Epic Browser Review

Epic Browser

Epic Browser is a fast web browser with built-in VPN and privacy protections, boasting an intuitive user experience and user-friendly features such as its familiar and user-friendly interface.

Based on Chromium and designed to protect users’ privacy, Tor Browser employs always-on private browsing mode, disables all Google services and prevents data collection by hundreds of companies and even governments.


Epic Browser is an excellent choice when it comes to online privacy. As a Chromium-based web browser, it guards against spyware, malware, viruses and ad trackers while also blocking fingerprinting cookies and tracking trackers. Plus it features an always-on private or Incognito mode which automatically deletes all data when closing its window and one of few that block content from websites using unencrypted connections – something not many browsers offer!

Hidden Reflex claims that its browser does not collect any user data and encrypts all browsing and search results for increased privacy. Furthermore, it provides additional privacy features like VPN support and anti-malware protection – making this fast, user-friendly browser one with incredible privacy protections.

Epic can also help protect users against unwarranted plugin downloads and fingerprinting techniques, and allow users to customize the appearance of their browsers. In addition, Epic’s text-to-speech feature reads out websites aloud for visually impaired individuals – making this browser essential!

As with TOR, Epic was designed to protect users’ personal information by not storing search history and blocking over 600 attempts at tracking you online. Furthermore, its secure proxy server protects IP addresses – making this browser an excellent alternative to popular privacy-focused browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Epic is built upon Chromium and uses many of the same APIs as Google Chrome, with some key differences: It does not track you or provide a list of your most visited sites; privacy settings can be customized more precisely; additionally it features a “Bank Mode” to protect banking details by disabling plugins and extensions.

Epic offers another feature called ‘Who’s Spying on Me? ‘, which shows which tracking methods are being employed by data collectors. It can also block URL, address bar and installation tracking and prevent incidents of WebRTC IP leakage; and is one of few browsers with a “Block All Trackers” feature available free from Epic’s website.


Epic is one of the few privacy-focused internet browsers with an encrypted proxy built right into its platform, Chromium. It provides fast connection speeds while blocking third-party tracking of data. In addition, the software offers other tools to protect your privacy such as a vault for encrypting files – particularly useful when keeping passwords safe – or turning websites into plain text for easier reading, as well as blocking ads, fingerprinting, ultrasound signaling and cryptomining scripts.

Epic stands out from its competition with its impressive privacy features and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate. Furthermore, its compatibility with mobile devices ensures secure web surfing on any device.

Ad-blocking features of browsers are extremely effective. They work by blocking trackers in ads from identifying you across websites, blocking cookies used to identify devices, and stopping them from following you from one website to the next. They’ll even remove referer headers which provide details of where visitors come from when visiting websites.

Epic Browser goes further than other browsers by protecting users from tracking. It encrypts searches 24/7 so that they cannot be intercepted by hackers and third parties who seek access to personal information, and blocks unauthorized plugin downloads.

Epic Browser was developed by Hidden Reflex using Chromium technology and features a familiar, easy-to-use interface similar to that of Chrome. With a minimalist aesthetic and built-in encrypted proxy for maximum privacy, Epic Browser cuts down on unnecessary features found in other browsers such as address bar auto-suggest and language translation – plus automatically deletes browsing histories at the end of each session!

Performance wise, Chrome browser outshines Firefox and other popular browsers in terms of page rendering speed. Furthermore, its built-in VPN has server locations in 8 countries for secure browsing sessions while offering cryptocurrency rewards for your browsing habits. Furthermore, its ad blocking plugin outshone other popular ad blockers.


Epic Browser is an alternative to Google Chrome that features proxy-based browsing which hides your IP address, privacy settings that let you control what gets tracked, ad blocking and browser history deletion upon closing – unlike most web browsers which store user data when closing their browser session. Furthermore, Epic blocks any unapproved plugin downloads and stops password saving sites; making it an excellent choice for people concerned about online privacy and security.

Hidden Reflex has developed Epic as a Chromium browser with an emphasis on privacy. Using an encryption algorithm, Epic protects search results while blocking unauthorised websites from accessing personal information about you. In one session alone, Epic can block over one thousand tracking attempts, providing safe Internet surfing experience.

This browser is available for Windows, Mac and Linux computers and features a bundled anti-virus scanner which should provide extra security against threats that no other competitor offers. Its unique user interface incorporates Indian colors with icon shortcuts for various apps in a sidebar – although this may prove distracting and messy; additionally it lacks key functionalities like being able to import bookmarks and settings from other web browsers.

Though limited, Firefox remains an attractive alternative to Chrome due to its extensive security features and built-in VPN, which helps protect connections even on public Wi-Fi networks. Privacy features of Opera Protect prevent ad tracking, fingerprinting and leaks of browsing history. Furthermore, Opera Supports the Tor Network which offers extra anonymity and protections against privacy leakage. People looking to surf privately while without compromising speed or functionality will find this browser an ideal option. Furthermore, it features a user-set dial on its new tab page, does not utilize your browsing history for reporting “most visited” websites and supports reading pages in text-only mode and video downloader – you can even choose which browser tabs will display the search engine of your choice!


Epic is a privacy-centric web browser that keeps browser data private by always running in private mode and clearing it away when exited, including a password manager and anti-tracking software that uses an Epic Shield to prevent social media websites from collecting personal information about visitors; additionally it removes cookie & tracking identifiers & prevents plugin fingerprinting.

Security features in this browser include a tracker counter, fingerprinting protection and encrypted search support. Furthermore, it blocks popups and malicious content, offers site-based privacy settings menu that enables customization of browser defaults, does not store browsing histories nor displays a list of your most visited websites like other browsers do, protects against viruses and malware by encrypting connection, as well as providing protection from popups by disabling popups or pop-ins, blocks pop-ups as well as providing encrypted search support – unlike its counterparts!

Epic is built upon Chromium, the same foundation as Chrome, and utilizes open source code from KDE, Apple and Mozilla to ensure maximum security and great performance. Furthermore, Epic includes features to protect privacy such as “reader mode” which converts web pages to text for easier reading as well as a built-in video downloader.

Epic stands out from other browsers with several unique features that distinguish itself, such as its audio queue feature. Here, you can add web pages to a queue and Epic will read them aloud for you – perfect for mobile users who need articles read out loud! This can be particularly beneficial when reading articles during short breaks of downtime on their phone.

Epic offers another unique feature with its “Epic Shield,” which prevents websites from gathering your personal information or hindering your web experience. While not as comprehensive as full antivirus protection, it does block common threats while safeguarding against online surveillance – the only drawback being it requires an internet connection in order to function.

Epic provides many customizable themes to further increase user-friendliness and personalization, known as Skins. You’ll find these under the sidebar in the ‘Skins’ tab – choosing between themes like People, Culture, Regional Sports Films Art Music Religion Politics Nature

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