eScan Internet Security Suite Review

eScan Internet Security Suite features an easy-to-use interface and offers many tools to keep users secure online. Its web protection features allow for the blocking of harmful websites while its spam email protection prevents unwanted mails.

The eScan website gives off an unfavorable first impression with its claim that its software is compatible with Windows 10, an assertion which dates back to summer 2015. Furthermore, system requirements appear out-of-date on its site.

Virus Protection

eScan Internet Security Suite provides not only traditional antivirus protection, but also offers extra tools found only in premium suites from other programs. These tools include vulnerability scans that identify weak points in your PC as well as secure browsing features that indicate whether or not any site you visit is safe.

Parental Control Web Portal. You can monitor what your children do online through a parental control Web portal and set security policies to block objectionable content such as spams and phishing messages, while protecting against worms, spyware Trojans rootkits ransomware adware keyloggers.

In order to reduce system resource consumption, eScan Internet Security Suite utilizes cache technology to minimize memory and hard drive usage, helping speed up PCs while eliminating lags. Furthermore, its microprocessor core provides optimal performance without draining too many resources from the system.

As you use eScan, it will scan and clean malware on a real-time basis, quickly detecting new viruses as soon as they download; blocking them immediately when downloaded makes this software an ideal choice for people concerned about cyber threats. Furthermore, it prevents your files from becoming encrypted as well as warn if any programs that encrypt files attempt to launch.

eScan has an outstanding interface and is easy to use, featuring a widget-like layout to provide quick snapshots of its components’ status: file antivirus, mail antivirus, antispam, antiphishing firewall protection and cloud protection. Clicking any component opens a window displaying basic statistics as well as options for making configuration changes.

Your user dashboard offers a range of reports, from threat detection history and statistics on detected dangerous objects to attempts by unapproved individuals to run malicious code on your PC. Furthermore, its logging function records all events so you can create a log file. Furthermore, the software supports multiple languages and can be tailored specifically to meet business requirements; its self-healing virus database automatically repairs files damaged by malware or other threats.

Spyware Protection

eScan Internet Security Suite is an advanced home network security program that offers protection from malware, spyware, adware, keyloggers and hackers. Utilizing cloud protection technology, it detects new threats instantly while protecting users even when offline. Personal firewalls and advanced spam filters keep malicious emails out of our inboxes while parental control tools allow parents to monitor children’s online activity and restrict them from visiting objectionable websites.

eScan Internet Security Suite employs its cloud-based threat detection system to scan local and external drives for any signs of suspicious files, as well as detect, disinfect and eliminate viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other unwanted programs in real time. Furthermore, its advanced heuristics scan engine helps detect zero-day attacks and malware not yet known to anti-virus databases; its database updates regularly ensure it always stays current with any new information that becomes available.

The interface of our software is user-friendly and straightforward, offering a tray-like menu featuring widgets for file antivirus, mail antivirus, anti-spam protection, web protection firewall and endpoint security that are displayed as tabs at the top of each window. Each tab provides status reports and configuration options; clicking an icon of a tool will display its current settings while popup notifications alert users if its configuration requires updates.

AV-Test conducted extensive tests of eScan Internet Security Suite’s virus protection. In general, it detected many known threats while not missing many others; however, some malware samples managed to slip past its defenses despite this excellent performance; nevertheless, this program outshone others within its category.

Although eScan Internet Security Suite was initially created for home networks, it can also be used on individual devices. Its centralized management console can be used to configure policies that apply across multiple computers or connected devices like smart TVs or digital media players. Furthermore, its backup and recovery options allow for restoration in case of malware attacks while its advanced spam filters can filter out junk emails that land in junk folders or spam boxes, blocking messages with specific keywords or senders from specific countries.

Ransomware Protection

eScan Internet Security Suite is an all-in-one protection software solution, protecting against threats such as viruses, spyware, adware and ransomware. The user-friendly program interface displays options reminiscent of Mac OS X Dock’s Dock – File Antiviruses, Mail Anti-Viruses, Anti-Spam Protection Web Protection Firewall Endpoint Security Privacy Control etc – giving a comprehensive protection solution against threats atop its user friendly security solutions.

With its powerful heuristic scan engine, the program quickly detects new and unfamiliar files before they pose threats, helping protect your data. Furthermore, the eBackup feature takes regular backups of important files for restoration in case of attacks or disasters; users can even configure scanning options like making backup copies before disinfection occurs, exclusion by mask scanning and scanning archived files.

Anti-Rootkit detection and removal modules detect and remove hidden rootkits used to steal confidential data from host computers or endpoints in networks, while the eScan Endpoint Security modules defend computers and workstations from data theft through USB or Firewire storage devices, as well as remote monitoring and controlling of all USB activity on an endpoint and provide remote cleaning in case a stolen or lost device.

Another useful feature is the eScan Web Safe toolbar extension for your browser that will add search results from popular search engines with green, orange or red flags to signal potentially unsafe pages so you can avoid visiting dangerous websites. Unfortunately, unlike similar tools by McAfee or Norton it does not provide detailed reports for each individual page scanned.

The program includes several additional tools, such as an alternate-OS Rescue Mode scanner and the capability of scanning popular programs for missing Windows patches; however, its detection rate did not match up to that of built-in protection in Chrome or Firefox during tests conducted by AV Comparatives.

Privacy Control

The suite’s e-mail protection and cloud security modules help shield against spam, phishing scams, viruses and other types of malware that attack via email and online sources. In particular, its email protection feature scans attachments for potential malicious code while its cloud security module monitors files and URLs as they enter your system for threats as they arrive.

Both modules work exceptionally well, offering great levels of customization. For instance, email protection features allow you to specify file extensions or types of attachments you want protected against; while cloud protection enables you to set rules to scan for threats in your data.

Other features include a parental control module which filters offensive web content to help keep children safe online, email filtering/antispam features to block unwanted messages, and an exceptionally powerful firewall which allows you to block individual IP addresses or sites as well as enable an “all block all” option.

eScan’s security suite also comes equipped with a privacy control feature to remove traces of your browsing activity. You can choose to run this feature at startup or at an interval that best suits you; when activated it will clear browser cache, cookies, history traces, recycle bin content and file lists along with temporary files stored on your device’s operating system – not forgetting any cookies stored locally on that system either!

Another impressive feature is its ability to allow you to select which browsers need cleaning – supporting Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers alike. You can select to include or exclude certain auto erase functions; furthermore all settings can be saved into an.XML file for future reference.

Overall, eScan’s suite is quite effective and should provide most users with adequate protection from known threats. It is definitely worth taking a closer look, particularly if you want an affordable comprehensive package; however, its user interface could be improved significantly while more advanced suites exist that might offer greater value.

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