eScan Internet Security Suite Review

MicroWorld’s eScan Internet Security Suite provides an array of tools to protect your computer system. However, its website creates an outdated impression; there is talk of Windows 2000 on it and minimum resolution requirements of 640×480 are mentioned on it.

eScan is a solid protection suite but doesn’t stand out as particularly exceptional in any particular area; according to AV-Test Home Windows report, for instance, they placed it below average in real-world protection.

Virus Protection

An antivirus program is essential to staying secure online. eScan provides many features designed to safeguard your PC such as personal firewall, spam filters, and anti-malware capabilities. Its virus protection software uses advanced heuristic algorithms that identify threats not easily detectable by traditional signatures; plus real time scanning of files and folders in real time to identify potentially hazardous objects so they can be eliminated before any potential damage can be done.

The eScan website makes an unfortunate first impression by proclaiming it to be compatible with Windows 10, released by Microsoft three years ago in July 2015. Furthermore, its system requirements list gives off an outdated feel; there’s even mention of Windows 2000 Professional SP4 and displays with resolution of 640×480!

Once installed, eScan’s user interface is straightforward and unobtrusive. Five large panels on a world map background represent its various components – file antivirus, email antivirus, antispam and firewall protection. Clicking any panel opens up a page which allows you to make configuration changes or view activity logs related to that component.

eScan’s antivirus scans search your files, folders, memory, registry, services and storage devices for malware and other threats such as ransomware or viruses. Its two-way firewall blocks both inbound and outbound network traffic to protect against attacks from malicious sources; its advanced cloud protection technology detects threats without waiting for daily or traditional virus signature updates; additionally it can protect against data theft via USB- or FireWire-connected portable devices like flash drives, pen drives, SD cards imaging devices or webcams.

eScan’s parental control feature lets you monitor and restrict your children’s internet use, while its password manager helps protect them from accessing bank accounts or other sensitive online information without your permission. Furthermore, its malware url filter blocks phishing or spoofing websites which attempt to steal personal or financial data by masquerading as something they aren’t; its high-speed, sophisticated heuristic detection engine effectively combats viruses and other PC threats.

Spam Filtering

eScan Internet Security Suite is an advanced anti-spam program that monitors email and filters out junk messages before they reach your inbox. Utilizing multiple technologies, this anti-spam software efficiently detects spam mails while being updated multiple times daily to protect users against new threats. In addition, other security features of the suite such as endpoint protection are also provided by this product.

This program contains an impressive set of tools designed to protect PCs against viruses, spyware, adware, keyloggers, rootkits and botnets; block spam and phishing attacks; as well as provide advanced features not commonly found in antivirus software products; it may even protect USB devices against data theft and malicious infections.

This product provides fast on-demand scanning that detects and removes hidden malware and viruses in real-time, using advanced dynamic analysis technology which runs directly on the system instead of traditional virus definition updates. Furthermore, the program safeguards against data theft from USB or FireWire(r)-based portable devices like flash drives, pen drives, cameras and webcams.

Network administrators can utilize eScan’s central management console to set policies on client computers, increase productivity by restricting access to non-productive websites and limit productivity through parental controls that ensure children do not view inappropriate material online. Furthermore, this suite can be tailored specifically for individual organizations’ requirements.

eScan stands out from its competition in that it does not require complex installation procedures or complex configuration settings to work, nor does its user-friendly interface appear cluttered and confusing; making it an excellent option for beginners in computer security.

eScan Internet Security Suite is an outstanding security suite that has been specially crafted to defend PCs from any potential threats. Packed with features for maximum protection, eScan offers various tiers of protection at an extremely cost-effective rate; perfect for small businesses and individuals. Providing advanced protection from new and evolving threats while remaining cost-efficient; this application features unparalleled threat detection and prevention capabilities in free software apps.

Parental Controls

When it comes to protecting your computer against new malware threats, a comprehensive security suite is a must. These programs offer features like cloud protection, parental controls and more – such as eScan Internet Security Suite which offers users an all-in-one solution, including real-time virus scanning of local files and web content; hourly updates; real-time scanning against spyware/adware/keylogger threats by blocking unauthorized applications/pop-up ads/ and clearing browser traces/.

This comprehensive suite of features has been tailored for home users to ensure they receive maximum security. It features anti-virus and anti-spyware capabilities which work against Trojans, viruses, worms, spyware, adware rootkits bots hackers spam. Furthermore it can block unauthorized applications running on your computer as well as backup and restore functions to protect important data against loss.

eScan offers a powerful two-way firewall to protect data theft and keep networks safe from external attacks, and detect and eliminate advanced malware threats not detected by traditional antivirus software. Furthermore, its parental control features enable parents to limit access to Internet applications, games, websites or objectionable material; additionally it blocks emails with fraudulent attachments or links and can even help safeguard online identity by offering virtual keyboard and secure webcam features.

eScan can be set up to automatically back up files on your computer to a cloud-based server, including managing logins and passwords, monitoring hard drive space usage, as well as recovering lost files by restoring them back to when they were last saved. In addition, its password manager keeps tabs on logins for easy management. Furthermore, its advanced antivirus provides daily virus definition updates. Finally, its recovery function makes it an invaluable aid.

Overall, eScan TSS is an efficient security suite with some limitations. While its protection tests were positive, its outdated interface and deep dive settings may intimidate casual users. Furthermore, its pricing model can be seen as rather steep — costing $56 for one PC or $104 for five – particularly when other programs offer comparable or better features at less expense.


eScan’s antivirus software features an array of utilities, such as registry cleaner, disk defragmenter and data backup tools. Registry Cleaner can help reduce Windows memory usage by clearing out unnecessary items while the Disk Defragmenter optimizes disk performance to increase efficiency. Finally, eScan Suite includes an automatic data backup tool so you can easily retrieve files should anything happen to your system.

In our tests, eScan was fairly efficient with resources and ran fairly efficiently overall, but fell significantly short in security and antivirus categories compared with competitors. Reencoding a 3.8GB MKV file using Handbrake took more than an hour with this suite while others can accomplish the task in half that time or less.

Support of eScan was also subpar; we found difficulty reaching them via email and were unimpressed by their response times; also, there were multiple glitches during testing that we weren’t able to resolve ourselves.

Endpoint Security, or device control, is one of the more innovative features offered by eScan. This feature allows the user to block USB or other devices from infiltrating computers with malware or accessing sensitive information, while administrators can white-list apps that may run on endpoints.

eScan offers an anti-virus scanner capable of identifying and eliminating spyware, adware and rootkits not detected by conventional antivirus programs. Additionally, this suite features web protection to block offensive content as needed as well as parental control and privacy protection features to safeguard personal or confidential information against being stolen by hackers.

eScan’s security software boasts one of the lowest memory footprints among competitor suites, running at under 10 MB during idle periods. Furthermore, this suite maintains an extensive log of activity and reports for each module; offers faster scanning without impacting system resources; provides password protection on files and folders and more!

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