eScan Internet Security Suite Review

eScan Internet Security Suite

eScan Internet Security Suite is an antivirus program with spam filters, two-way firewall, secure browsing and identity protection capabilities. Additionally, this suite features an endpoint management feature to keep an eye on hardware and software connected to business networks.

User interface and settings haven’t changed much over the years; some may find the deep dive settings intimidating; but overall it’s pretty user-friendly and does a good job protecting your PC.

Virus Protection

Antivirus protection is the backbone of any antivirus program, and eScan Internet Security Suite stands up to that expectation with strong detection capabilities and impressive lab test results. Furthermore, this suite offers protection from phishing attacks by detecting suspicious URLs in emails, chat messages and websites as well as stopping malware downloads while you browse websites by scanning incoming and outgoing files and attachments – an impressive combination.

This program features an easy-to-use, straightforward interface that makes navigation effortless. The included tuneup and protection tools include file, email and web protection tools as well as parental controls, parental monitoring features, phishing filters and cloud protection capabilities that users can enable and disable to customize the suite to their needs.

File protection includes anti-malware software which scans your hard drive for any malicious programs or files, rootkits, backdoors and advanced forms of malware such as screen scrapers, scareware, ransomware or keyloggers. In addition, this program prevents data theft or unauthorized access by blocking malware infections on removable storage devices like USB flash drives, Firewire connections or SD cards.

Real-time protection provides real protection from malware entering your system or encrypting files or folders, while its detection capabilities help identify and stop its spread on other computers or networks.

eScan has won 11 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards over several years of tests, signifying its excellent virus detection abilities and effectiveness for protecting PCs against threats. The suite features a personal firewall and spam filters to redirect unwanted messages directly into junk/spam folders; additionally it checks inbound/outbound files for safety before redirecting them as needed.

Parental control features in computer suites allow parents to limit access of children under their supervision to objectionable content and activities online such as video games and social networking websites that could potentially harm them, including videos with objectionable material and social networking websites such as Facebook or Myspace. They can even block unauthorized access to your camera or microphone thereby protecting privacy and identity. Besides these capabilities, these suites also have capabilities of scanning and cleaning registry services, memory space as well as all storage devices on demand.

Spam Filtering

Antispam functionality within this suite proactively filters junk email and quarantines them for your safety, with custom filters for specific countries or senders being diverted directly into a spam folder; in addition, attachments for viruses are scanned as well as blacklisting/whitelisting/greylisting combinations being employed to determine which messages qualify as spam versus not spam.

eScan Internet Security Suite’s antivirus component performs thorough scans of files and memory to detect rootkits, spyware, keyloggers and adware – including rootkits, spyware, keyloggers and ransomware that attempts to download onto your computer – as well as ransomware or any other threats trying to infiltrate it. In addition to these detection abilities, this antivirus software also encrypts passwords for password storage security as well as blocking executable files on USB drives from being launched by blocking executable files running.

In a Real-World Protection test conducted by AV-Comparatives, eScan Internet Security Suite earned higher scores than Bullguard, ESET, Lavasoft and McAfee products in terms of real-world protection from malware attacks – making it an excellent option to protect PCs against threats like viruses. Furthermore, 11 Virus Bulletin VB100 awards have been bestowed upon it over time!

Beyond offering file antivirus and phishing protection, the eScan suite includes firewall and cloud security to shield your system from online threats like phishing sites and malicious URLs. Furthermore, its dynamic phishing filter automatically updates its database with known phishing websites, protecting you against the latest threats.

While eScan TSS’s many features make an invaluable addition to a PC for an average user, its interface could use some refinement so that newcomers find its functionality easier to grasp. Furthermore, it can be fairly costly at $56 for one PC or $104 for five.

The eScan Internet Security Suite may not be the top product available, but it offers an outstanding selection of security modules for desktop or laptop PCs. Unfortunately, its outdated interface and lack of an easy-to-use centralized management console make configuration challenging for nontechnical users; performance in our Handbrake tests was acceptable but not fantastic and more CPU power is required to operate smoothly on older Windows PCs than most competing suites.

Parental Controls

Both eScan Internet Security Suite and Total Security Suite provide some helpful tools, but their performance in our protection tests was below average, allowing malware onto our test computers and lacking key privacy tools such as safe banking features or secure browsing features.

MicroWorld’s interface is outdated and difficult to use. Little has changed in four years, and its deep dive settings may intimidate users – which may be intentional as MicroWorld caters primarily towards enterprises rather than consumers.

eScan Internet Security Suite includes parental controls designed to safeguard children against accessing games, applications and objectionable websites. Furthermore, its security capabilities include restricting file downloads and blocking transfers of sensitive personal data off your computer – in addition to cleaning temporary files, folders cache history cookies from being left behind on the machine.

eScan’s anti-ransomware technology provides valuable protection to protect sensitive data and mitigate ransomware attacks. Using Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine and Non-Intrusive Learning Pattern, this feature monitors processes to block malware attempts before they happen – not only that but eScan also has cloud technology available that detects new threats that aren’t yet listed and protects systems against them as well as protecting users against them with cloud technology.

eScan provides other useful features, including password management and webcam monitoring. Furthermore, two-factor authentication provides additional layers of protection by requiring another code at login before being allowed access to your computer. Also included is an automatic backup feature, which automatically backs up your data to external storage devices and can help recover it in case of system crashes or malware attacks. Prevents malware infections from USB/Firewire portable storage devices, imaging devices and Webcams. Automatically scans for and detects viruses on incoming and outgoing network activities on your PC. Utilizing its On-Demand scanning feature, this program scans your files, folders, memory, registry services and all storage devices connected to Windows computers.

Network Security

eScan Internet Security Suite provides real-time protection from objectionable content, cyber threats and malware such as viruses, spyware, adware, trojans, backdoors, rootkits, screen scrapers, spam and phishing attacks on Windows computers with its advanced cloud technology. It utilizes cutting edge techniques such as its dynamic Proactive Behavioral Analysis Engine and MicroWorld Winsock Layer layers in combination with smart parental controls designed to safeguard children from unwanted online content or online threats.

This program boasts a straightforward user experience that provides access to all its features from one central window. There are nine main sections, such as antivirus protection for files and emails, web protection with privacy control features, two-way firewall, antispam filters, endpoint security (such as cleaning USB drives etc), identity and cloud security protections.

eScan Security Suite for Small Business provides administrators with a centralized administration console to efficiently secure networked computers, thus increasing productivity and decreasing risks of malware infections. Furthermore, its Zero Trust model requires authentication and authorization for every device and person before being granted access to IT systems.

Microworld’s eScan Total Security Suite 14 with Cloud Security is the latest edition of its popular security package. In recent benchmark tests, it performed admirably and delivered fast performance and feature richness; however it lacks cross-platform support and may not be intuitive for some users.

The suite’s scanning section enables you to search your various drives for viruses and other threats, while also including system information and restore. There is also an update button, though this might be unnecessary as there is another one on the main interface that offers updates as well.

eScan Internet Security Suite comes packed with all of the essential features of modern antivirus products, such as two-way firewall, antispam, endpoint security (cleaning USB drives) and cloud protection to quickly identify new threats. However, response times when blocking or removing viruses can sometimes be slow.

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