characters, file comparison and compare functions, keyboard and toolbar customization settings, font and color settings and much more.

This program was built with extensibility in mind, so plug-ins can easily be written for it. It exposes several APIs, and many useful features like Explorer, Word Count, Web Preview, and Compare Files were written as plug-ins to keep its core program minimal while giving users access to advanced features.

Large File Controller

Our Large File Controller feature makes opening even larger files simpler by “spreading out” their contents onto temporary disk space rather than opening and editing the entire file at once in memory. This enables you to continue working while parts of the file are being read or written to, speeding up large edits considerably.

This year, we have enhanced the performance of EmEditor’s Large File Controller and other file handling functions by taking advantage of SIMD (Single Instruction Multi-Divisor) instructions on 64-bit systems. This enables EmEditor to complete certain tasks significantly faster without compromising stability or other features.

Another new feature is the vertical selection edit window, which can quickly replace identical lines with different values. This can be extremely helpful when working with long text files containing server log files where similar information often repeats itself multiple times.

EmEditor can handle Unicode files natively as the entire application was developed as a Unicode program and easily switches between various encodings on Windows. This makes EmEditor an invaluable tool for supporting different languages; using it with CJK Extension B characters (if a supporting font is installed) as well as Extended Katakana and other Japanese characters is no problem at all!

We have also added various other features, including the ability to display custom fonts on dialog boxes and set different file extensions for macros within the program.

Macros are an invaluable way to automate many different tasks within an editor, including using Windows’ built-in functions (including regular expressions, file system manipulation and network services) or Visual Studio projects that use COM components from external applications.

This version adds the ability to assign keyboard shortcuts for most menu and toolbar buttons by right-clicking on them, which can be particularly beneficial for frequently-used commands like Replace All or Delete Duplicate Lines.

Macro Support

EmEditor offers a fairly standard interface, featuring panels you can show or hide as needed, as well as a central tabbed editing area. At first it can be difficult to figure out where features should be toggled on or off; once familiar though it becomes easy enough to use.

This program also boasts a macro feature to minimize manual work. A macro is a JavaScript file that automates multiple EmEditor commands. Macro engines use Windows Scripting Host (WSH), so they can be programmed using any ActiveScript language such as JavaScript, VBScript, PerlScript PHPScript Python Ruby etc.

As with other text editors, this program features standard text manipulation tools like copying and pasting, vertical selection editing (known as block selection editing) and file compare functions (diff). Furthermore, batch mode support and compatibility with many external applications through COM are also provided.

EmEditor stands out among similar editors by its unique ability to edit binary files. This feature enables it to open files up to 248 GB or 2.1 billion lines using minimal memory resources, with real-time monitoring of file sizes being opened; its range can also be adjusted or the opening process terminated at any point during opening process.

This program also features multiple encodings to accommodate various languages and character sets. Files can be displayed using ASCII, Binary (ASCII view), or Hexadecimal views; text can also be highlighted as uppercase or lowercase and replaced with either full-width or half-width characters as desired. Furthermore, search and replace within selected lines is supported, finding matching parenthesis or brackets for selected text and matching parenthesis or brackets when searching. Moreover, its intelligent features automatically recognizes how many columns there are in a document, and adjust its settings accordingly to display file contents correctly.


EmEditor Professional is an extremely powerful text editor with a comprehensive set of features to meet the needs of all types of users. While its extensive feature set may appear complex at first, EmEditor runs efficiently while still taking minimal system resources to operate efficiently. Key features of EmEditor include support for large files and full screen mode; clipboard history; search and replace across multiple documents or even entire folders; document comparison with synchronized scrolling and smarter spell checking; as well as syntax highlighting for various programming languages including ASP, C #, CSS HTML Java JSP Python Perl Ruby SQL etc; among others.

Customizable keyboard, toolbar and menu settings; vast array of plugins; built-in XML parser to quickly open external programs using keyboard shortcuts; tabbed interface; graphical user interface

The app is available as a free trial version that you can use freely without any time limits or restrictions, before purchasing from its official website if desired. When installing, there is also an option to install as per-user or shared application and where to save its settings; choosing shared will store its settings into INI files rather than Registry which can save valuable disk space.

EmEditor Professional performed flawlessly in our tests, never crashing or encountering any issues on Windows XP through 10 and supporting both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture types. There’s even a portable version available so it can be easily installed onto a USB drive and used across different computers with ease. Should you decide to purchase it, there’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee – however the company doesn’t provide an easy way to transfer or uninstall licenses completely – thus the need for utilities like GeekUninstaller or Revo Uninstaller to do exactly this task.

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