Emsisoft Internet Security Review

Emsisoft Home offers an affordable package that covers one computer and Android device for an affordable cost, providing exceptional malware protection with minimal impact to performance.

The website for the company is very straightforward, offering support options such as live chat, email support, community forums, FAQs and user guides.

Anti-Ransomware Protection ensures files remain encrypted from ransomware attacks by providing protection from ransomware attacks, Behavior Blocker detects suspicious program behavior and blocks it, and File Guard scans downloaded files for malware.

Easy to use

Emsisoft Internet Security boasts a user-friendly interface, with large buttons to quickly launch its most-popular features such as firewall and system lockdown. Furthermore, this software features an intuitive light touch design for ease of use as well as several useful support tools like live chat support email uport community forums and user guides available online.

Malware protection was outstanding, detecting 96% of sample files we tested and providing excellent anti-phishing and adware blocking capabilities. Performance, however, wasn’t as quick as some competitors; during our tests it caused minor slowdown; though that should be expected from any antivirus product that needs to scan an entire system in order to keep users secure.

Emsisoft also allows users to easily create emergency kits on USB drives for protection from ransomware – one of the most prevalent forms of malware. In addition, Emsisoft allows you to block applications from accessing your camera or files – this feature is especially helpful when using public computers or sharing personal data with strangers.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home differs from many antivirus programs by offering all its features at an attractive, single-bundle pricing structure – making it simple for users to select those which best meet their needs and budget. Plus, with free versions and 30-day money-back guarantees available so they can test out this product prior to making any decisions about purchasing it.

Once you have purchased and activated this program on one or more devices, its remote administration function allows for efficient management. Furthermore, its threat detection and blocking functions ensure your PC remains protected even while away from home network.

Emsisoft also includes an excellent feature to prevent unauthorised changes to your program’s installation folder and configuration settings, while debug logging records information about your system in order to help Emsisoft solve any potential problems that might arise.

Easy to install

Emsisoft Internet Security is an all-around cybersecurity program that offers reliable protection from malware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Installation and configuration are both straightforward; its default settings provide maximum protection, yet you can easily alter them according to your own needs or create custom host rules to block specific hosts or IP addresses. Furthermore, notifications such as when threats have been identified or scheduled scans have started can also be set; you can even turn Silent Mode off so notifications don’t interrupt when playing games or watching movies!

Emsisoft MyEmsisoft makes it easy and efficient for you to control and monitor all the Emsisoft-protected devices in your household from one central dashboard. To do so, create a workspace by clicking ‘Workspaces’ from the Management Console menu block and entering its name; once done, devices can be added by using the “Add Device” button; after adding, select it and click “Download & install Protection” to download its installer file.

After you’ve added a device, the Workspace Overview panel allows you to monitor its status. This shows everything from its current state and memory usage by Emsisoft anti-malware engine, to access and download new definitions for Emsisoft software installed across devices in your workspace.

Snap Photo is another useful feature available on Android and iOS devices that takes a photo of anyone attempting to gain entry. This works when a PIN code, password or fingerprint confirmation have been set up for your apps’ protection.

Emsisoft’s malware protection performed exceptionally well in our tests at AV-Comparatives, scoring 99.5 percent in our detection test with only one false positive detected. Unfortunately, its performance and usability ratings weren’t quite as positive due to occasional slowdowns caused by its software as well as false positives which occurred more often than we’d like. While this shouldn’t be considered a major problem at this point, but should still be addressed in future.

Easy to manage

Emsisoft anti-malware monitors network and system activity and alerts you if anything suspicious occurs. By default, its settings are optimized to provide maximum protection, though you can always customize them according to your needs. It offers four layers of security: safe web surfing, behavioral blocker, real-time file guard and advanced firewall component which hides programs’ online visibility to prevent unauthorized access.

Emsisoft features an easy, user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate and understand, with large buttons designed to quickly launch popular activities such as scans, firewall settings and logs. In addition, Emsisoft’s main screen offers toggle buttons for firewall settings as well as system lockdown – something not found with many AV suites.

Real-time malware scanners are extremely efficient and fast at detecting newer attacks that might not yet have signatures associated with them. Furthermore, the behavioral monitoring component also prevents any new ransomware from encrypting files by intercepting its malicious activity as soon as it begins its malicious actions.

Customize how often notifications of potential threats or scheduled scans appear on your screen, as well as switch on Silent Mode when watching movies or playing games. Plus, this program keeps detailed logs that can easily be exported as text files with one click!

Emsisoft provides an array of support resources on its website for both paid and free users alike, such as live chat support and email assistance, community forums with plenty of posts that address common problems, fast and helpful email support – although you might need to wait up to 24 hours before receiving an answer from their support staff!

Emsisoft Mobile App for free and has an extensive feature set, such as dual-engine scanning engine, remote control function and emergency kit that enables you to rescue severely damaged computers without installing programs. Ideal for home users or system administrators looking for an advanced command-line scanner.

Easy to customize

Emsisoft Internet Security is an efficient antivirus software solution that offers effective protection without overly complex features found in most other products. Featuring a lean architecture that enables users to tailor their experience, including when and how notifications arrive; as well as a customizable firewall which prevents malware from accessing sensitive information or data; its powerful scanning engine protects against threats like viruses, trojans and spam; game mode protection as well as privacy controls help keep private information safe; as well as many additional features like game mode support and privacy control features that help keep private information safe; game mode protection provides another layer of protection; other than these two features can also include features like game mode or privacy controls to keep private information safe.

Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network can quickly and effectively protect your PC against viruses, spyware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other forms of malicious software. With its fast and powerful dual engine scanner and web-based management console for remote administration and advanced detection technology enabling it to detect new variants before they infiltrate devices – not to mention integration with Emsisoft Anti-Malware Network that reduces false positives – making this an excellent choice.

The software features an automatic gaming mode that will temporarily halt scans and notifications while playing games, watching movies or presenting PowerPoint presentations. Furthermore, its Full Screen Mode enables programs to run uninterrupted while its Behavioral Blocker prevents malware attacks from infiltrating your PC.

However, Emsisoft does not provide the same level of protection as competing antivirus programs; its quick and limited malware scans fail to catch all virus samples tested in AV-Comparatives’ test lab. Furthermore, it consumes large amounts of CPU and RAM during scan processes which may cause lag spikes on older computers. Its Emergency Kit Maker feature enables users to record portable installations of Emsisoft onto USB sticks for use when disinfecting other PCs.

Emsisoft provides more protection with their Home package; however, for those needing extra coverage they offer upgraded paid options like the Business version which provides cloud security management console and endpoint protection for servers as well as offering no-hassle 30-day money-back guarantees.

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